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Here we go! Are you ready for some football!? Week 1 NFL!

Let’s get some action going for the NFL games today. Always start off careful in week 1, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Also, take free money given to you by these sportsbooks trying to earn your business before the year.

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Joining Las Vegas

House money is what we’re looking for and it never hurts to side with Vegas.  Week 1 is impossible to pick the winners without spending training camp with the teams. We are not going to try to predict these games. Nope, not happening.

We are going to side with Vegas where we can. There will be certain games that Vegas will manipulate to get a little more action. If we notice a game like that we are joining Las Vegas odds makers and the sportsbooks. 

We will not fight them, we will join them. That’s how we roll, want to join us?

We started off the year in College Football 13-3-1 after two weeks. NFL is what we are here to do so let’s get to it.

If your curious about Al Covers and Gematria then stay tuned, he will post his preview of a few games. The Gematria posts will start Tuesday. Here is the Thursday Night game he did in Gematria. Article by Al Covers Bills vs Rams Gematria- Play Bills-2.5.

Morning Games


Pittsburgh Steelers +6.5 (-110)  +220  AT  Cincinnati Bengals -6.5 (-110) -270  O/U 44.0 (-110)

Joe Burrow was rumored to be injured early in the week. Word is that he is completely healthy. Most people would pick the Bengals to win by a touchdown. Not many are expecting too much from the Steelers. Don’t count them out so easily.

Indianapolis Colts -7 (-110) -380   AT   Houston Texans +7 (-110) +290  O/U 46.05(-110) 

The line came down from 8 to 7 and most of the action on Colts. Not by much but obviously not many fans think too highly of the Texans this year.  

 Jacksonville Jaguars +3.0 (-110) +125   AT  Washington Commanders -3.0 (-110) -145  O/U 44.0 (-110) 

Two young teams that are trying to make a big leap this year meet up for the season opener. A little more action on the Commanders but understandable why it hasn’t moved from the kety number. The Jags look good in this spot. Anybody agree?

New England Patriots +3.5 (-110) +155  AT   Miami Dolphins -3.5(-110) -180 O/U 47.0 (-110) 

Division rivalry game right off the bat should be a good one.  Dolphins are looking to be explosive and Patriots are looking to keep it ugly.  Even action coming slightly more on Dolphins.

New Orleans Saints- 5.5 (-110) -230  AT   Atlanta Falcons +5.5 (-110) +190 O/U 42.5 (-110) 

Another division rivalry. As you can imagine it’s hard for people to put money on the Falcons. Falcons linebackers are the weak spot and Alvin Kamara is licking his chops.

San Francisco 49ers-7.0 (-105) -300  AT   Chicago Bears +7.0 (-115)  +250  O/U 41.5 (-110) 

49ers have a few key injuries on the defensive side. The number has stayed at the key number all week and Vegas did a perfect job of getting even money all week. Let’s see who you have on this one.

Most Action Bet Games in the Morning

These are the highest 3 bet games of the morning as of Saturday night.

Philadelphia Eagles -5(-110)  -220   AT   Detroit Lions+5(-110) +180  O/U 48.5 (-110)  

Watch out for the Eagles this year. People are saying the Lions are going to be good this year and they will get over the 6.5 wins that Vegas odds makers have set. 

Vegas keeps on giving us hints that Eagles will be flying high this year.

 Baltimore Ravens -7 (-105) -330   New York Jets       +7 (-115) +265 O44.5 (-110)  

Joe Flacco has the start. Everybody is taking the Ravens. The talking heads are saying Jets don’t have a chance. 

The Ravens will be top 3 of the highest bet teams this week. This might be a fun one.

Cleveland Browns +1(-110)  +120  AT  Carolina Panthers -1 (-110) -2.5 (-110)  -140  O/U 42(-110) 

Big line move since Monday from Cleveland -2.5 to +1. Casual bettors and the sharp bettors are in agreement with the Panthers. Baker Mayfield has his chance to beat his old team in the first game with his new team. Many NFL fans will be interested in this one.

After 1st Level

Money management is the key to consistency. No reason to go big on week 1, Just nice and easy. It’s also important to take advantage of the free money sports books are offering before the season. Check these two great specials from Bovada and BetSports.

The second level is an opportunity to put a small percentage bet on a parlay from your first level. So basically if you’re going to bet a team in the afternoon anyway then put a portion of your morning game towards a parlay to increase your moneyline. Let’s see what we have.

Sunday Afternoon Level 2

Green Bay Packers -1.5 (-110)  -125  AT  Minnesota Vikings +1.5 (-110)  +105  O/U 48.0 (-110) 

Heres another division matchup. These are the games to watch for. People might be chasing to get the morning money back and Green Bay looks enticing to most people. 

It looks like Vegas set this one up nicely. Can Minnesota pull out the upset? 

Let’s go Vikings!!!

Kansas City Chiefs.-4.5 (-110) -200  AT   Arizona Cardinals +4.5 (-110) +170  O/U 53.5 (-110) 

Chiefs would’ve received most of the action no matter what the line was. What was Vegas supposed to do? They couldn’t put it at 7 on the road. Chiefs might blow the Cardinals out, let’s see.

Las Vegas Raiders +3.5 (-110) +150   AT  Los Angeles Chargers -3.05(-110) -175  O/U 52.0 (-110) 

Money is coming on Raiders but sharp money pushed the line to 3.5 in most books now. Chargers are going to be a dominant team this year. It will be interesting to see if they barely beat the Raiders or if they destroy them. Either way Chargers start off the year with a win. 

New York Giants+5.5 (-110) +200.  AT  Tennessee Titans+5.5 (-110) -240  O/U 43.5 (-110) 

There are many potential upsets to start the year. This is our big one! We are going out on a limb here, we are sayin Giants will win this first game and a few others.

Sunday Night Level 3

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1.5 (-110) +105    AT   Dallas Cowboys-1.5 (-110) -125  O/U 50.0 (-110) 

This game will probably be the most even bet game of the week. Even action so Vegas wins. This one will be a must watch.

Gematria Sunday Night Football Write-Up.

Monday Night

Denver Broncos -6.5 (-110)-250    AT   Seattle Seahawks +6.5 (-110) +210  O/U 42.0 (-110) 

Russel wilson gets to play his old team right off the bat. The Seahawks should be horrible this year but they might play this first one with everything they have. 

Monday Night Football Gematria Write- Up.

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Free Daily Picks and Handicapper Stats = Every game is posted and documented at the minimum of 30 minutes before game time. It’s very rare our games are posted only 30 minutes before, for football it’s usually at least a day before and MLB is usually in the early morning of game day.

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