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We will be discussing the NFL games for week 2. We had a great start finishing 7-3 for the NFL. 

Our goal and strategy is the same as week 1. We will not be trying to predict the games. We will be reading the lines and notice if there are any games that odds makers tipped the scale one way or another. 

Every week there are a few games that appear to manipulate the public. Certain games are set up with an advantage for Vegas and those games are the ones we’re interested in.

We are only interested in siding with Vegas the first two weeks. We will not be guessing which team is going to show up or play well. 

Trying to predict these games in week 2 would give us a headache. Simply trying to join Las Vegas, that’s all. Let’s go!

Article from earler in the week. Week 2 NFL odds- Early Line Read

Sunday Morning

Carolina Panthers +1.0 (-110) EVEN  AT   New York Giants -1.0 (-110)  -120  O/U 42.5 (-110) FOX

Car (0-1)  +2  At  NYG (1-0)  -2 O/U 43.5

We were expecting even action on this game and that’s exactly what we’re getting so far. This is a great line for Las Vegas and what they are supposed to strive for every single game. 

Even money gaurentees the house big profits obviously with all the juice, prop bets and parlay options in play. 

They are so smart, they could do this just about every time if they wanted to. The truth is they don’t want to. 

More money on the losing side is more money for everyone involved. Obviously they can’t do this every game but there are certain ones they obviously manipulate or obviously leave alone.

 Why wouldn’t they do this in most games (the right ones) right?

 When we notice this happening we jump on those games and roll with Las Vegas. Whatever side they make more money and don’t act appropiately is where we invest. We simply just invest with them if we know they could have done better.  

The sportsbooks also pick spots wisely to have moments where they give some money back to the public to keep them coming for more. This usually happens around December time probably to give the people extra money for the holiday season.

Anyways Giants and Panthers, who do you have?

Giants were our big play last week after noticing the odds makers tipped the scale all week. It appears they played this Giants game staright up.

It feels like many people are rooting for Baker so maybe thats why they’re getting a little more action then they should to even it up. 

So far we’re leaning Giants again.

Stay tuned, most likely going Giants but if we do it will be a normal or small play.

Giants have some injuries including both their young stud pass rushers. A little more action on the Giants but not by much. 

We’re going Giants and keeping it as a normal play.

Indianapolis Colts.-4.5 (-110) -200   AT   Jacksonville Jaguars  +4.5 (-110)  +170  O/U 45.5 (-110) CBS

Ind (0-0-1) -4  At  Jax  (0-1)  +4  O/U 45.5

Ind -3 (-120_ At Jax +3 (EV)

We figured the line would be 5 maybe even 6 or 7.  It opened up at 4.5 and most of the action came in on Colts. Can you picture anybody rushing to go bet the Jaguars?

Why would they have to go down to 3? Oh, there scared of giving the Jags too many points because they’re going to be over flooded with bets. Really?

C’mon Man! Somethings up here, we smell Mafia. Jaguars huh? That stinks.

Who You Got?

Think Matt Ryan will have a big game?

Sharp money is on the Jags and Vegas doesn’t like it.

We like the Colts this year but we think they struggle in the Florida sun today. Jags and the points.


Miami Dolphins+4.0 (-110) +165 Baltimore Ravens-4.0 (-110) -195  O/U  46.0 (-110)  CBS

Mia (1-0). +3.5  At Bal (1-0)  -3.5  O/U 44.5

Ok, to all the odds makers reading this right now, this is how you set an even bet game. 

Big window oppurtunity for the odds makers here. They could’ve got away with 6 or 7 on this one and no reaction would be necessary. 

They opened at 4 and will probably get to 3 by game time.

This one is hard to read and will most likely be the game of the week. 

This looks like it will be a straight up game, go for it! Who you like?

Public might get this right. We’re leaning Ravens with a little media hype going against the Ravens this week. 

The talking heads have been tryinm to convince people Lamar is taking it easy until he gets a new contract. We don’t think thats the case, expect a big game from Lamar today.

Expect a big game from Lamar and expect a big day from Tua. We really like the over here in what we think will be a shootout.

There won’t be too many times Ravens will be in a game where they’re not the team with the heavy action. If we can get Lamar at home with even action then we have to seriously think about it. 

It is tempting to take the Ravens with even action but we have to go with the points in this spot. Bovada and Bet Online have it at 4.

If you don’t have an account with Bovada or Bet Online you can sign up here with a promo code.


New York Jets (0-1)  +6.5  At  Cleveland Browns (1-0) -6.5. O/U  40. CBS

NYJ +6.5 (-105) ML+230. At  Cle -6.5 (-115) ML-280  39.5

This line seemed fishy immediately when it was released. It hasn’t moved since. Vegas might be proud of themselves here.

So Vegas is supposed to get even money from the bettors right?

They are saying most people are thinking Browns are only 4 points better than the Jets. 2-2.5 points for home for most places now (it used to be 3). 

The Jets were one of our losses from a 7-3 NFL start last week. Let’s see if we can get them right this week.

Who do you have?

Most of the money is coming in on Cleveland and the line hasn’t gone to the key number yet. In fact its going down because of sharp action.
Is Las Vegas trying to tell us something here?

We think so, we’re going to go with the Jets again and get as many points as we can. Bovada has it at 6.5 and you can buy the half if you want it. 

If it was a straight game it would go to 7 soon. We think sportsbooks will make it 6 instead. 

We like New York here..

We have to try again with the Jets and take the points.


New England Patriots -1.5 (-110) -125   AT  Pittsburgh Steelers +1.5 (-110) +105  O/U 42.5 (-110) CBS

NE (0-1)  -2. At  Pit (1-0)  +2  O/U 40

This line sticks out to us right away. These aren’t the old New England Patriots. Why are they -2 favored against Pittsburgh at home.

Mac Jones practiced on Friday and will start. He has back spasms and rib issues but should play.

This didn’t bother Vegas odds makers at all because it has been at 2 since Monday.

Jones injury is a concern but Las Vegas seemed to know more than anybody else because with all the injury news going back and forth, they didn’t flinch with the line.

We have to take the Patriots here.

This was a tough final decision and we’re going small on the Patriots instead of a normal play. Half play, 2nd one.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3.0 (EVEN) -165    AT  New Orleans Saints +3.0 (-120) +140  O/U 47.0 FOX

TB (1-0)  -2.5  At  NO (1-0)  +2.5  O/U 44

The Buccaneers are our Super Bowl pick and they didn’t disappoint in week one. Brady looked like Brady and the defense looked like they could be a real force this year.

Saints didn’t look great but they got the win and get to host the super bowl contender at the Superdome.

The Saints have beaten Tom Brady all 4 times they faced each other in the regular season. Saints have been able to pressure Brady without blitzing and have had more success than anybody against him. 

Pressuring him might be a little easier on Sunday because the Bucs will be missing two offensive lineman and Donovan Smith probably thier best is also doubtful.

Plenty of other smaller injuries on the defensive side for the Bucs yet the line has had no movement at all.

Saints actually match up well with the Bucs but in these first two weeks we are only siding with Vegas. The sportsbooks seem to be expecting a Tampa win but too close to call. Go with your gut on this one.

Who you got?

We’re taking the upset and the 3 points.

Washington Commanders  PK (-110)   AT  Detroit Lions  PK (-110)  O/U 45.0 (-110)  FOX

Wsh +1.5   AT  Det -1.5 O/U 48.5

The entire nation seems to be rooting for the Lions!

It feels like the Lions have gained America’s heart and everyone’s pulling for them this year.

This one is interesting. Lions will be missing just about the entire offensive line and DeAndre Swift is doubtful as well. 

Wow! The line must’ve adjusted right?

Nope, exactly the same. Las Vegas is with the Lions and so would we if everybody still wasn’t riding Lions like crazy. That explains why the line didn’t move.

The odds makers are in a perfect spot for this one so we have to sit out.

Unless you guys see something we dont. Who you got?

Leaning for the Commanders.

Let us know your favorite picks for the morning games. We will post shortly our afternoon game write-up.


Morning Picks or Feeling Froggy’s

Let’s go Giants. 

Jags and the points.

Game time decision Going Dolphins+4

We like the Jets + 7. Bovada has the best line right now. Here you go.

Sunday Afternoon


Atlanta Falcons +13.5 (-110) +600 AT  Los Angeles Rams -13.5 (-110)  -950  O/U 48.0 (-110) FOX

Atl (0-1)  +10.5. At  LAR (0-1)  -10.5  O/U 46.5

Quick Pick Upset Alert!!! +10

Seattle Seahawks +9 (-110)-430 AT  San Francisco 49ers -9.0 (-110)  +320  O/U 43.5 (-110) FOX

Sea (1-0) +8.5. At  SF (0-1) -8.5   O/U 41.5

Quick Pick Niners -8..5

Arizona Cardinals +5.5 (-110) +120 AT Las Vegas Raiders-5.5  (-110) -140  O/U 51.0 (-110)   CBS

Ari (0-1) +5.5 At  LV (0-1) -5.5  O/U 51.5.

Quick Pick Raiders -5 from sports betting line.

Bovada, Sports Betting, and Bet Online promo codes.

Cincinnati Bengals+2.5 (-110) +110  AT  Dallas Cowboys -2.5 (-110)  -130  O/U 51.0 (-110) CBS

Cin (0-1) -7.5  at  Dal (0-1) +7.5. O/U 41,5

Quick Pick- Cowgirls and the points please.

Houston Texans +10.5 (-110) +420  AT   Denver Broncos -10.5 (-110) -605  O/U 42.5 (-110)  CBS

Hou (0-0-1) +10  At  Den (0-1)  -10  O/U 45

Quick Pick Texans +10

2nd Level Picks or Go For It’s

Falcons +10

Niners -8.5 vs Niners keep it close then pull away at the end.

Raiders-5 Blowout Alert! Carr with a huge day!

We’re going on the Cowgirl game. Cowgirls might suprise people, lets take the points.

Texans+ 10 call us crazy, but just maybe.

Sunday Night

Chicago Bears +10 (-110) +350  AT  Green Bay Packers-10.0 (-110) -480  O/U 45.5 (-110)  NBC

Chi (1-0) +10  At  GB (0-1) -10  O/U 42

We’re going to wait for Al Covers and his Gematria numbers for all Prime Time games. With percentages like his there is no reason to pick any other method on Prime Time Games. 

Gematria Pick= Packers-10

Monday Night

Tennessee Titans +7.5 (-110) +280 Buffalo Bills -7.5 (-110) -360 O/U 51.0 (-110)   ESPN/ESPN2

Ten (0-1) +10  At  Buf (1-0) -10

Al Covers Gematria will handle these Prime Time Games.

Without Gematria Leaning Bills.

Minnesota Vikings +2.5 (-110) +115 AT Philadelphia Eagles -2.5 (-110)  -135 O/U 47.5 (-110)  ABC/ESPN+

Min )1-0)  +2  At. Phi (1-0)  -2

Eagles looking real good to us here. Fly Eagles Fly!

Let us know what you have and what your doing. We might find some super star handicappers in here, let’s see what you got.

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