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Week 4 Morning NFL Picks

We had fun picking the morning games and some will have to wait until we get closer to game time.

Thursday Night and Morning games= TNF Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals-3.5.

Morning= Los Angeles Chargers -5 at Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings -2.5 at New Orleans Saints, Cleveland Brown-1.5 at Atlanta Falcons, Washington Commanders at Dallas Cowboys -3, Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions -4, Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts -3.5, Chicago Bears at New York Giants -3, Jacksonville Jaguars at Philadelphia Eagles -6.5, New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers -3, Buffalo Bills -3 at Baltimore Ravens.

The morning games look promising, now let’s move on to the late games!

Afternoon and Prime Time Games

1:05PM PT
Arizona Cardinals 1-21-044.54543.543.54560%
Carolina Panthers 1-21-1-1.5-1.5-1-14540%
Going with the Panthers

Shady line, right?

The line last week had Arizona as a two point favorite and now Carolina is the two point favorite.

Carolina did just beat New Orleans, rather the Saints beat New Orleans with the amount of mistakes they had.

The win wasn’t that impressive and their offense has been close to horrible. The Panther defense on the other hand is almost phenomenal and if they could ever get their offense going they would be a tough team to beat.

Is Las Vegas just a little ahead of this one?

Most of the money is going to Arizona and the line is not moving one bit.

What does that tell us?

Las Vegas likes where that money is going and they’re not concerned about it one bit. As a matter of fact keep betting Arizona, we want you to.

Let’s not ask too many questions on this one and just side with Vegas.

Yes we know it’s not easy to bet Baker Mayfield over Kyler Murray, but Vegas has manipulated this line to give themselves a slight edge and we’re gonna join them.

All aboard…

Due to the heavy bets by the sharps we believe the handle has to be about even. We’re going to keep our play but we will make it a small play.

Panthers -1 Regular Play 6.6 Units

1:25PM PT PTRecordHome
New England Patriots 1-21-142.540.54040.540.540%
Green Bay Packers 2-11-0-10-10.5-9.5-10.540.560%
Patriots +10, Careful

At first we were wondering where the heck this line was coming from. Then we realized that Jones will not be playing in this game, instead it will be veteran back up Brian Hoyer who will lead the Patriots.

With Hoyer at the helm, odds makers had to know that Patriots wouldn’t be getting much action.

They could’ve set this line at any number and the Packers will probably still have more money on their side. They didn’t have much of a choice in this game and settled on -10.

With the action still going on Green Bay it’s been going back-and-forth from 9.5 to 10.5. We’re going to continue to watch this line and see what the talking heads are trying to convince the public of.

We will have to revisit this game but leaning on the Packers to cover the 10 point spread.

People are starting to fade the Packers and the sportsbooks have conveniantly kept it under 10. We believe Patriots are a good football team and love taking spots where good teams play with the backup for the first game.

Final Pick=Patriots+10.5 3.3 Units

1:25PM PTRecordHome
Denver Broncos 2-10-14444.545+2.544.536%
Las Vegas Raiders 0-30-1-2-2-2.5-2.544.564%
Raiders -2

Well there’s a lot of people having fun with the fact that the Raiders are 0-3.

Mission of the week just to add a little more fun= Every Raider fan you see politely and nicely call him or her Owen. When they respond say “Yeah 0-3.”

Say it in good nature, not trying to get anybody hurt.

Raiders are one of those teams that the people that love them really do love them, and the people that hate them really do hate them.

They are definitely getting most of the action on this game as not many think they can go 0-4. Especially with the 2-1 Broncos that have not looked overly impressive.

The Raiders main downfall so far has been the offensive line. They have not been able to capitilize on their talented skill players. Carr’s newest and best weapon is visibly becoming frustrated.

Another concern for the Raiders this game is that Derek Carr might have to do it on his own.  The Denver defense won’t allow much on the ground and Carr will have to air it out.

This line could’ve easily been over -3 but instead the Raiders are the favorite and getting most of the action. Las Vegas wouldn’t be able to get away with Raiders being favored by much more so we can understand this line.

It feels as if the odds makers see something in this game or know something we don’t.

We’re pretty confident that if they felt the Broncos were going to win they could’ve taken the opportunity to make Raiders a home dog. After the heavy action, then adjust the line.

That is clearly not the case as there hasn’t been much line movement since they open this week. Let’s be careful with this one because if no one believes Raiders can go 0-4, that’s exactly what might happen.

On the other hand we do see a little manipulation of the lines, so we’re going to join the party.

Let’s go Raiders -2, moving on.

Final Pick= Raiders -2 Small Play 3.3 Units

Sunday Night Football

5:20PM PTRecordHome
Kansa City Chiefs 2-1 (1-1 Away)2-11-1-2.5-2.5PK-2.544.573%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1 (0-1 Home)2-10-146.544.546+2.544.527%
Buccaneers lean but waiting for Gematria Pick tonight

Sunday Night Football brings us another great matchup. The schedule makers understood the assignment this year.

This game will be the game of the week, the most watched game of the week and the most bet game of the week.

Kansas City will be one of the highest bet teams this week if not the highest this and most fans believe they will get revenge on Tampa Bay from 2 Super Bowls ago.

We’re not sure if people just don’t realize how good Tampa Bay’s defense really is. They are putting tons of pressure on the quarterbacks with creative and frequent blitzes.

Mahomes is as elite as a gets against the blitz so we can expect some adjustments by the well coached Buccaneers.

On the other side of the ball Tom Brady will get back Mike Evans this week. Chiefs also possess a tough defense and a very good secondary.

The two defenses are extremely similar as they both blitz heavy and often. This dynamic will be interesting because both quarterbacks are one of the best facing blitzes.

Hurrican Ian impacted several thousands of people in the Southwest Florida region. Tampa might have a lot going on this week where as the Chiefs will be focus coming off of loss.

This is their chance to get revenge from their Super Bowl loss.

This game actually seems pretty simple to us. We’re expecting the media to hype up Hurricane Ian, to hype up concerns of the Buccaneers and if that’s the case we’re going heavy on Tom Brady.

Let’s wait and see if we can get more points. We won’t get to the key number 3 so lets pull the trigger on the Buccaneers at 2.5.

Early Pick TB +2.5, Pick Now would still be TB pick em but 6.6 units for a regular play. No gematria play.

Monday Night Football

5:15PM PTOpenMonFriLineO/UAction
Los Angeles Rams 2-1 (1-0 Away)4442.542.5+2.542.566%
San Francisco 49ers 1-2 (1-0 Home)-2-2.5-1.5-2.542.534%
49ers and waiting for Gematria Pick tonight.

Monday Night Football with another division rivalry, let’s do it.

This line is similar to the Bronco-Raiders game where as the sportsbooks could’ve got away with a few more points in Rams favor.

We are expecting this line to move back-and-forth but to remain under the key number. It will be interesting to see if the money keeps on going the way it’s going.

Make sure you have at least three different sportsbooks so you can always get the best odds.This game will be a prime example if we can get the key number on whichever team we like. In this case the Niners.

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Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams are 2-1. Let’s do a quick review shall we?

Who have they beat?

They beat the Atlanta Falcons and the Arizona Cardinals. Falcons are probably the least talented team in the league and they barely squeaked by 31-27. Then they had trouble with the Cardinals and got bailed out with all of Arizona’s blunders. Those were the two wins the last two weeks.

In their loss they were completely annihilated by the Bills in week 1. They are the Super Bowl champions and everyone still believes they are a great team.

They are a good team, maybe just decent but nowhere near great so far. The 49ers on the other hand have dominated this rivalry the past few years.

San Francisco can get after the quarterback thanks to Bosa and his fellow rushers. This is a huge concern for the Rams because of their line issues especially at left tackle. Bad timing for them.

This is not a easy game to pick, it’s a division game so it will be tough, it will be nasty and there will be lots of action.

The Gematria picks will handle this game and decide for us but for now we’re definitely on the 49er side.

Gematria Pick= 49ers 9.9 Units Big Play.

Las Vegas NFL Odds

That was a fun lineup. We have some good picks to look forward to and a few that we’ve already made.

There is a few we will have to continue to watch and we will be updating on this article for the afternoon and night games.

We will be updating the other article for our morning updates. We are having a great season and always looking to get better. Week 4 Morning Games Picks Against the Spread.

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Week 4 Odds Preview


NFL10-35:15STL @ SF -1.5GematriaSF-1.59.9
NFL10-25:20KC @ TB-1A.CoversTB-16.6KC
NFL10-21:25DEN @ LV -2.5A.CoversLV-2.53.3LV
NFL10-21:25NE @ GB -9.5A.CoversNE +9.53.3GB
NFL10-21:05ARI @ CAR -1A.CoversCar+16.6ARI
L -6.6173
NFL10-210AMJAX @ PHI -6.5A.CoversPHI -6.53.3PHI

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