The NFL season is approaching and everybody has their own opinion on who’s going to win the Super Bowl. Then there’s the media that tries to steer the public or promote certain teams. So, Who will be in the Super Bowl? Who will be the dominant regular season team? Who will be the surprise team with the Cinderella story? Most power rankings will list the best teams currently at the moment where others will list who they think will win it all at the end. These NFL football rankings will list what Las Vegas odds believes are the best teams with the chance to win the division or the Lombardy trophy.

The betting odds will tell us the story and with factoring in public perception and media hype we should be able to spot a hot play or two for the upcoming season. These are the best bets for the AFC Championship winner.

First we will do a quick preview by division to help us determine who has the best chance to represent the AFC in Glendale Arizona for Super Bowl 57.

AFC West- Best Division in Football

Might as well start with the toughest division. There might be a close second but is anybody going to debate that? This division is loaded with talent, the Kansas City Chiefs are absolutely going to be dangerous with Patrick Mahomes seemingly getting better every year. He lost a couple weapons and added a few not quite as good but good enough to be solid everywhere. The bottom line on this team is  the Reid/Mahomes power-duo is going to be an AFC west monster for the foreseeable future.

Kansas City is the third favorite +1000 for the Super Bowl, +550 for AFC and the favorite to win the AFC west at +175.. Chiefs seem to be the sexy pick for casual bettors and sharps alike. The odds pay out well and the QB- Head Coach combo make any bettor feel better. Nobody will call this a horrible play but it almost seems to good to be true for Vegas to put +1000 on a heavy bet team like the Chiefs.

Another extremely talented team that could contend for a Super Bowl in the same division is the Los Angeles Chargers. Chargers have been here before going into a season with high hopes, although behind Justin Herbert and head coach Brandon Staley, it does feel a little different this time.  Las Vegas has the Chargers as the sixth favorite to win the Lombardy and the media has been relatively quiet on them in terms of winning it all. The Los Angeles Chargers might be a team to watch and might be a team to fade the public on this year.

The division does not stop there with the devastating one-two punch of Chiefs and Chargers, the Denver Broncos could very much be the real deal. They have everything you need to be a successful playoff team and make it to the Super Bowl. Denver has a great defense and what seems to be a possible great rushing attack. Las Vegas odds has the Broncos with the eighth best chance to win the Super Bowl at +1600. They are a +260 to win the AFC west indicating Vegas believes they have a shot as well.

Even more so Las Vegas odds makers do not seem to believe and the Las Vegas Raiders this year. The media has been hyping up the Raiders a tad with the new addition of Josh McDaniels as the head coach and stud receiver Adams.  Raiders do have some fire power that make them an interesting play but the Las Vegas against the spread line reads pretty much tells the pro handicapper to to stay away. Unless you want to go for a hail mary and have a deep deep gut feeling that the Raiders can pull out a miracle, this does not seem to be a hot play.

AFC East- Las Vegas Odds has Bills as Super Bowl Favorites

There’s a new leader in town in the AFC East, and it’s the heavily talented Buffalo Bills. On paper they are good at every position and seem to have very good depth. They will be a tough team for anybody to beat and most sports books have them as the favorite to win it all. Nobody is really debating this topic at +600 to get the trophy, +300 for the AFC and -230 to win the division.

Despite what the media has been telling us, they’re other teams in the division. The Miami Dolphins are the wildcard of the division, depending on how Tua can lead the offense will depend on how good they can be. They will be a competitive team with their tough defense and new offensive minded coach Mike McDaniel but how good will be determined by their new weapons on offense. This could be one of the surprise teams we see every year and Vegas has them at +4000 to win it all. Due to the hype they were getting in the off-season with some of their big splash additions, has had some thinking the line has really good value.

Although it might be disrespectful to call a Bill Belichick coached team a wildcard, it seems to fit the bill for this year’s New England Patriots. Second year quarterback Mac Jones will see if he can avoid the sophomore slump, if so New England is quietly talented and could make some noise. The same odds as the Dolphins to win it all at +4000 but that +500 to win the division compared to the dolphins +450.

Hoping not to be a door mat for another year will be the New York Jets who come in at a big time long-shot +2200 to win the division and +15,000 to win it all. It’s safe to say that not many will light thier money on fire and place a bet on the New York Jets. No need to talk about it much longer the Jets will not be winning the division let alone the AFC Championship.

AFC North- Tough Division

The other contender for the best division in the NFL will be the AFC North. Baltimore Ravens come in as the favorites to win the division at +160 and fifth at +1000 for the AFC. Not far behind are the AFC defending champions Cincinnati Bengals at +180 and +1200. The Cleveland Browns have been surrounded by drama and open up at +300 to take home the AFC North crown and +1600 for the AFC.  The dependable Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t getting much credit from the oddsmakers as they have been a +950 to win the division and +5000 to be in the Super Bowl.

The Las Vegas odds makers have Baltimore Ravens at number 10 to win Super Bowl 57 at +2000.  The Ravens have a solid team and a top 5 QB so they will undoubtedly have their fair share of action. The media always tries to sell a little Baltimore and the casual fans are intrigued by the excitement of their MVP quarterback. The Ravens will be a tough team to beat throughout the season and seems like a good bet to win the AFC North.

The heavy action in this division will presumably be the Cincinnati Bengals. With the emergence of Joe Burrow as a top-ten quarterback on a  solid team with exceptional talent. The Bengals have become a media darling and the casual better’s best friend. It seems like the oddsmakers could have gotten away with the odds at +130 but they made it enticing at +180. This does not seem like the hot play but many will fall in this trap.

Cleveland Browns will continue to be the drama of the league, the soap opera or novela that never stops. They are talented enough to be competitive and how far they go will depend on the quarterback play. The starting quarterback will be suspended for six games and most people are predicting him to be a top five quarterback when he returns. At +1600 this line is most likely exactly where it should be.

Most sports books have the Pittsburgh Steelers finishing last in the division for the first time in over 20 years. It’s hard to imagine Pittsburgh being at the bottom of this division but the AFC North is stacked and full of talent. It’s also safe to say that Pittsburgh well get some sympathy bats from the casual fans at +1000 to win the division. We won’t be advising that on this site.

AFC South- The Weakest Division

If there’s a strongest division in the NFL then there has to be a the weakest division in the NFL, and that’s where the AFC south comes in. Before the odds came out it seemed like most people would pick the Titans to win this year’s division with the obvious cellar teams being the Jacksonville jaguars and the Houston Texans.

Las Vegas odds has the Indianapolis Colts as the favorite to win the division at -135 and the titans behind them at +170. Las Vegas doesn’t seem to be worried about the Jaguars +800 and see the Texans as a joke at +3000. This seems like a good play And favorable in the odds maker’s eyes, this will not be a bad play.

The Titans will also be a very competitive team and a team that is built for the playoffs. Vegas does not seem to think that they can get there putting them at +3000 to win it all and gives them a small chance to win the division. With new identitiesI in the Jaguars and Texans and the non-dominant team in the division this wouldn’t be a bad play for the diehard fans of the Jaguars. Not very likely but worst to first happens once a year.

The Texans don’t really have a chance in this one, +3000 to win the division and in dead last +30,000 to win the Super Bowl. Never say never but this one is a not happening.

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Best Bets to Win the AFC Championship

Here are the NFL football rankings for the best bets to play in the Super Bowl. The media has been pushing their agenda, the Vegas books have set the odds, the public has some action, and the sharps have dipped in. This list is based on the Las Vegas odds which teams they made enticing for bettors and which teams they tried to hide.

The AFC is up for grabs this year with six teams in contention, if you count two mystery teams that will jump out of nowhere to be in the mix. There are four teams that barring any serious injuries should be in the playoffs and those four teams are worth taking a look at.
1. Buffalo Bills +600 for Super Bowl +329 for AFC. With a record of 11-6 Last year and a wild card win against the Patriots before a devastating divisional round loss to the Chiefs, the Buffalo Bills are all of a sudden everybody’s favorite to win the Super Bowl this year. A team that has been looking like they are ready to turn the page to championship status has many people believing this might be the year.

The media has been hyping up this team and Vegas Sportsbooks really had no choice but to open them up as Super Bowl 57 favorites.  Las Vegas NFL Odds has them listed as the team with the best chance to represent the AFC. For+329 the right play is wait and see unless you love the Bills and all in on Buffalo this year. Just remember, at +329 unless they start off 6-0 the odds cant go much lower but with a long season ahead it probably will rise and the decision will still be there later. The best bet is to wait and see on Buffalo.

2.Los Angeles Chargers +1400 +750 Just another year of showing their potential, giving themselves a chance and choking at the end.  Justin Herbert showed he can be a top 3 Quarterback and was one game away from his first playoff game before they lost to the rival Las Vegas Raiders on the last game of the season.

Chargers had a few holes last year and they addressed most of them in a dramatic fashion headlined by the blockbuster trade for Khalil Mack. Mack will make the defense immediately better alongside Joey Bosa giving Los Angeles the best pass rushing duo in the NFL . Not to mention adding a stud Defensive Tackle Joseph Day and one of the best cornerbacks in J.C Jackson. Las Vegas seems to think the Chargers will be in the mix at the end and thats not a bad call.  If you like the Chargers take them now because a hot start will severly diminish these odds.

3. Kansas City Chiefs +1000  +550  The Chiefs are definitely the sexy pick. If you bet on the chiefs then you’re going with top 5 QB in the league and top 5 head coach in the league which is never a bad thing. Bottom line is Patrick Mahomes sells and betting on him is not going to be a bad idea for the next decade. It is noticeable that +550 to win the AFC could have easily been +350 or +400 so Vegas did make it more appealing which is not the greatest sign. If a player did like the Chiefs it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go small and wait for a few games to see what the line does. Be careful, this is the sexy pick for many and Vegas has not adjusted.

4.Baltimore Ravens +2000 for the Super Bowl and +1100 for AFC. Another sexy pick for most with the tough minded Ravens led by a top tier talent in Lamar Jackson. Ravens wouldn’t be a horrible play either But definitely not a great pic yet.

The AFC looks like a race of four teams with two surprise teams most likely coming out of nowhere.  The top 4 teams would be a decent play if you have your own reasons. The best play for a AFC Champion pick is no play yet, the odds will be adjusted throughout the year and we can make a more informed decision.

5-13 If you have a feeling go for it, the AFC is up for grabs and it shouldnt be that suprising if any of the top 13 made it to the Super Bowl. The professional play is to wait and see.

5.Denver Broncos  +1600 to win the Super Bowl +850 to win the AFC

6.Indianapolis Colts +2500 to win the Super Bowl +1200 to win the AFC

7.Cincinnati Bengals +2000 to win the Super Bowl +1100 twin the AFC

8. Cleveland Browns +2500 to win the Super Bowl +1400 to win the AFC

9. Tennessee Titans +3000 to win the Super Bowl +1600 to win the AFC

10. Las Vegas Raiders +4000 to win the Super Bowl +2200 to win the AFC

11.New England Patriots +4000 to win the Super Bowl +2200 to win the AFC

12.Miami Dolphins +4000 to win the Super Bowl +2200 to win the AFC

13.Pittsburgh Steelers +8000 to win the Super Bowl +4000 to win the AFC

14-16 Don’t do it! Pick out a nice charity and donate instead.

14.Jacksonville Jaguars +15,000 to win the Super Bowl +8000 to win AFC

15.New York Jets +15,000 to win the Super Bowl +8000 in the AFC

16. Houston Texans +30,000 to win the Super Bowl

Leave a comment below for any questions or observations on this division. Who is everybody picking to win the AFC and go to the Super Bowl? Who you got?

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