In our last article we discussed the first three steps of being a successful handicapper for Friday’s games. And for Saturday’s games we won’t go too far ahead as we will review the first three steps and discuss the next step.  For Saturday Football TV we will fast forward from there to see which games we can take advantage of.

Reading the Line

This first week of college football we will simply just be reading the lines and compare them to media hype and public perception. Money management is the key to being successful at handicapping sports games. Going into the week you should already know what percentage each game will be. Yesterday we called the first two steps after the money management plan. From now on we will call that step one so theres no confusion.

So for review step one is to have your money management paln set for the week. If your bankroll for the entire year is $10,000 then each 1% is $100. If your bankroll is much less than try 3-6% for college and 6-12% for NFL instead of 1-3% and 3-6%. If bankroll is $1,000 then $30-$60 and if your bankroll is $100 then your college games will be $3-6 to start.

Don’t worry it’s week 1, we will get up there just stay slow and steady for now. It is a marathon not a sprint. We will have plenty of chances to shoot our big shots with house money. Any extra risks we play with either wager size, parlays or props are earned from house money. We do not use our money for these types of bets. No matter what. No house money,  then no parlays or props, simple as that.

Step number two is to be in a good mood and sober. This step will sound unnecessary and silly to many but those people havn’t done this thier entire adulthood. It’s crucial to be feeling good and not stressed or pressure to make money. If your on tilt from the day before than forget about it, or if you’ve been drinking then just wait until the next day.

Step number three is to take a quick look at the lines for the day preferably early in the morning. This step is simply to get an idea of what type of day you’re dealing with although you should already know from step five and six the day before, but we’ll get there.


Let’s take a quick look at Saturdays games. Here is the lineup, we like to use Bovada because they have a very good average of most sports books and they give great bonuses and rewards for players. They have been around a long time and have a great reputation of paying on time.

We recommend having a few different lines and Bovada should probably be one of them. If you’re interested and not a member then here is their welcome bonus.Current Welcome Bonuses

Okay here’s step three and Saturday’s lineups with the odds, juice, point totals, and the channel you can watch the game on. Channel and time. We are just looking for anything that seems suspicious with the line and noticing the highs and lows.

Level 1

9AM PT Games

Buffalo.+24.0 (-110)+1050   AT    Maryland-24.0 (-110)  -2500   O/U 65.0 (-110)   BTN

Colorado State +31.0 (-110)  AT  Michigan (#8) -31.0 (-110) O60 (-115)   U60.0 (-105). ABC

Seems about right.

NC State (#13) -12.0 (-110) -430  AT   East Carolina +12.0 (-110) +320. O/U 51.5 (-110)   ESPN

North Carolina. +1.5 (-105)  +110  AT   Appalachian State -1.5 (-115)  -130  O/U 56.5 (-110) ESPN

Rutgers +7.5 (-110) +240  AT  Boston College -7.5 (-110) -290  O/U 48.0 (-110)  ACCN

11:30AM  Bowling Green +24.0 (-110)   AT    UCLA -24.0 (-110)  O/U 56.5 (-110) PAC12

Level 2

12:30PM Games

Arizona +6.5 (-115) +190   AT   San Diego State -6.5 (-105) -230  O/U 46.5 (-110)  CBS

Vegas could’ve gotten away with even action at a higher number. They conveniently set the number below the main key number. Who thinks the Aztecs can win by a touchdown? Everybody? Ok let’s check this one out too.

Cincinnati (#23) +7.0 (-115) +210   AT   Arkansas (#19) -7.0 (-105) -250  O/U 53.5 (-110)  ESPN

Houston (#24).-4.0 (-115)-185   AT   UTSA +4.0 (-105) +160 O/U 62.0 (-110) CBSN

Ok, here we go! What the heck!? Ummm, Houston -4 only? Everybody and thier momma will be betting on Houston. Las Vegas appears to be working here. We are checking this one out for sure. UTSA what you got?

Oregon (#11) +16.5 (-110)+550   AT   Georgia (#3) -16.5 (-110)  -850  O/U 54.0 (-110)   ABC

UTEP+31.0 (-110)   AT    Oklahoma (#9)  -31.0 (-110) O/U 57.0 (-110). FOX

This would be Oklahoma heavy no matter what the line. Public might win this one.

Tulsa-6.5 (-115)-250   AT   Wyoming +6.5 (-105) +210  O/U 45.5 (-110)  FS1

This is worth a look.

1PM Games

BYU (#25) -11.5 (-110) -415  AT  South Florida +11.5 (-110) +310  O/U 58.5 (-110) ESPNU

1PM Troy+21.5 (-110)+850  AT   Mississippi (#21) -21.5 (-110) -1800  O/U 56.5 (-110)  SECN

2:30PM Texas State.-1.0 (-110)-120    AT   Nevada +1.0 (-110)  EVEN  O/U 51.5 (-110)

Let’s give this one a closer look as well.

3PM Games

Florida Atlantic-4.5 (-110)-185    AT   Ohio +4.5 (-110) +160  O/U 49.5 (-110)  ESPN+

Middle Tennessee State +4.5 (-110)+165  AT  James Madison -4.5 (-110)  -195 O/U 59.0 (-115)  ESPN+

Rice.+32.5 (-110)  AT  USC (#14) -32.5 (-110)O/U 62.0 (-105)  PAC12

Level 3

4PM Games

Army +1.5 (-110) +105  AT   Coastal Carolina -1.5 (-110) -125  O/U 53.5 (-110)  ESPN+

Liberty 3.5 (-110)   AT   Southern Mississippi +3.5 (-110) -165 +140 O/U 49.5 (-110)  ESPN+

Massachusetts+28.5 (-115)  AT   Tulane -28.5 (-105)  O/U 59.0 (-105)  ESPN+

Miami Ohio +15.0 (-110) +475  AT   Kentucky (#20) -15.0 (-110)  -700 O/U 54.5 (-110)  ESPN+

Utah (#7) 2.5 (-110) -140  At   Florida +2.5 (-110)  +120  O51.5 (-105) U51.5 (-115)   ESPN

4:30PM Games

Georgia State +13.0 (-115) +350 At   South Carolina -13.0 (-105)  -480  O/U 55.0 (-110)  SEC+ / ESPN+

Memphis+17.0 (-110) +500   AT    Mississippi State -17.0 (-110) -750  O/U 58.0 (-110) ESPNU

Notre Dame (#5) +16.0 (-110) +475   AT   Ohio State (#2) -16.0 (-110) -700 O59.5 (-105) U59.5 (-115) ABC

SMU -10.0 (-110) -350   North Texas +10.0 (-110) +275 O/U 67.5 (-110)  CBSN

Utah State +42.0 (-110)   AT   Alabama (#1) -42.0 (-110) O63.5 (-110)  SECN

5PM Games

Louisville -5.0 (-110)-195  AT   Syracuse +5.0 (-110) +165   O/U 57.0 (-110)  ACCN

UL Monroe +37.5 (-110)  AT   Texas -37.5 (-110)  O/U 64.0 (-110). LHN

Level 4 – 7:30PM 2 Night Games

We always look at the last games of a full day. This is when the gamblers try to get the money back they lost. Any fishy lines  at this spot will be a great play. A good day gives us the choice to double up here or use a double dip parlay strategy.

Boise State +2.5 (-115) +115  AT   Oregon State -2.5 (-105)  -135  O/U 56.0 (-110)  ESPN

Kent State+23.0 (-110)  Washington -23.0 (-110)  O/U 60.0 (-110)  FS!

No Line Yet

9AM Games

Sam Houston  AT  #6 Texas A&M  SECN

C Connecticut  AT  UCONN

Delaware  AT  Navy  CBSN

9:30AM Richmond  AT  Virginia  ESPN3

12:30PM Games

Bethune. At  #16. Miami. ACCN

North Dakota  At  Nebraska  BTN

Norfolk ST. At Marshall  ESPN3

1PM UC Davis. At. California

2PM Nicholls At South Alabama. ESPN3

3PM Morgan St  At. Georgia So. ESPN3

4PM Games

Albany At #10 Baylor BIG12 / ESPN+

Illinois St  At #18 Wisconsin FS!

Mercer At Auburn SECN+ / ESPN+

Elon  At  Vanderbilt  SECN+ / ESPN+

South Dakota  At  Kansas City  BIG12/. ESPN+

Army. At. Coastal Carolina  ESPN+ / COASTALCAR

SE Loisiana At Louisiana ESPN+

Grambling At Arkansas St. ESPN3

5PM Games

Colgate At Stanford

Murray St At Texas Tech. BIG12 / ESPN+

Maine At New Mexico

House Money

We are in house money no matter what going in to Saturday, now we protect it. Started off 3-0 and it looks like we could go 2-0 tonight.  Since this week and most likely next week we will be using the Line Read strategy then we keep everything else simple. It won’t be like this all year but for now it’s the best method to start the season. 

At this step we are checking to see if there’s any obvious line movements or obvious situations where it appears like an easy pick. Maybe situations where the line is confusing or maybe one team should be a lot more favored than they are.

If there’s any serious line movements or changes without a serious injury then you’re gonna have to look into it for that day. Our money management plan is set at 1% each wager and we’re up 2.8% after the first day. Today we will obviously keep it the same at 1%.

After Friday’s games we had two games so we are either going to be up .8%, 4.6% or at 3.7-ish%. We just won the first game with Old Dominion pulling out the win, we will either be at +4.6% or +3.7%. So for Saturday’s games we’re already playing with house money. it’s important to keep the bets the same and build on that green. Let’s keep it going.

The next article will be a quick discussion of the games that meet the criteria. It looks like we will have anywhere from 3-9 games on Saturday. Step 4 will be to look the next days games and step 5 will be to review yesterdays games.

Let’s keep it going and help each other out. Any observations, information or questions please let us know in the comments.

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