Football is back! The Preseason got off to a great start and it was fun just to realize life is a little better for the next seven months. Las Vegas NFL odds is proud to be your source for NFL odds and against the spread news.  Preseason lines will be reviewed again as we get closer to the games. First on the agenda this week will be this article discussing the opening lines and what the Las Vegas odds is telling the publi

Preseason week 2 starts on Thursday at 5PM PT on ESPN with the Seattle Seahawks hosting the Chicago Bears. Friday night will have 3 games going on and Saturday is football all day long. We will review Sunday and Monday later in the week as the sports books set the lines against the spread.

Thursday August 18- 1 Game 5PM PT

Chicago Bears(1-0) +3.5 at Seattle Seahawks (0-1) -3.5  5PM PT on ESPN.

The line opened up Sunday around noon at Seattle -3 and -164 money line with the over/under at 38.5. As of Sunday night it moved up to -3.5 and money line -185 due to the quick action on the home favorites. The line should stay there up untill game day and we will see how Vegas and the public react.

The Bears and chiefs were at a pick em last Saturday morning in Chicago which made it a good line read play for the Bears and a good public perception value play fade towards the chiefs favoring Chicago. The Chicago Bears were shut out in the first half 14-0 while surrendering 60 yards on 6/7 passing from Patrick Mahomes’ first and only possession. Trevor Siemian, now on the Bears from the Saints last year came in and threw two touchdown passes in the third qaurter while Shane Buechele and Dustin Crum couldnt get much going in the second half for Kansas City. Bears won the game finishing under the total of 38 with a score of 19-14.

The Seattle Seahawks closed at +3.5 last week at the Pittsburgh Steelers which made another good value fade play in favor for the Steelers  who won the game by 7 points.  The game went well over the total of 39 and was capped by a great performance and game winning 24 yard touchdown pass from Kenny Picket to Tyler Vaughns.

Pickett the Pittsburgh native rookie finished the game 13 for 15 with 95 yards and two touchdowns looking confident in his first reads and in playaction. Seattle lost the game but looked decent everywhere except for the running game which looked very efficient rushing for 159 yards on 26 carries.

Nobody is expecting too much from the Seattle Seahawks this year and at the very least they seem to have a clear identity in running the football. Keep an eye on this team and let’s pay close attention to how the media protrays them early and how bettors are reacting. For this game they received a little love for playing at home and seems like some sharps took early action on them to cover the 3 raising the spread to -3.5.  Over/Under on this game is currently at 39.

Friday August 19- 3 Games (2 Levels)

Carolina Panthers (1-0) +1 at New England Patriots (0-1) -1 Over/Under 39.5  4PM PT NFL Network

This game will be televised and previewed on the NFL Network channel and has opened up at 1 in some places but most have not opened this game as of Sunday night. We are expecting back and forth movement on this line going in either direction and if Vegas happens to adjust on this one then a very good line read possibilty is in play.

This game is important to watch the media attention, as is usually the case in televised games or highlighted games.  We must note who over reacts first, either Vegas or public, and if theres any line movement we will get our line read play.

Carolina won thier first preseason game by two points over the Commanders as two point dogs and New England lost thier first game by two points to the small underdog Giants. It seems like this line could have been even action at Patriots -2.5 or even the key number of -3. The line being set at 1 early draws our attention to the future line movement as itb will tell us a story.

New Orleans Saints (0-1) at Green Bay Packers (0-1)  5PM Local channels No Line yet

Both teams lost and failed to cover last week as the Saints lost to Texans and hit the under while Packers lost to the Niners 28-21.

Andy Dalton looked good in his only drive going 5 for 5 ,51 yards and a touchdown. He should get some more playing time this week along with Ian Book.  Aaron Rodgers didnt play last week but he might play one drive this week and then it will be the Jordan Love show.

This is Green Bays chance to see what the kid has and for the fans to fall in Love.  Jordan Love had his moments last week but he did throw 3 interceptions and should get the bulk of the snaps again.

Houston Texans (1-0) at Los Angeles Rams (1-0) 7PM NFL Network No Line yet

Los Angeles was listed as the visitor but beat their rommate 29-22 in an exciting matchup of Los Angeles. Houston did something they probably won’t do too much this year, they covered as small favorites.

The Texans had a good value play and matchup play vs the Saints and it might happen again against the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams. The Rams had a feed the public game and gave the fans some excitement for the last game on Saturday night.

The opening line will tell us a lot in this one because Rams could easily get even money at -4 or even -5. If Vegas opens at 2 or less than a value fade play looks promising. Either way Rams line will move up so if a player likes the Rams than an opening play for a possible hedge is on the table.

Saturday August 20- 8 Games (4 Levels!!!) 10am-7pm PT Starts

Saturday through Monday will be further evaluated as we get closer to gametime on Thursday and Friday.

Denver Broncos (1-0) at Buffalo Bills (1-0) 10AM  NFL Network No Line Monday early AM.

Denver won thier first preseason game but did not cover the 4 they laid vs the Cowboys at home. This week they are on the road against the Bills who covered thier game with a 10 point victory over the Colts at home. Bills are at home again and should have a similar line.

Detroit Lions (0-1) at Indianapolis Colts (0-1) 10AM No Line yet

Two bottom tier teams coming in 0-1 and game not televised so this should be one of the lowest action games this week.  This play might be a matchup play. It will be important to keep track of the inactives, injuries and playing time potential for this game.

Washington Commanders (0-1) at Kansas City Chiefs (0-1)  1PM PT NFL Network No Line yet

The only afternoon game sandwiched between a heavy slate and televised on NFL Network. This game has a few alerts and will be interesting to read the lines throughout the week. The first is a definite value fade alert and a media fade so paying attention to the media and how they try to hypnotize this game will be key.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1) at Tennessee Titans (0-1) 4PM NFL Network No Line yet

We wont see Tom Brady in pads for long but we will see him plenty on TV for the ratings. Lets face it Tom Brady sells. This game will be interseting to see the date numbers and Gematria numbers that will be posted closer to game time.

Las Vegas Raiders (2-0) at Miami Dolphins (1-0) 4PM

Raiders look like they might want to win all thier preseason games and according to some people this preseason might be the only time the dolphins can get some wins. The Raiders will get most of the action on this game so lets see where Vegas starts off at.

San Francisco 49ers (1-0) at Minnesota Vikings (0-1) 4PM

This game will be a vanilla game by both teams especially Minnesota because the niners will be busy trying out thier new golden boy. Public perception on this game should be leaning under so that will be imteresting to watch.

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0)  at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2) 4PM

Don’t see this game getting much action or line movement once it starts.

Dallas Cowboys (0-1) at Los Angeles Chargers (0-1) 7PM NFL Network

The last game of a full day will be a definite money watch and it might be a player chase moment depending on how the day goes for Vegas and the public.

Sunday August 21- 3 Games (2 Levels) 10am-5PM PT Starts

Philadelphia Eagles (0-1) at Cleveland Browns (1-0) 10AM NFL Network

Cincinnatti Bengals (0-1) at New York Giants (1-0) 4PM NFL Network

Baltimore Ravens (1-0) at Arizona Cardinals (1-0) 5PM FOX


Atlanta Falcons (1-0) at New York Jets (1-0) 5PM ESPN

Great Potential This Week

Nfl Vegas odds will be set throughout the week along with further evaluations. There are ten different levels this week which we won’t see again all year long in the NFL.  There are a few fade alert plays and some big line reads that might have some serious legs. Stay tuned throughut the week as more odds information comes out and  all the NFL odds are posted on Las Vegas NFL Odds.

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