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A preview of NFL matchups and the sportsbook odds for week 3 of the NFL. We are having a great season and week 3 has some very good investment spots for us.

It was an exciting week 2 of the NFL with tons of action and suprises. 9 of the 16 games in week 2 were decided by 7 points or less.
Las Vegas had a really good week as usual. The highest bet game of the week was the Benglas -7 vs the Cowboys and Dallas got the win straight out. Las Vegas cashed big on this one!
The sportsbooks also did well thanks to big upsets by Jacksonville, Miami and Arizona.

When the public has a bad day, what do they do?

They chase.
That’s what the public did for the 3 Prime Time games. All home team favorites covered when the majority took the points.

Well done Vegas, and well done to us who followed Vegas. Let’s see if we can do it again, but first we will list the odds from last week and this week and see what investment spots we have available.

Lets dive in to week 3 of the NFL.

Thursday Night Football

5:15 PT
Pittsburgh Steelers +3.5 (-115) ML+145  At  Cleveland Browns -3.5 (-105) ML-170  O/U 40.5

Pitt +4.5 (1-1)  At  Cle -4.5 (1-1)  O/U 38.5. Prime Video

Gematria Pick For Thursday Night Football by Al Covers!

These division games are always tough in this game we can expect the same. This game will be a low-scoring game but it will be interesting to see who takes the early division lead.

Both teams are coming of close disappointing losses to make them 1–1 for the season. This one should be ugly, low scoring and a defensive game, but still fun.

Cleveland is expecting to get 19MPH winds so an ugly game is what we’re most likely in for. There are still some 39’s available if you like the under.

The money is on the Steelers and the points but the line is adjusting appropiately so no crazy line read or big advantage here.

Ugly weather, ugly game, ugly teams, go with your gut and go small. Set up a 2 or 3 team parlay paired with a team your going to bet anyway. Just a small portion to increase your odds and set up some free roll opportunities this weekend.

We recommend the Chargers and the Vikings money line paired with your winner tonight.

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Sunday Morning

Houston Texans +3 (-110)  ML+135  At  Chicago Bears -3 (-110) ML-160  O/U 39

Hou (0-1-1) +2.5 At Chi (1-1)  -2.5 O/U 40 CBS

Value veterans (players) are going to like Chicago at home. The advanced spread from last week was -3 and due to last weeks results it slightly moved down to 2.5.

We expected a little more action to come in on Chicago and Las Vegas seemed to give a little nudge to bet Chicago by making it -2.5. The value better will be running to the ticket window to make a move on Chicago ,but we might have to make an ugly pick on this one, let’s wait until closer to game time.

Detroit Lions +7.5 (-110)  ML+270  At  Minnesota Vikings -7.5 (-110) -340. O/U 50
Det (1-1) +6  At Min (1-1) -6

Division game and everybody loving the Lions. Is +6 against the Minnesota Vikings really necessary?

Guess it’s better than 7.5, what it was last week.

Las Vegas probably could’ve got even action at Minnesota -4 or 5 but putting it at 6 fdrom 7 makes us think a little bit.

It seems like they know what they’re doing per usual because most action is on the new American favorite Lions.

The new fan favorite is getting almost a touchdown against a team that looked horrible on Monday Night Football for everybody to see.

We’re going to take the Vikings on this one, this has clearly been manipulated by Las Vegas for the action to go one way. Rolling with them on this one for sure.

This one would be a good one to throw in a small parlay with whatever team  you’re already betting Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Just a small portion to set up free money on Sunday.

Parlays are for suckers yes, but this is how the pros take back a little bit of the odds from Vegas. Just the games we’re going to bet anyway, it smart.

We understand the players that never do parlays because they are sucker bets, but if you never do parlays then you are selling yourself short with games and situations like this.

Who’s free money do you want to take on this one?

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Buffalo Bills -4.5 (-110) ML-200  At  Miami Dolphins +4.5 (-110) ML+170. O/U 50
Buf -6 At Miami +6 O/U 52

This game is very interesting. The line was at -6 last week and dropped down to -4.5 this week, most likely based on Miami’s incredible comeback against the Ravens.

The Bills are coming off a short week and they do have lots of injuries especially on the defensive side of the ball. They could be without two cornerbacks which is horrific timing.

Tyreek Hill and Jalen waddle are blicking thier chops, they could be in for a big day.

Most of the money is on buffalo but not as much as we would’ve thought. The injury news from Buffalo and Miami’s second-half explosion is halting some action on Buffalo as of now.

We expect that to pick up soon. We’ll see what the line does closer to the game time.

Cincinnati Bengals -6.(-110) ML-250  At  New York Jets +6 (-110) ML+210. O/U 43
Cin (0-2) -5 At NYJ (1-1) +5  O/U 45

OK, what’s going on here?

The line is moved down to 4.5 in some sportsbooks already and it’s all very confusing line.

Let’s get this right,  last week the Bengals were -7 against Dallas. Ok got it.

This week they’re -4.5 against the New York Jets.  Ummm why?

Most people think the Jets are one of the worst teams in the league and the AFC champions are favored by less than a touchdown against them.

Free Money everybody! Bet Bengals! Right?


This will be one of the highest bets of the week and we can just watch everyone running to the windows and rushing to their phones to bet this game.

We smell Mafia!. We can either take the line now because it’ll probably go down, put it in a couple small parlays and just wait for the single play as we get closer to Sunday.

Right now we will have to side with Vegas because they obviously have a clear side they’re rooting for here. Let’s root with them.

Let’s go Jets!!!

Baltimore Ravens -3 (-110) ML-160  At  New England Patriots +3 (-110) +135. O/U 43

Bal (1-1) -3 At NE (1-1) O/U 43.5

John Harbaugh vs Bill Belichick.
Most of the money is coming in on the Ravens. Absolutely no line movement whatsoever, seems like Vegas is pretty happy with this line the way it is.

Sportsbooks probably couldn’t have got away with too many more points, but maybe a little adjustment with all the action  on Baltimore. Nothing.

It is one of the highest bet games so far this week. Nobody seems to believe in the Patriots anymore.

This game will have more passing than people realize right now. Both teams like to concentrate on stopping the run first. We expect a semi shoot out when most people are expecting a defensive show.

Early in the week we like the over on this game. This will be one of our games that we put in a small parlay paired with teams that we’re gonna end up betting anyway. For example, Browns, Chargers and Vikings money lines.

It’s the smart way to do it, a small portion of your first bet coupled with teams you know you will take later anyway.

Take a look at the over and see if you agree with us also before you join everybody and bet the Ravens. We have a small lean on the patriots, and we like the over.

Las Vegas Raiders PK (-110) ML-110  At  Tennessee Titans PK (-110)  O/U 47

LV (0-2) -2 At  TEN (0-2) +2 O/U 45.5

Two winless teams that need a win very badly.

Tennessee will play on the short week with a couple injuries on the offensive line which is horrible timing.

The Raiders have a fierce pass rush and Tennessee’s in for a long night.

This game has even action and that shouldn’t change but the line might which might give us a tip.

Let’s wait and see.

New Orleans Saints -2.5 (-110) ML-140. At  Carolina Panthers +2.5 (-110). ML+120. O/U 42.5

NO (1-1) -3 At CAR (0-2) +3 O/U 40.5

It’s surprising that the public money is on the Panthers +3 at home. Not many seem to believe in Jameis Winston especially now that he’s having back issues.

This game is going to be a fun division game that should be very low scoring. We’re going to take a heavy look at the under 40.5, and might settle on the original number of 42.

That’s why it’s always good to have sports books that give you alternate lines or let you buy points.

There are plenty of times when it is necessary to get alternate lines or by points. Anybody that says you should never buy points doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

If you want to keep on playing the Las Vegas game then go ahead. Here with us, we get the lines and the values we want.

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Philadelphia Eagles -3 (-110)  ML-165  At. Washington Commanders +3 (-110) ML+140. O/U 50
PHI (2-0) -6.5  At WSH (1-1) +6.5

Well, if you read the look ahead article last week then you saw the Philadelphia -3 was a very good play. We have a few parlays alive from that pick and have a chance to play both sides now that Washington is +6.5.

We could go to Bovada and get +7 points for Washington and still have Philadelphia -3. This is why you always look ahead and anticipate games like this. Good job to AlCovers for this catch.

Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) -5.5  At  Indianapolis Colts (0-1-1) +5.5  O/U 50.5

Who’s not loving the Chiefs here?

Everybody and their mom are taking the Chiefs in this spot.

With so much action on the Chiefs and the line moving down tells us the sharps and the oddsmakers will be the only ones rooting for the Colts. Besides the horseshoe crew that is.

Call us crazy but We’re going Colts and the points. Waiting to see if we can get 7 from 6 at Bovada.

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Afternoon Games

1:05PM PT

Jacksonville Jaguars NL  At  Los Angeles Chargers NL CBS

JAX (1-1) +7  At LAC (1-1) -7 O/U 47

1:25PM PT
Atlanta Falcons +3 (-110) ML+145  At  Seattle Seahawks -3 (-110) ML-170  O/U 42.5  FOX 
ATL (0-2) PK. At. SEA (1-1) PK O/U 42

Green Bay Packers +3 (Even)  ML+140  At. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3 (-120)  ML-165. O/U 48. FOX

GB (1-1) +1  At TB (2-0) -1 O/U 42

Los Angeles Rams -4.5 (-110) ML-210  At. Arizona Cardinals +4.5 (-110) ML+175. O/U 51.5. FOX

LAR (1-1) -3.5  At  ARI (1-1)

Sunday Night Football


San Francisco 49ers +3 (-120) ML+130  At  Denver Broncos -3 (EV) ML-150. O/U 45.5. NBC

SF (1-1) -1.5  At  DEN (1-1) +1.5 O/U 45

Monday Night Football

5:30 PM PT

Dallas Cowboys +4 (-105) ML+165  At  New York Giants -4 (-115) ML-195  O/U 40.5. ABC/ESPN

DAL (1-1) +1. At  NYG (2-0) -1 O/U 39

5:15 ESPN/ABC/ESPN+LineO/UOpenActionML
Dallas Cowboys 1-1+139+358%-105
New York Giants 2-0-139-342%-115
5:15PM ESPN/ ABC/ ESPN+ Pick: Dallas Cowboys -105

There might be more money on the Giants than we know. The sharps seem to be on the Giants and the public is slightly on the Cowboys.

News flash, Cooper Rush is not that bad. Neither is Daniel Jones.

Dallas has won 9 of the last 10 and will have to do it This might sound obvious but the qaurterback that plays the best tonight will get the win.

MetLife Stadium will be rocking tonight as the fans can taste 3-0. The Giants havn’t started 3-0 since 2016 and a win against division rival Cowboys will keep them at pace with the undefeated Eagles.

There are only 2 undefeated teams so far, the Dolphins and the Eagles. We saw the Eagles beat down Minnesota last Monday and get to watch the Dolphins on prime time Thursday night.

Can the New York Giants be the 3rd?

Final Thoughts

Plays of the week are the Dolphins upsetting the Bills. Falcons getting first win of the season vs Seattle. Then the other big play is the last game of the week on Monday Night Football.

We believe Cooper Rush will lead the Cowboys to a win and they might get hot.

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  1. I am not the biggest football fan, but man this year has already turned out to be an exciting season.  I loved watching the Jets game the other night as they scored at the last minute and watching my beloved cardinals come back at the end of the game was exhilarating.  I may have to put some money down this year, but Arizona teams usually disappoint.  However, if the season keeps on going as it has been, it will be an interesting one to watch, and maybe I will actually win a bet!  Go Cardinals!!! Thanks for this information, I have bookmarked your site in case I decide to whip out my wallet this week. 

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