Let’s get ready for some football! We’ll preview the odds, line movement, public money, and potential investments we might have. Heres all the NFL games this week.

NFL Picks Against the Spread- Week 4 Thursday Night Pick and Sunday Morning Games

NFL Predictions- Week 4 Sunday Afternoon, Sunday Night and Monday Night Football

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Thursday Night Football

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5:15 PT Prime VideoLineMonO/UOpenActionML
Mia Dolphins 3-0+3.5+3.547.5+2.553%+150
Cincinnati Bengals 1-2-3.5-3.547.5-2.547%-185
Prime Video. Lean: Bengals

Miami Dolphins baby! We know it’s only 3 games but the three teams they’ve faced have been quality teams.

They started off with the Patriots and handled them rather easily 20-7.

Then went on the road to Baltimore to face the MVP candidate Lamar Jackson and his Baltimore Ravens. It was a terrible start and Dolphins were down 28-7 at halftime.

They made an incredible comeback to win 42-38 and it showed what Tua can do with 4 or 5 serious weapons.

If thats not impressive than check out last weeks narrow victory over Super bowl favorites Buffalo Bills 21-19 where they showed off their defense. Miami might be a problem.

As for the Cincinnati Bengals they will try to be the 31st team since the 12 playoff teams begun in 1990 to start off 0-2 and still make the playoffs.

Two tough losses to Pittsburgh in overtime and Dallas 20-17 in week 2 will have the Bengals climbing up hill for now.

They got a win last week vs the Jets and try to get to .500 after playing Miami on Thursday night. Then we will see them for Sunday Night Football when they go to Baltimore to face the tough Raven team.

This feels like a must win already for the Bengals.

London Game

6:30 NFL NetworkLineMonO/UOpenActionML
Minnesota Vikings 2-1-3-2.544-376%-145
New Orleans Saints 1-2+3+2.544+324%+120
Lean: Vikings

Minnesota looked good against a tough Packer team opening week and followed by getting manhandled by the Eagles 24-7.

A slow start didn’t stop them from getting the 2nd win of the season. They needed a great comeback down 24-14 going in to the 4th quarter.

That’s exactly what they got when Kirk Cousins connected with K.J. Osborn on a 28 yard touchdown pass with 45 seconds remaining.

Now they make the trip to London and play the Saints. New Orleans should have more fans at Tottemham Hotspur Stadium and they probably will continue to get even more action than the Vikings.

The Saints have also looked both good and bad through the first 3 games but they are 1-2 to show for it.

They barely beat what is supposed to be one of the worst teams in the leage in week 1. Then lost to one of the best teams in Tampa although with some crucial injuries.

We will find out much more about the Saints this week and we have a feeling it won’t be good.

Who’s got the Saints? Who Dat?

Sunday Morning

10AM PTOpenMonFriLineO/UActionML
Washington Commanders 1-2 (0-1 Away) 42.5+341.5+342.530%+140
Dallas Cowboys 2-1 (1-1 Home)-3-3-3-342.570%-154
Lean: Washington but wait for more points

These Teams hate each other which is always fun!

Evenly matched teams with a fair line and should get even action.

10AM PTOpenMonFriLineO/UActionML
Cleveland Browns 2-1 (0-1 Away)-3-2.5-1-2.54860%-120
Atlanta Falcons 1-2 (0-1 Home)46.54847.5+2.54840%+112
Lean: Browns are a much better team.

Falcons got on the win column last week and that might be it for a couple of weeks. They have some tough games coming up nand just don’t have enough to keep up.

Cleveland looks good as a team and it appears like they like each other again. They have an identity which is a huge strength this early in the season.

While everybody is trying to figure themselves out, the Cleveland Browns know exactly who they are and what they have to do.

If we can get anywhere around even action between these two teams then Cleveland might be in for a blowout win.

10AM OpenMonFriLineO/UActionML
Seattle Seahawks 1-2 (0-1 Away)49.550+3.5+6.55055%+225
Detroit Lions 1-2 (1-1 Home)-6-6.5-3.5-6.55045%-244
Lean: Lions

Detroit should be able to pick up another win here. The Lions have become the Nation’s darling team and the sportsbooks have adjusted because of it.

Seattle is going to try to make it look good this year but the truth is they want that #1 pick. Last week was the battle for #1 when they played the Falcons and lost. Or won.

The Lions on the other hand are trying with all their might for their head coach. Can they cover the 6?

Friday Update= A few injuries for Detroit and Sharps are on the Seahawks big! We are convinced they just don’t understand Seattle is trying to get the #1 pick.

10AM OpenMonFriLineO/UAction
Tennessee Titans 1-2 (0-1 Away)43.542.5+3+3.542.560%
Indianapolis Colts 1-1-1 (1-0 Home)-3.5-3.5-3-3.542.540%
Lean: Colts -3.5

Which Colts team is going to show up?

If the defensive monsters show up then Matt Ryan becomes hard to beat. Titans regressed quite a bit from the last couple of years but they have not lost their toughness.

Colts are the better team but lets see if Titans can fight and beat a team that hasn’t really figured it out yet.

10AM OpenMonFriLineO/UAction
Chicago Bears 2-1 (0-1 Away)+339.5+339.539.554%
New York Giants 2-0 (1-0 Home)-3-3_3-339.546%
Lean: Giants

We have the Giants losing on Monday Night but if they come in 3-0 then the Giants will have an extra pep in their step at MetLife.

The Bears are good enough to beat any middle of the pack or bottom tier team and we don’t know which one the Giants are yet.

Yes, you read that right, Giants might be good enough to be there towards the end.

10AM OpenMonFriLineO/UActionML
Jacksonville Jaguars 2-1 (1-1 Away)47.548.545.548.548.556%+240
Philadelphia Eagles 3-0 (1-0 Home)-7-6.5-6.5-6.548.544%-303
Lean: Jaguars do it again?

The hype is all over the Eagles. Fly Eagles Fly!

Right now they’re whispers but a couple more wins and it won’t be so quite. Jalen Hurts has made huge progress and talent wise should have no probem putting the Jags away.

10AM OpenMonFriLineO/UActionML
New York Jets 1-2 (1-0 Away)41.541.53.5+3.541.530%+150
Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2 (0-1 Home)-3.5-3.5-3.5-3.541.570%-185
Lean: Jets again, uh-oh.

Please let’s not make a habit out of picking the Jets. We have picked them all 3 times and they covered twice but a 4th time is not fun.

It’s been a long time since betting the Jets is a comfortable feeling. Trust me, if you bet the Jets you are cold as ice as you should be when sports investing.

10AM OpenMonFriLineO/UActionML
Buffalo Bills 2-1 (1-1 Away)-3-3.5-3-3.55245%-189
Baltimore Ravens 2-1 (0-1 Away) 53.552+3+3.55155%+155
Lean: Bills

Leaning Under.

Everybody loves the over. We think both defenses show up and the Ravens suceed at contolling the time of possession.

We believe they end up controlling the clock but the Bills still find a way to win.

10AM OpenMonFriLineO/UAction
Los Angeles Chargers 1-2 (0-1 Away)-6.5-5.5-5-5.544.560%
Houston Texans 0-2 (1-0 Home)46.544.5+5+5.544.540%
Lean: Chargers

The Chargers seem like the easy play here so we’ll see how the public reacts. The Justin Herbert injury status will play a factor but line ,movement on this game should be able to give us a big tip.

If Justin Herbert is healthy then not many people will hesitate on this pick. We are expecting the media to work their magic on this game and control the narrative how they want.

This should be a game where we can side with Vegas so let’s see what happens throughout the week.

1:05PM PTOpenMonFriLineO/UAction
Arizona Cardinals 1-2 (1-0 Away)44.54543.5454581%
Carolina Panthers 1-2 (1-1 Home)-1.5-1.5-1-1.54519%

Cardinals have lost to the Chiefs and the Rams and its safe to say the Panthers are a step down in competition. Baker looke a little more comfortable in week 3 against a pretty good defense.

Beating the Saints might have gave them the confidence they were lacking the first two weeks. Panthers have shown the ability to stop people here and there and will see if they can slow down Kyler Murray.

1:25PM PT PTOpenMonFriLineO/UAction
New England Patriots 1-2 (1-1 Away)42.540.5+9.540.540.542%
Green Bay Packers 2-1 (1-0 Home)-10-10.5-9.5-10.540.558%
Lean on Packers

Packers -10 huh? Was that really necessary?

The Las Vegas odds makers could’ve got away with 7 or 8 but chose 10. The Packers might still get the heavy action making it possible its an honest heavy adjustment towards both teams.

If Las Vegas believed in the Patriots in this spot then they missed a real opportunity to gain some points and some juice.

-7 is somewhat understandable and the Packers would have been hammered by the bettors. Instead, we have -10 and will keep a close eye on the publics reaction and the sportsbooks line movement.

1:25PM PTOpenMonFriLineO/UAction
Denver Broncos 2-1 (0-1 Away)4444.545+244.534%
Las Vegas Raiders 0-3 (0-1 Home)-2-2-2.5-244.566%
Lean on Raiders

Raiders did not play their best but one of the worst teams they most certainly are not. They can play and its safe to assume they will give it everything they have against the division rival to avoid going 0-4.

Raiders at -2 suggests Las Vegas is predicting the public to bet Raiders but maybe some heavy action coming in on the Broncos. It would be a good sign for the Raiders if the line moved to 3.

Sunday Night Football

5:20PM PTOpenMonFriLineO/UAction
Kansas City Chiefs 2-1 (1-1 Away)-2.5-2.5PK-2.544.571%%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1 (0-1 Home)46.544.546+2.544.529%%
Lean on TB

This should be the game of the day. Sunday Night Football is must see TV this week.

Two of the top Super Bowl favorites battle it out early in the season in Florida.

It will be interesting to see which team gets the most bets by game time. Most likely the Chiefs get slightly more but it will be close.

Monday Night Football

5:15PM PTOpenMonFriLineO/UAction
Los Angeles Rams 2-1 (1-0 Away)4442.542.5+2.542.572%
San Francisco 49ers 1-2 (1-0 Home)-2-2.5-1.5-2.542.528%
Lean on 49ers

Week 4 has plenty of great matchups and this division rivarlry is a great way to close out the week.

Rams and Niners. Most bettors are going to be chasing this game and its set up perfectly.

The way this game is set up lets us believe there will be some heavy upsets this week and Vegas could clean up house with a 49er victory.

We have a heavy lean on the Niners and its because of the line read. We’ll see what the line does now but watch for it to go to 3 and settle there.

Leave a comment down below and tell us your pucks this week.

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