Preseason football is getting us ready for the upcoming NFL season. The teams are getting prepared along with broadcasters, media, stadiums, fans, and the sports bettors to name a few groups. The preseason week 2 games will be played throughout 5 days and most games will be televised or showed as a replay on the NFL Network the following day. For week 2 we will take a look at the NFL Preseason Schedule tv listings and the Las Vegas NFL betting lines.

Thursday August 18


Monday Night Countdown will start at 4PM PT or 7PM ET one hour before the game. Once the game starts the Broadcast team will be a great one with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. The excellent pair were lured from FOX and received big time and long term contracts by ESPN to be the new Monday Night Football Team broadcasters.Thier first game together at ESPN will be tonight at Lumen Field in Seattle Wa.
5PM PT Chicago Bears (1-0) +3.5 at Seattle Seahawks (0-1) -3.5 Over/Under 39.5
Las Vegas odds has both teams finishing towards the bottom of the league. A new era will begin this season for Seattle, it will be Geno Smith or Drew Lock leading the offense this year.  One of them will be  replacing fan favorite Russel Wilson who was traded to the Denver Broncos. Geno will get most of the snaps on Thursday and try to win the spot while Lock is out after testing positive for COVID this week. Justin Fields will most likely get less snaps than he did last week and we will get to see a lot of Trevor Siemian who might get a shot this year at some point.

The value fade strategy has been very profitable in the preseason and that comes into play tonight against the Seattle Seahawks. Not much of a fade against the Bears in a preseason game, so a no play wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Friday August 19


The NFL Network crew will be at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Massachusetts and coverage will begin 4pm PT or 7pm ET.

4PM PT Carolina Panthers(1-0) +3 at New England Patriots( 0-1) -3 Over/Under 40

The spread seems to be exactly what it should be here.

7PM PT Houston Texans (1-0) -2 at Los Angeles Rams (1-0) +2 Over/Under 37.5
Las Vegas what are you up to? Rams won’t be playing many starters but most casual bettors and most Rams fans are running to the ticket windows here. This might be a fun play for Houston. For the fans of the good ole’ fashion preseason fade play, than here you go.

5PM PT New Orleans Saints (0-1) +3 at Green Bay Packers (0–1) -3 Over/Under 39.

The game will be played on Lambeau Field in Green Bay and will be locally televised.

Saturday August 20


If your plan is to watch football all day Saturday to get ready for the NFL season than the NFL Network has you covered all day and night.  There are 8 games scheduled for Saturday and 4 will be televised and broadcasted by the NFL Network.

10AM PT Denver Broncos (1–0) +6 at Buffalo Bills (1–0) -6 Over/Under 42
Highmark Stadium Orchard Park NY

The first game of a full slate is when the Denver Broncos face off against the AFC favorite Buffalo Bills. Russel Wilson won’t see alot of time but -6 seems a bit much for a preseason game against a team that seems to be pretty deep. What’s up Las Vegas? Buffalo might be in for a blowout win.

1PM PT Washington Commanders (0–1) +5 at Kansas City Chiefs (0–1) -5 Over/Under 44 GEHA field at arrowhead Stadium Kansas City MO

Thats a big point total for a preseason game. Commanders had a game in the forties and Chiefs lost to the Bears 19-14 in week 1. No big news for the game so Vegas is giving us a big tip here. They could’ve received even money at 40 or 41 but chose 44. Let’s root for some points in this one. Defense take a rest.

4PM PT Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0 –1)+3 at Tennessee Titans (0–1) -3 Over/Under 38 Nissan Stadium Nashville TN

This will be a fun one and no obvious line read for this game yet. Let’s see if the line moves and how the public reacts as we get closer to gametime.

7 PM PT  Dallas Cowboys (0–1) +3 at Los Angeles Chargers (0–1) -3 Over/Under 37.5

Another fun one to close out the night. Both teams will play thier starters a little more than they did last week and Las Vegas set the line up exactly where it should be for even money. Rooting for the defenses might be interesting, most players are going to go with the over on the last play of the night. Maybe a possible public fade on a nationally televised night game.

Local TV

10 AM PT Detroit Lions (0–1) -1.5 at Indianapolis Colts (0–1) +1.5 Over/Under 39.5. Lucas oil stadium Indianapolis, IN

Go for it if you’d like but the Las Vegas odds don’t tip us any advantage on this one.

4PM PT Las Vegas Raiders (2–0) -1 at Miami Dolphins (1–0) +1 Over/Under 41.5 Hard Rock Stadium Miami Gardens FL

The sportsbooks could be leaning either way so lets see how the action turns as we get closer to Saturday night.

4 PM PT  San Francisco 49ers (1–0) +5 at Minnesota Vikings (0–1) -5 Over/Under 39.5 US Bank Stadium Minneapolis MN

Careful, careful, careful. No early reads, another wait and see for action and or media tilts.

4 PM PT Pittsburgh Steelers (1–0) +3 at Jacksonville Jaguars (0–2) -3 Over/Under 42 TIAA Bank Field Jacksonville FL

Another high total and another lets wait untill close to game time.

Sunday August 21


10AM PT Philadelphia Eagles (0–1) -2 at Cleveland Browns (1–0) +2 Over/Under 37 First Energy Stadium Cleveland OH

4 PM PT Cincinnati Bengals (0–1)+5.5 at New York Giants 1–0-5.5 over/under 39  MetLife Stadium East Rutherford NJ


5 PM PT Baltimore Ravens (1–0) -5 at Arizona Cardinals 1–0+5 over/under 38.5 State Farm Stadium Glendale AZ

Monday August 22.  ESPN/ ESPN DEPORTES

5 PM PT Atlanta Falcons (1–0) -2 at New York Jets (1–0) +2 Over/Under 39.5 MetLife Stadium East Rutherford NJ

Week 2 Preseason Schedule

Five days of football! If you happen to miss one of the games NFL Network will be showing replays throughout the day almost all day, every day.Lets take note of the lines for Sunday and Monday but wait to see what happens before we get in on the action.

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