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Thursday Night Football matchups have been very good so far the first two weeks and more of the same for week 3. Today we will be decoding the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns game tonight.

We are going to do the simple and quick version of Gematria decoding so you might want to check out some of our other articles if you want to learn more. Gematria Introduction where we teach the basics of translating numbers into words and vice-versa is coming soon.

Gematria Time

Gematria is a practice from the early civilizations that translate words into numbers, and numbers into words.

Nikola Tesla

Some people like Nikola Tesla realized the world and everything in it is structured by a numerical code.

He challenged anybody that wanted the master key to the universe would have to understand the true meaning of 3, 6, 9.

Depending on the interest received on this site from Gematria we might dive deep into the teachings of Gematria. For now, we will do what I love to do which is translating sports games to decode the winner.

We found evidence of communication through numbers happening in sports. We have been posting our decodes and picks before every prime time game this year.

It’s not perfected yet but 5-1 so far, not bad. Every year is different so we just have to stick to the basics until we have some evidence for this year.

Heres what we had so far this year…

Thursday Night Football Gematria- Bills will win. Correct, Bills win 31-10.

Sunday Night Football- Gematria- Buccaneers Will Win. Correct, Bucs win 19-3.

Monday Night Football- Gematria -Broncos win and Seahwks Cover. 1-1. One Correct, One wrong. Seattle covers and wins 17-16.

Thursday Night Football Wk 2 Chargers at Chiefs, Close game Chargers cover +4. Correct. Chiefs win 27-24.

Sunday Night Football Wk 2 Chicago at Green Bay- Pick= Packers-10. Correct. Cheeseheads win 27-10.

Monday Night Football Double Header One Pick= Eagles all the way! Correct. Eagles win 24-7.

 Heres Tonights Game….

Date Numbers

Monday September 12h, 2022.  255th day of the year. 110 days left in the year.

9-22-2022 = 9+2+2+2+0+2+2 = 19 (8th Prime)

9-22-2022 = 9+22+2+0+2+2 =  37 (12th Prime)

9-22-2022 =  9+22+20+22 = 73 (21st Prime)

9-22-22=   9+22+22= 53 (16th Prime)

Thursday = 35/46 always play big on Thursdays.


Longitude and Latitude

English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
Cleveland Ohio1256222664
Cleveland OH101 (26th Prime)
11 (5th Prime)
47 (15th Prime)19652
Ohio47(15th Prime)2961 (18th Prime)16
OH23(9th Prime)1431 (11th Prime)4
First Energy Stadium233 (51st Prime)89(24th Prime)253109 (29thPrime)
Prime Video1166215455
September 22 2022= 19/37/73/53

Team Names

English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
Pittsburgh Steelers24381243108
Pittsburgh (away)1405013058
Steelers103 (27th Prime)31 (11th Prime)113 (30th Prime)50
Cleveland Browns169 (SQ RT 13)61 (18th Prime)23683 (23rd Prime)
Browns912871 (20th Prime)35
CLE2011 (5th Prime)61 (18th Prime)16
September 22 2022= 19/37/73/53


Mitchell Trubisky is 30-22 in the regular season. Can get his 23rd loss in OH = 23. 31st win in OH = 31. Thats a wash.

He is 15-10 on the road. 16th win vs CLE= 16. 11th Loss vs CLE= 11. Another wash for Trubisky.

His all time record including playoffs is 30-24.

15-11 on the road in all his games including playoffs.

Jacoby Brissett is 15-24 in the regular season.

He is 11-10 when playing at home.

His all time record is the same because he has never started a playoff game.

Head Coach

Mike Tomlin is 155-86-2 in the regular season.

163-95-2 including his playoff games.

Kevin Stefansky is 21-14 in regular season.

All time record is 22-15.

Simple Version

That was the simple version

I learned from Zachary Hubbard who is an amazing teacher and he is an expert at finding numbers and relationships with current events and sports.

I have developed my own style of course but the basics are very similar. The stats do say I’m slightly better at picking NFL games but most of that is because of my background as a handicapper.

I definetly mix the two but when the numbers are strong we always take the numbers.

Its the weirdest thing, like they communicate with these numbers and I’m not perfect at it but I’m very good hitting about 70%.

We’re getting better every year but the numbers and translations also seem to be getting closer each year.

The games I have posted before game time this year are 5-1 in Gematria. Early and overall. Current Record for Las Vegas NFL Odds Handicapper.

Gematria Decode

The numbers are too close in this one. Without knowing what patterns will hit this year yet we can’t really pick games like this yet off of Gematria. Lets go line read tonight.

The line read says Cleveland will cover the spread. The line moved to 4 like we thought and it might get to 3.5 by game time.

Waiting to the last minute is a good move on this one, maybe a portion on a smal parlay coupled with a game or two you know you will pick for Saturday College or NFL Sunday.

Chargers money line or Vikings money line are great ones for this week.

With games like this we like doing the Triangle Parlay with a small portion of your first bet towards a 3 teamer, and the last team to be a favorite money line play.

This week won’t be a primetime game because they are all close spreads. The best closing game looks like the Chargers beating the Jags at 1:25PM PT.

That will give us plenty of options of covering both sides giving ourselves extra oppurtunities and money gauranteed at that point.

So no Gematria pick for the second prime time game this year but we’re going with the Browns to win and cover. The winds will be crazy but people are starting to pound the under which drove it down to 38. No play there but Under is tempting.

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You came to the right place.

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