Las Vegas sports books are readjusting the future odds before the regular season begins. We have taken the most recent average of the odds to discuss any potential big earnings. This is our version of the NFL football rankings,  Las Vegas odds style.

Every year there are surprise teams and disappointing teams,. We will be discussing the best bets for the NFC championship and the Las Vegas odds. The oddsmakers will sometimes tip thier hand before the regular season and did a few times this season. NFL football rankings Las Vegas NFL odds, starting at the bottom.

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Bottom of the Barrel

Just like there’s a handful of favorites to win the division there are also a handful of teams that will be fighting to get the #1 pick towards the end of the season. Wink Wink, we see it every year but they hide it well. Maybe, Seattle going for Bryce Young maybe..

We will quickly discuss the teams expected to finish at the bottom. These are the teams worth looking at for the worst team in the league wager, and maybe some suprise teams.

Houston Texans, Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons, and New York are among the Las Vegas odds favorites to have the league’s worst record.

  • Texans: +350
  • Seahawks: +400
  • Jaguars, Panthers, Lions+500
  • Falcons, Jets: +550

Worst in the League Probables

Every Year there is one team that goes from the bottom to the top of the division.  Falcons are interesting because they could be the worst team in the league very easily with a horrible defense and a non explosive offense. What if they’re not?

They also have a chance to not be as bad as people think. Winning the division or anything, that’s another story.  As far as suprising some folks, it’s definetly not out of the question. Marcus Mariota will be the key. We’ve seen him do it before and this will be his last shot as a starter. Either way the defense won’t allow them to get too far, but maybe not a easy win like most people believe. 

The Seattle Seahawks seem to know who they are. They have an identity. They’re going to run the ball and hopefully play some tough defense. Pete Carroll at coach is always going to make it fun to play there and his boys always play hard. So we’ll see.

Seattle does carry a little clout with them because of Pete Carrol and Las Vegas odds usually compensates a tad but they did so in reverse here. Placing them in dead last in the NFC with most books at +8000 to win the conference. Las Vegas bookmakers don’t seem too worried about the Seattle Seahawks.

It seems like a good spot to side with Vegas here. Unfortunetly for Pete Carroll this year we have Seattle finishing last with a glimmer of hope if Geno can play great all of a sudden. We all agree although not a popular pick, we feel Las Vegas oddsmakers are giving us a tip here.

Those are our bottom two but final pick is Seattle to finish dead last in the NFC.  Most will disagree with us on this one so let us know who you have finishing dead last. Who agrees?

Could Go Either Way

Now let’s discuss the other teams Las Vegas odds picked towards the bottom. A couple of these teams have a chance at a cinderella season.. Lets begin with a man on a mission in Carolina. Baker Mayfield is out to prove he can be an elite quarterback in this league.

Baker actually has a decent team behind him and most people don’t notice the amount of talent they have.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, they have a chance of being better than thier 5-12 record last year but expecting a playoff berth would be a stretch.

When you have one of the most productive running backs in the game then you have a shot at being competetive. An upgraded offensive line is going to help. Having very few believers is also going to help.

Expect a Suprise

New York Giants are hoping to win a few games this year and if the past repeats itself, it might be enough to win the division. Well maybe not this year, but this is another team that has a chance to be competitive.

Just like the other teams most of it will depend on the quarterback play. Daniel Jones has definitely had his moments, both good and bsd.  Mostly bad with a record of 12-6.  

This will be his 4th and last year for his starting qaurterback audition. Giants did not pick up his 5th year option and it’s all up to what he does this year that determines his contract future in the NFL. Jones will be playing for his qaurterback life, sure he’ll be in the league for awhile either way, but at what price? We’ll find out what bracket he’ll be in by his play this year.

That makes him a dangerous man, so let’s keep our eye out for this one. The over 7.5 wins doesn’t seem like a bad play and nobody’s really expecting it. Watch out for the Giants this year as a suprise team from nowhere.

Many positive positive reviews from camp came in on Daniel Jones and Saquan Barkley who is looking healthy and ready. The word is that the main standouts have been starting wide receviers Kenny Golladay and  Kadarius Toney.

New York Giants are picked to finish 4th worst in the NFC so this would be a huge shock for most but we’ve been noticing for a couple years Daniel Jones has a shot at being a Pro Bowl Qaurterback.

If Everyone Expects a Suprise, Is it Still a Suprise?

Lions have been horrible for so long it’s extremely hard not to root for them. They have been the worst of the worst in any sport. Saying they have been a bad football team would be a severe understatement.

Dan Campbell will be in his second year after a rough 3-13-1 opening year. Thier record was bad but Detroit appeared to be taking on the personality of thier head coach. Campbell’s fire has resonated with the team and most fans will be rooting for Detroit this year.

The sportsbooks adjusted their projected win total to 6.5 to accomodate. This one is hard to predict because just like the Daniel Jones situation it feel like mens livliehoods are at stake. Making Detroit a possibly dangerous team this year.

NFC Worsts

Las Vegas gave us thier predictions and a few tips for this upcoming season. Did they really HAVE to put Seattle that low? answer is absolutely not, they wouldve received even action at lower odds. Seahawks will get some action either way so it was not neccessary at all.

That’s tip #1, Seattle will not be very good at all this year.

Tip #2 comes from the answer to this question. Did they HAVE to put the Giants that high? Who’s betting the Giants to do anything this nyear? 7.5 win total?

Here’s another one in reverse. 6 wouldve accomplished the same thing 7.5 does in this scenario. Let’s keep our eye out for the Giants this year at least to win 8 or more games.

Reading the lines can give us a great understanding of where Las Vegas is making adjustments from media and public reactions. We gathered a few tips from the sportsbooks this year and a couple here at the bottom of the barrel in the NFC.

Let us know if you agree or disagree. We imagine many will disagree so let us know who you got finishing last? and, who are your suprise teams?

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