Week 5 is here and the Sports books have placed the odds. We will take an early look at the NFL odds for week 5 matchups and try to notice if Las Vegas is creating some type of advantage In any spots. This is our first step to finding winners against the spread.

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Week 5 Picks Against the Spread

Thursday Night Football

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5:15PM PT
Indianapolis Colts 1-2-10-1-143.543.5N/A43.5
Denver Broncos2-22-0-3-3N/A-3

Thursday Night Football kicks off week 5 with the Indianapolis Colts going to Mile High in Denver Colorado.

Indianapolis just lost a tough division game to the Titans and the Broncos just lost a division game to the previously winless Raiders. Who wants a win now?

Both teams are playing with a new veteran successful quarterback that they acquired in the off-season. Neither quarterback has looked amazing but both quarterbacks have been decent.

The Colts lost two division games to Tennessee and Jacksonville. In addition they tied probably the worst team in the league opening weekend versus the Texans.

They did beat a very good Kansas City team in week 3 to show us a little bit of their potential. We just don’t know what to make of the Colts quite yet , but we can expect them to get better with their new leader Matt Ryan.

Every game for the Broncos this year has been an ugly game. They lost their opener 17–16 to the Seahawks then got two wins against the Texans and the Niners. They won those games 16–9 and 11–10 barely squeaking by both teams.

They have not looked very good but they haven’t looked very bad either. Watching them you get the feeling that Russell Wilson is starting to have his fingerprints on the team. It’s not all the way there yet but you can start to notice it now. He’s consistently coaching on the sidelines and players are visibly starting to respond.

This game will be interesting to watch two veteran successful quarterbacks leading their new teams. Both teams need to win. Denver is 2–0 at home and will have the 76,000 fans behind them in Empower Field at Mile high.

We will have our free picks to this game ready on Wednesday. Week 5 picks against the spread coming soon, for now you can check out our other picks for the other sports until Thursday night.

Daily Sports Picks and Handicapper Stats.

London Game

6:30AM PTRecordHome
New York Giants3–1London41.541.541.5
Green Bay Packers3–1London-8-8-8

The London game was a great one last week with the Vikings beating the Saints 28–20 in an exciting finish. London has another good matchup when two 3-1 teams face off to see who can get to 4-1.

The New York Giants just beat the Chicago Bears 20–12 at MetLife Stadium and the Packers just squeaked by the Patriots in overtime at Lambeau Field. The Packers will be looking to get their fourth Straight win after losing the opener to Minnesota.

The Giants will try to continue surprising people and win their fourth game already in week five with the only loss coming to the division rival Cowboys.

The spread opened up at -8 which is a bit higher than expected but reasonable considering the media and the public perception of the two teams. We believe the Giants are better than people think and we will find out in London.

Sunday Morning Games

10AM PTRecordHome
Pittsburgh Steelers1–31–1474747
Buffalo Bills3–11–0-14-14-14

14 point spread, OK. Well, who thinks the Bills can beat the Steelers by 2 touchdowns at home? Everybody? OK then.

We can’t say the Steelers have been horrible after their week one victory in Cincinnati but we can’t say they’ve been any good either. They just lost to the Jets and now get a big upgrade in competition traveling to Buffalo and playing the 3–1 Bills.

We probably don’t have to explain to you how deadly Bills offense is and they definitely have potential to blow the Steelers out in this game. Steelers coached by Mike Tomlin are always going to play very tough and disciplined football. They have heart and resiliency so you can never really count them out but it probably still won’t be enough against these talented Bills.

The talent disparity in every position is just too much. The only thing the Steelers can hope for is that everybody and their mom bets the Bills and it would be in Vegas best interest for the Steelers to cover.

Exactly that might happen. let’s watch this line movement and notice how the media serves up this game.

10AM PTRecordHome
 Los Angeles Chargers 2–21–1-3-3-3
Cleveland Browns 2–21–148.547.548.5

Two playoff contenders face-off in week 5 when .500 teams collide to try to get to 3-2.

One team will have a winning record and one team will have a losing record and the Chargers are favored by three on the road.

The spread is perfect to try to get even money although Chargers will probably get a slight edge. Both teams have looked good and bad at times, and it will be interesting to see which team is ready to take a step forward.

This is an important game for both teams to get rolling in the right direction, who you got?

10AM PTRecordHome
Chicago Bears2–20–2434443
Minnesota Vikings3–12–0-7-7-7

Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings face-off in a NFC North battle.

Chicago is surprising some people but they’re showing to be a pretty good team with a clear identity. They’re going to run the ball and they’re going to slowly bring along Justin Fields trying not to depend on him but use his talent in the right spot. They’re doing a pretty good job so far and it’s obvious he’s going to continue to get better.

The Vikings are going to be a playoff team this year. We fully believe that most people don’t see how good they are, mainly due to the fact that most people don’t believe in Kirk cousins. The thing is, it looks like he has the best receiver in the NFL on his side and he’s going to start looking better and better as their connection grows.

The spread is 7 in favor of the Vikings and we are fully expecting the public to be biting on the points In a division game like this. If this is the case we will be taking a hard look on Minnesota this week.

The spread probably won’t move from the key number and if it does it will give us a big tip on which way to go.

10AM PTRecordHome
Detroit Lions1–30–14746.5 46.5
New England Patriots1–30–1-2.5-3 -3

This one, believe it or not, might be the best game of the day. We think this is going to be a good one. Whoever loses this game is most likely out of the playoffs so early in the season. The nation seems to be rooting for the Lions and now they go to Gillette stadium to play America’s recent favorite Patriots.

The Lions lost a shoot-out to what is supposed to be one of the worst teams in the league but it’s not because lack of effort. Anybody watching can tell they are playing hard for their coach but they just don’t know how to win yet.

This week they play a coach that definitely knows how to win. Patriots are favored by 2.5 and we are expecting even money, but it will be interesting to see where the bets go.

10AM PTRecordHome
 Seattle Seahawks2–21–1 4445.5 45.5
New Orleans Saints 1–3 0–2 -4-5.5 -5.5

We had Seattle finishing last in the NFL this year and even joked around that they are going for the # 1 pick in the draft. Well they’re making it look interesting like we suggested.

They’re 2–2 and have a chance to get on the winning side in New Orleans this Sunday. The Saints have yet to win at home and get their 3rd opportunity in a very winnable game versus Seattle. The Saints are favored by 4 and we’re expecting most people to take the points.

We will be taking a look at the Saints this week, stay tuned for our NFL picks against the spread that comes out every Wednesday. Some picks aren’t made until Saturday so stay updated throughout the week.

10AM PTRecordHome
Miami Dolphins 3–1 1–1-3-3
New York Jets 2–2 0–2 44.5 44.5

The sportsbooks didn’t have much of a choice here, -3 seems like the perfect line. Miami will probably still get the majority of the bets but that would’ve been the case with any reasonable line versus the Jets.

The Jets will try to get their first win in MetLife Stadium this year against Miami who will be playing without Tua.

Teddy Bear Bridgewater will get the start and he looked pretty good when he came in against the Bengals on Thursday night. He completed 14 of 23 passes for 193 yards, threw a touchdown pass but also had one interception.

We can expect this to be a tough division game and we usually do like spots where the back up quarterback is playing the first game on a good team. The Dolphins definitely qualify as a good team so we will be taking a heavy look at the Dolphins this week.

Just keep in mind though that the Jets aren’t as bad as you might think. The two losses are to the AFC defending champions and a Super Bowl contender in the Baltimore Ravens. The two wins have come against Cleveland and Pittsburgh. So both their losses were two elite teams and both their wins were to middle of the pack teams.

The question is Miami just good or are they middle of the pack, especially without Tua.

10AM PTRecordHome
Atlanta Falcons 2–2 1–148.548.548.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2–2 0–2-9-9-9

We love these division matchups because they’re usually pretty close games and Las Vegas usually tries to manipulate the lines somehow. If we can catch where they want it going, we’re going to win more times than not.

Vegas did give a little back last week in week 4 so we always have to be careful. The line opened up about -9 which is about right. Hopefully people bet Atlanta here because we really like the spot for the winless home team to cover the nine points.

The Tom Brady haters would love to take the Falcons and the nine points here. This one will be one to watch what Vegas does and how they react.

10AM PTRecordHome
Tennessee Titans 2–2 1–1-2.5-3-2.5
Washington commanders 1–3 1–142.542.542.5

The Commanders are going to need this one if they want to stay in the mix in the NFC East.

The Titans are coming off a nice win in Indianapolis and the week before as well at home versus the Raiders. They started off 0–2 and now have a chance to be 3–2 and the first place in the AFC south before their game against the Colts for the 2nd time.

The Commanders just lost 3 games in a row after winning their home opener against the Jags. A loss against the Titans would put them in a massive hole where we believe they will be.

This line is probably going to move towards the Titans, we can’t imagine people rushing to bet Washington right now. If the line stays on the key number with everybody betting Tennessee then we might smell some mafia cooking with the commanders.

10AM PTRecordHome
Houston Texans0-3–1 0–2 4444.544
Jacksonville Jaguars 2–2 1–0 -7-7-7

The Texans are the only winless team left in the NFL and we’re going to be rooting for them until they get their first win. Rooting not betting.

This week it’s against the Jaguars in Jacksonville and just in case you missed the last few weeks that’s not as easy as it sounds.

They lost a season opener to Washington and lost last week to the undefeated Eagles but beat a very good Charger team and what seems like could be a good team in the Colts. They didn’t just beat the Colts they shut them out 24–0.

Can Houston do it?

Sunday Afternoon Games

1:05PM PTRecordHome
 San Francisco 49ers1–20–2-5-5-5
Carolina panthers1–31–2 39.539.5 39.5

We’re riding this Monday morning before the game tonight between the 49ers and the Rams. We believe the 49ers will pick up their second win and come in to Carolina being 2–2. We also expect this line to move up to -7.

If your like us and think 49ers are going to go on a run, then San Francisco -5 at Carolina wouldn’t be a bad small play.

1:25PM PTRecordHome
 Dallas Cowboys3–1 1–04545.5 45
Los Angeles Rams

This is the other contender for game of the day when the Dallas Cowboys go to Sofi Stadium to play the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams play tonight versus the 49ers and we believe they will get their second loss and face the Cowboys at 2–2.

If that happens that would make this Game a little more important for the Rams.

1:25PM PTRecordHome
Philadelphia Eagles 4–02–0-5.5-5-5.5
Arizona Cardinals 2–2 0–2 49.549.5 49.5

And this is the third contender for game of the week in week 5. Undefeated Eagles head to Arizona hoping to be back there again in February for Super Bowl 57.

This time they play the Cardinals who are coming off a tough loss to the Rams. The Cardinals two losses have been to two of the elite teams in the league, the Chiefs and the Rams.

The two wins have come against the Raiders and the Panthers. This game it looks like they’ll be playing another elite team with elite talent at almost every position.

People are starting to realize how good the Eagles are but we believe they still don’t understand how good. The line opened up at 5.5 and we believe it will go down a bit instead of go up to 7.. If that’s the case it’s actually a very good sign for the Cardinals. This game will be one of the more highly bet games of the week and we can definitely expect to find some angle in this game.

In other words we’re going to most likely have action on this game.

Las Vegas NFL Odds

We didn’t have a great week in week 4 so let’s see what we can do this week.

There is a few we will have to continue to watch and we will be updating on Picks Against the Spread article coming Wednesday and updated until game day.. 

We are having a great season and always looking to get better. 

Take a look at our Daily Picks for the all major sports and every single pick we’ve made before the games this year. The handicapper stats are at the bottom of the page. 

Week 5 Picks Against the Spread

TNF 5:15PM

TimeGame and SpreadO/U
Ind (1-2-1)+3.5 @ Den (2-2) -343.5
NYG (3-1) +8 @ GB (3-1) -841.5
10LAC (2-2) -3 @ CLE (2-2) +348.5
10Pit (1-3) +14 @ Buf (3-1) -1447
10CHI (2-2) +7 @ MIN (3-1) -743
10DET (1-3) +2.5 @ NE (1-3) -2.547
10SEA (2-2) +4 @ NO (1-3) -444
10MIA (3-1) -3 @ NYJ (2-2) +344.5
10ATL (2-2) +9 @ TB (2-2) -948.5
10TEN (2-2) -2.5 @ WSH +2.542.5
10HOU (0-3-1) +7 @ JAX (2-2) -744
1:05SF (1-2) -5 @ CAR (1-3) +539.5
1:25DAL (3-1) +5.5 @ LAR (2-1) -5.545
1:25PHI (4-0) -5.5 @ ARI (2-2) +5.549.5
5:20CIN (2-2) +3 @ BAL (2-2) -348
LV (1-3) +7 @ KC (3-1) -751

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