We are going to take a quick look at the NFL games for week 2, a week ahead of game time. We have been showing you the first three steps of reading the lines and have gone 8-0 in college football so far. Pretty good start huh?

Saturday’s Picks- 3rd Day 5-0 After 2 Days

Friday’s Picks- 2nd Day 3-0 so far

Thursday- 1st Day NCAAF

There were over 80 games and we chose only 8. Usually there will be more but great start. This article we will be looking ahead a bit. We are here to teach and help, so any questions or comment please leave down below.

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Step 4

Our job here is to simply notice the lines. Maybe take a mental note of the highs and lows of both the spreads and the point totals. Looking for anything that seems obvious.

If you notice something that would be an “easy” or obvious pick for the normal fan, then that would be a game to flag. Flag= we closely watch any line movements for the week..

Maybe we can set up a free roll double dip parlay play for the following week and ideally for the Night games.

Double Dip= a % on parlay of a second game after the first game that you will bet anyway.

Free Roll = best to use in big dog situations to set up an easy line where you could have both sides and gaurantee a win. There are two examples of this in these games so we will learn as we go.

Ok so here we go, let’s also notice the matchups and who they played in week 1. This part of the process shouldn’t take too long as your just observing and taking notes of the numbers that stick out.

Sunday Morning

9/18/22 10 AM

Carolina Panthers.+1.0 (-110) EVEN  AT   New York Giants -1.0 (-110)  -120  O/U 42.5 (-110)

Carolina is 1.5 favorites at home versus Jacoby Brissett led Browns team. The Giants are 5.5 dogs at Tennessee. What do you think Vegas is telling us here?

Maybe, they’re setting up a Browns loss to Carolina or possibly preparing for a Giants big upset at Tennessee. Maybe both. if the Giants lose it probably wouldn’t affect the line that much for this game. If the Giants win it will affect the line.

The Panther-Brown game shouldn’t affect this line unless it’s a blowout in either direction.  We might find out right away if Giants are a bottom tier team or not. Either way the line is going to stay under the key number unless the Giants show out in Tennessee, which might happen. We will be keeping our eye on the Giants to start the year better than people expect.

Indianapolis Colts.-4.5 (-110) -200   AT   Jacksonville Jaguars  +4.5 (-110)  +170  O/U 45.5 (-110)

Colts are favored on the road at -7 against Houston who is supposed to be one of the worst teams in the league. Jacksonville is supposed to be a bottom tier team again and they are 2.5 dogs in Washington.

This game will be heavily affected by the week one results. Jacksonville might suprise people in Washington and Texans might play the Colts tough.

Miami Dolphins+4.0 (-110) +165 Baltimore Ravens-4.0 (-110) -195  O/U  46.0 (-110)

Miami is a 3.5 favorite at home versus the Patriots and +4 here on the road against the Ravens.

Baltimore is -7 on the road against the Jets. We know there are gonna be some surprises in the week one and we have a strong feeling this line will change.

New England Patriots -1.5 (-110) -125   AT  Pittsburgh Steelers +1.5 (-110) +105  O/U 42.5 (-110)

Yes this line seems right. This line might be telling us something about these Patriots.

Tampa Bay -3.0 (EVEN) -165    AT  New Orleans +3.0 (-120) +140  O/U 47.0

Not much to do on this line Tampa Bay -3 is most likely where it will stay.

Washington PK (-110)    AT    Detroit PK (-110)  O/U 45.

This line might change depending on what happens in week one. Washington play the Jags and Detroit has the Eagles. If you like one team for week one you might have an opportunity to build value or get a free roll for a week two.

If this is your play then one of the very few sportsbooks that have the lines up for week 2 and allow you to parlay them is Bovada. We strongly reccommend Bovada as a backup line if not a primary line.

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Sunday Afternoon

Atlanta Falcons +13.5 (-110) +600 AT  Los Angeles Rams -13.5 (-110)  -950  O/U 48.0 (-110)

Okay, here come our big lines. Well we can’t see the line getting too much higher than this. Right?

Seems like Vegas is preparing for a Saints blowout of the Falcons. If you like Atlanta to  play tough against the Saints in week one then you might have a value play with +14.

Heres another one where Bovada will come in handy because the line will move drastically depending on what happens to them in a game where they are 5.5 dogs then move up to 14 versus the champs. We have to take a closer look at the Saints-Falcons game.

Seattle Seahawks +9 (-110)-430AT  San Francisco 49ers -9.0 (-110)  +320  O/U 43.5 (-110) 

Well Vegas seems to think that San Francisco’s going to have a good showing in week 1 against the Bears. Or maybe they think Seattle’s gonna stink up the joint against the Broncos on Monday Night Football.

Arizona Cardinals +2.5 (-110) +120  AT  Las Vegas Raiders -2.5 (-110)  -140  O51.0 (-110)

This game seems about right expect this game to settle at the key number and stay there throughout.

Cincinnati Bengals+2.5 (-110) +110  AT  Dallas Cowboys -2.5 (-110)  -130  O/U 51.0 (-110)

Las Vegas sports books are telling us these are two heavy weights of the NFL. Heavy juice on the cowboys which means the line will go to three soon. We can most likely expect even action on this game so it should stay at -3.

Houston Texans +10.5 (-110) +420  AT   Denver Broncos -10.5 (-110) -605  O/U 42.5 (-110)

Well, if you think Houston can upset the Colts or even make it a close game then you might want to think about +11 here for a week too. That might give us a tip for a Colts blowout in game 1.

Broncos play on Monday night and they should get by Seattle but maybe that game turns out to be close at Lumen Field. We smell “Mafia” for the Denver- Seattle game on Monday Night.

Sunday Night

Chicago Bears +10 (-110) +350  AT  Green Bay Packers-10.0 (-110) -480  O/U 45.5 (-110)

Did they have to set it this high? Division game. Ok we see. We understand Packers-Bears.

Monday Night

Tennessee Titans +7.5 (-110) +280 Buffalo Bills -7.5 (-110) -360 O/U 51.0 (-110)

Two Monday night games!!

The Bills over a touchdown seems like a bit much for a good team like the Titans. Vegas could be setting themselves up here. This makes us take a closer look at the Giants versus the Titans again. We flagged it twice now, thats a good sign for the Giants.

And they also makes us look a little closer on the Thursday night game that we have between the Bills and the Rams. That game looks like it will be a no play but hopefully we get a read in the next few steps.

Minnesota Vikings +2.5 (-110) +115 AT Philadelphia Eagles -2.5 (-110)  -135 O/U 47.5 (-110)


Despite any huge blowouts in either direction for week one, this line shouldn’t move too much for week two.

We should notice Vikings are only a 1.5 underdog versus the Packers and a 2.5 dog versus the Eagles on the road. Seems like we should take a little closer look on the Eagles game versus Lions. Eagles are  a 4 point favorite on the road.

Let’s notice what kind of action each team is getting and see what the media is trying to push.  This is the type of game that we should definitely be able to win.

L ast game of the week, televised and talked about plenty, we will have many opportunites to pick up tips before game time. Ideally we would like to make an early decision on this game so we can Double Dip Parlay on a few of the earlier games.

If we play it right, which we will, we could set up this game as a free role where it won’t cost us any money to play. That is our goal for every Sunday night game and Monday night game from here on out.

Las Vegas NFL Odds

Do we notice anything that helps us for week 1? Do the Vegas oddsmakers give us any tips?

Let us know if anything jumps out to you in any of these games.There are a few games that did give us a few tips to look at for week one especially in the afternoon.

The morning games didn’t have much and all the lines were seven or less.

The afternoon had some big numbers where we might be able to pick up some value but will definitely be careful. The goal here is to see if we can set up any double dip parlay opportunities and if not we know we should have some for Monday night and Sunday night games.

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    1. Thank you Pear, yes watching and making money from sports is so much fun. Keep reading we are just getting warmed up. Did you notice our 8-0 Start?

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