Current Week Gematria= TNF, SNF, MNF. Also, Daily Picks and Handicapper Stats.

We will be decoding Monday Night Football through the language of Gematria.

This article will not explain in detail, it will just show the numbers and evidence. At first you will call this a coincidence the first few times then you will realize all games are coded like this, especially televised games.

For now you will probably be interested, intrigued and confused.


Gematria Time

If you believe this world is not what it appears and the world as we know it, is based on numbers. Then keep reading, this article will interest you. 

Gematria is a practice from the early civilizations that translate words into numbers and numbers into words. Early civilizations believed the world we live in has a mathematical code. Through hieroglyphics we know many cultures believed everything has a numerical value. Everything!

Many cultures adopted this practice and some inluding certain elite groups still practice today.

We found evidence of communication through numbers happening in sports. These games are pre determined and the results are coded through words and numbers.

These games have turned into rituals to be performed in front of 60,000+ energy fueled fans and the millions watching through a magnetic field TV. This last sentence could be at least a chapter in a book, we will slowly introduce this later.

We will not be going too much in depth in this article. First I wanted to show you a few examples of what this looks like before you start to learn. This will be the 3rd example I show you. The first 2 are here.

Thursday Night Football Gematria- Bills will win

Sunday Night Football- Gematria- Buccaneers Will Win

Now this one that will be categorized as Monday Night Football- Gematria – Broncos Will Win/ Seahawks Cover. This will be a close game according to the numbers. Safest pick is going to be to take the points, +7.

This will not make sense yet but here we go. Stay tuned this week as we will be teaching you Gematria and how to decode. A quick warning that when you learn this you will start to see codes embedded throughout our society and nearly all corporations.

This knowledge will help you see the world for what it really is and make you money at sports of course.

Date Numbers

Monday September 12th, 2022.  255th day of the year. 110 days left in the year.

9-12-2022 = 9+1+1+2+0+2+2 = 18

9-12-2022 = 9+11+2+0+2+2 =  27

9-12-2022 =  9+11+20+22 = 63

9-12-22=   9+11+22= 43 (14th prime)


English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
Seattle Washington2126824794
Seattle, WA1062513756
Lumen Field1014716952

Team Names

English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
Denver Broncos15464197 (45th Prime)71 (20th Prime)
Denver68329431 (11th Prime)
Broncos8632103 (27th Prime)40
Den23(9th Prime)145813 (6th Prime)
Seattle Seahawks169 (sq root 13)43 (14th Prime)23692
Seattle8219 (8th Prime)107 (28th Prime)44
Sea257 (4th Prime)5620


Russel Wilson is 104-53-1 in regular season games. He is 47-32-1 away. Coming in to Lumen Field= 47. Going in to the stadium might be something this year. Next opponent= Texans in Denver. Seahwks = 48 MNF=48

Wilson can get his 48th road win vs his old team Seahawks=48 on MNF=48. That looks really good but a few things coming up indicate it will be a close game. Russel Wilson will win but it will be close.

Wilson is 113-60-1 overall. 51-37-1 away all time. Russel can get his 52nd all time road win at Lumen Field= 52.

Geno Smith has never started a playoff game. He is 13-21 as a starter. 9-9 at home which won’t help us. The game on TV will appear as Sea and Den. Den=14. Geno can get 14th win vs Den. This is not one of the huge stats but it is something.

The other two games we had were pretty clear, especially the Bucs. This one looks a little closer so watch out for Seattle keeping it interesting. Let’s keep going, a little more for Denver so far.

Head Coach

Nathaniel Hackett is the son of 41 year coach Paul Hackett and will be coaching his very first game tonight for the Denver Broncos.

This will not be Pete Carrols first game. He is 152-104-1 in regular season. 119-73-1 with Seahawks.

163-114-1 all time and 129-81-1 with the Seahawks including playoffs and Super Bowls. Washington=130

Another small one for Seattle. This game will be closer than the last two. The right play is to buy the half point and get a touchdown with Seattle . Denver should win but the numbers are telling us it will be close. Denver Money Line -280 or Seattle +7. Both should happen tonight. If you want to be safe go with us and just stick to Seattle +7 tonight. It will be a close game.

Free money= Take Seattle +7

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Gematria Decode

Many people realize money making machines are pre determined to have an outcome that best provides for the makers of that system or machine.

We have noticed that there is communication happening coded through sports games. In this article we only showed you the evidence before the game happens. Some games are clearer than others but they are all coded.

Think we’re crazy? Comment how crazy below.

If your interested in learning more go check out Zachary Hubbard. He is the best at explaining and finding relationships with current events. He’s the one that taught me almost 10 years ago, heres his second book you can buy from Amazon.

Heres another good one to pick up focusing on numbers.

2 thoughts on “Monday Night Football Gematria”
  1. Thank you so much for this article!  I really enjoyed it from the beginning because you started talking about gematria.  Actually, my religion emphasis this a lot in its quotes, which takes Greek and Hebrew letters and translates them into numbers and uses that as some rituals.  It’s interesting to see you put this in football, though, and it’s something that I have never thought about to be honest.  I love the creativity!

    1. Thank you Jessie, I appreciate that. These are the beginning articles and about to get into the introduction to Gematria. If your curious of your numbers type in your name in the gematrinator calculator.… Knowing your numbers is just the beginning. Hope you keep reading.

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