Let’s check out the NFL odds for week 2.  An early look of what the lines are, public perception, and media hype. We’re here to catch any advantages set up by Las Vegas and online sportsbooks.

The sportsbooks will usually give us a few hints, we just have to know how to read them.

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Thursday Night Football 5:15PM

Los Angeles Chargers (1-0) +3. AT. Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) -3  Prime Video

Chargers +4 At Chiefs -4  O/U 54

Both teams looked really good in week one has the Chargers beat division rival Las Vegas Raiders 24–19 and the Chiefs took care of business on the road in Arizona 44–21. Mahomes looked unstoppable as he threw for five touchdown passes against what was supposed to be a pretty good defense. Another MVP season on the way?

The Chargers had an MVP candidate themselves with young Justin Herbert throw in three touchdown passes and looking like a calm vet. Call Joe definitely comes to mind when watching Justin Herbert play.

A battle between two of the top young quarterbacks in the NFL makes for a perfect primetime football.

Sunday Morning

(The first line was last weeks Las Vegas Line and the second is this weeks. The games with only one line had no line last week)

Carolina Panthers .+1.0 (-110) EVEN  AT   New York Giants -1.0 (-110)  -120  O/U 42.5 (-110) FOX

Car (0-1)  +2  At  NYG (1-0)  -2 O/U 43.5

It feels like most people are hoping and cheering for Baker to do good in Carolina.

Let’s be nice and just say Baker Mayfield did not look good on Sunday. His stats were decent at 16–27 for 235 yards and one touchdown.

The stats don’t tell the story. He was not in control of the offense and did not look very comfortable for most of the game, until the 4th.

Baker had his moments and almost put together a great comeback with 17 points and took the lead late in the fourth quarter. It wasn’t enough, Mayfield’s old team kicked a 58 yard field goal with 8 seconds left to win 26-24.

Baker will try again, this time in New York.

Giants were our biggest play last week and they came through upsetting the Titans. They pulled off a last minute one point victory off of a gutsy two point conversion call.

It was an amazing way to start off the season as a new head coach of the New York Giants for Brian Daboll.The Giants were down 13-0 at halftime and rallied together for a great week 1 victory.

This is a pretty good line for Las Vegas and we are expecting even action on both sides.

Who do you have? You think the Giants can start off 2–0?

So far we’re leaning Giants again.

Indianapolis Colts.-4.5 (-110) -200   AT   Jacksonville Jaguars  +4.5 (-110)  +170  O/U 45.5 (-110) CBS

Ind (0-0-1) -4  At  Jax  (0-1)  +4  O/U 45.5

Colts ended up with a tie against what was supposed to be one of the worst teams in the league in the Texans.

The Jags also lost to another potential bottom tier team in the Commanders. Jacksonville didn’t look that bad and had a chance to win.

They were winning most of the game and Trevor Lawrence had an oppurtunity to be the hero but threw an interception with a minute to go to end their hope.

He’s playing a similar defense this game and might play a little better. On the other side of the ball they made Carson Wentz look like a stud throwing 4 touchdowns. His replacement in Indy might look like the young Matt Ryan on Sunday.

A little more money will come in on the Colts but Las Vegas didn’t have much of a choice so it should be a pretty good line for them again.

Who You Got?

Think Matt Ryan will have a big game?

Miami Dolphins+4.0 (-110) +165 Baltimore Ravens-4.0 (-110) -195  O/U  46.0 (-110)  CBS

Mia (1-0). +3.5  At Bal (1-0)  -3.5  O/U 44.5

This has a chance to be the game of the week. Both teams look very good and both showed stellar defenses. The over under at 44.5 does seem a little high with these two but it did come down from 46.

We’re expecting most betters to take the under on this game.

Talking heads and fans are thinking defensive game here but we’re thinking the exact opposite. We’re going out on a limb and saying this will be a shoot out.

We’ll see.

New York Jets (0-1)  +6.5  At  Cleveland Browns (1-0) -6.5. O/U  40. CBS

This line seems fishy, its making us think.

The Jets one of our big surprise teams and they did not look very good against the Ravens.

They are the Ravens so we get to have a better feel for them this week against the Browns.

It took a while for Cleveland to get going as they looked sloppy in the first quarter but scored 17 points in the second quarter. They held on to beat the Panthers 26–24 thanks to big 58 yard field goal we mentioned earlier.

Cleveland will be a tough team and nobody will be able to walk all over them this year. They will be a tough out this year but have to play a certain style with Jacoby Brisset.

They can be really good, but if they want to be in the mix when the predator comes back, then they’re going to have to win games like this one.

Cleveland at -6.5 does seem on the low side and fans agree as money is pounding the Browns early. The line hasn’t moved to 7 yet, hmmm.

We suspect when it does move to 7 many sharps will take the touchdown with the Jets. If it moves to 6 that is actually a great sign for the Jets to shock the world.

The Jets were one of our losses from a 7-3 NFL start last week. Let’s see if we can get them right this week.

Who do you have?

Most of the money is coming in on Cleveland and the line hasn’t gone to the key number yet.
Is Las Vegas trying to tell us something here?

New England Patriots -1.5 (-110) -125   AT  Pittsburgh Steelers +1.5 (-110) +105  O/U 42.5 (-110) CBS

NE (0-1)  -2. At  Pit (1-0)  +2  O/U 40

This line sticks out to us right away. These aren’t the old New England Patriots. Why are they -2 favored against Pittsburgh at home.

Well Pittsburgh might not be the old Pittsburgh either, but they might just be. Looks like it so far.

Pittsburgh played a tough game on Sunday and beat the AFC champions in Cincinnati. This is another team that no one will be walking over this year despite being less talented than most teams. Same ole’ Steelers in that sense.

If Las Vegas wanted even money they probably would’ve put this game at pick em.

Most of the money is coming in on the Steelers to start but we are expecting some sharp money to come in on the Patriots that will move this line to -3.

This looks like a good sign for the Patriots because Las Vegas might be setting up an advantage here here.

Let’s keep a close eye on the line. Also pay attention to the media on this game and notice if they try to lean the public one way. This will be the highlight game for CBS in the morning.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3.0 (EVEN) -165    AT  New Orleans Saints +3.0 (-120) +140  O/U 47.0 FOX

TB (1-0)  -2.5  At  NO (1-0)  +2.5  O/U 44

The Buccaneers are our Super Bowl pick and they didn’t disappoint in week one. Brady looked like Brady and the defense looked like they could be a real force this year.

The Saints got a victory 27–26 in Atlanta. Jameis Winston played how he needs to play if New Orleans is going to make some noise this year. Atlanta might play some teams tough this year but we’ll see how many games they can win.

Tampa Bay -3 does seem a little high but at the same time they’re going to get action regardless of the spread. It would be in Vegas’ benefit for it to stay at -3.

Washington Commanders  PK (-110)   AT  Detroit Lions  PK (-110)  O/U 45.0 (-110)  FOX

Wsh +1.5   AT  Det -1.5 O/U 48.5

Is the entire nation rooting for the Lions this year?

It feels like the Lions have gained America’s heart and everyone’s pulling for them this year.

They lost in what was almost an incredible come back against the Eagles 38–35. They face a less talented team, but a tough team in Washington.

Detroit will get the casual batters action but they might get some sharp action coming in on them from now on.

We will probably see some line movement on this game but since its under the key number it won’t matter much.

Sunday Afternoon

1:05PM Atlanta Falcons +13.5 (-110) +600 AT  Los Angeles Rams -13.5 (-110)  -950  O/U 48.0 (-110) FOX

Atl (0-1)  +10.5. At  LAR (0-1)  -10.5  O/U 46.5

Seattle Seahawks +9 (-110)-430 AT  San Francisco 49ers -9.0 (-110)  +320  O/U 43.5 (-110) FOX

Sea (1-0) +8.5. At  SF (0-1) -8.5   O/U 41.5

Arizona Cardinals +2.5 (-110) +120 AT Las Vegas Raiders-2.5  (-110) -140  O/U 51.0 (-110)   CBS

Ari (0-1) +5.5 At  LV (0-1) -5.5  O/U 51.5.

Cincinnati Bengals+2.5 (-110) +110  AT  Dallas Cowboys -2.5 (-110)  -130  O/U 51.0 (-110) CBS

Cin (0-1) -7.5  at  Dal (0-1) +7.5. O/U 41,5

Houston Texans +10.5 (-110) +420  AT   Denver Broncos -10.5 (-110) -605  O/U 42.5 (-110)  CBS

Hou (0-0-1) +10  At  Den (0-1)  -10  O/U 45

Sunday Night

Chicago Bears +10 (-110) +350  AT  Green Bay Packers-10.0 (-110) -480  O/U 45.5 (-110)  NBC

Chi (1-0) +10  At  GB (0-1) -10  O/U 42

Monday Night

Tennessee Titans +7.5 (-110) +280 Buffalo Bills -7.5 (-110) -360 O/U 51.0 (-110)   ESPN/ESPN2

Ten (0-1) +10  At  Buf (1-0) -10

Minnesota Vikings +2.5 (-110) +115 AT Philadelphia Eagles -2.5 (-110)  -135 O/U 47.5 (-110)  ABC/ESPN+

Min )1-0)  +2  At. Phi (1-0)  -2

Let us know your favorite picks for the morning games. We will post shortly our afternoon game write-up.

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