Gematria is the practice of translating numbers to letters and letters to numbers. We will be decoding the Monday Night Football game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Our Gematria number translations for the NFL this year are 9-2 after the Thursday Night Football loss. Both games we lost this year were the Denver Broncos.

We will spend more time reviewing those games to try to find out what went wrong with both those reads.For now we’re just going to keep going, 9-2 is not bad so we can still feel confident in our translations.


It’s beyond coincidence that words and dates fit together week after week. We have found evidence that these numbers tell a story and have pre determined outcomes so pay attention.

Hard to believe? Check it out for yourself.

Gematria is the practice of coding numbers into words and words into numbers. It has been adopted by many cultures throughout history and widely spread through Jewish communities.

There are groups known to still practice. It seems they communicate through everything but have found how they translate in sports. Especially the NFL.

Lets review the Monday Night Football game between the Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs.

At first you might say this is all coincidence. Just keep reading and you will pass that very soon.

In mathematics, two angles that are said to coincide fit together perfectly. The word “coincidence” does not describe luck or mistakes. It describes that which fits together perfectly.

Wayne Dyer

Las Vegas Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs

Day Numbers 

10/10/2022Day #
1+0+1+0+2+0+2+2 =8
10+10+2+0+2+2 =26
10+10+20+22 =62
10+10+22 =42

Sunday October 10th, 2022.  283rd(61st Prime) day of the year. 82 days left in the year.

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Longitude and Latitude 39.0489° N, 94.4839° W

English ReductionFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full reduction
GEHA Field at
Arrowhead Stadium
Kansas City Missouri24574241 (53rd Prime)124
Kansas City MO1353616272
MO13 (6th Prime)4145

Team Names

English ReductionFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full reduction
Las Vegas Raiders16061 (18th Prime)245101 (26th Prime)
Las Vegas8623 (9th Prime)13049
LV347 (4th Prime)2011 (5th Prime)
Kansas City Chiefs1726426098
Kansas City1223214867 (19th Prime)
Chiefs503211231 (11th Prime)
KC145 (3rd Prime)4013 (6th Prime)

The Las Vegas Raiders are 53-68-2 versus the Chiefs all-time in the regular season. Raiders can pick up 54 on ESPN=54

Raiders are 54-70-2 including playoffs against the Chiefs. So far this year the regular season wins have trumped the all time wins including playoffs. We have to call that a wash until we know for sure.

25-36-1 versus the Chiefs on the road all-time. Can stay on 36 in Kansas City MO= 36. Staying on the number has missed already this year, getting to a number is much more reliable.

25-37-1 including playoffs versus the Chiefs on the road. 26 DAY 26th win at chiefs on 26 day?

Raiders in week 5 are 29-23. Can stay on 23= Kansas City & Chiefs. Or get to 24 in Missouiri = 42.

Raiders on the road in week 5 are 15-15 so that won’t help us.

Chiefs in week 5 are 28-27-2.

Chiefs at home in week 5 12-14. Can go 13-14 in MO=13/14.

Chiefs have won 3 in a row against the Raiders.

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Derek Carr is 58-73 in his career.

He has a record of 58-74 including playoffs. Can get his 75th loss inn Missouri= 57 (75)

He has a record of 26-39 on the road in his career. Can get #27 in Kansas City MO= 72 (27). Can get 40th loss against KC= 40. The team abbreviation on Prime time games is 6-0 this year. This might be the code for the year, its different every year. Its been the Regular season wins not including playoffs.

26-40 in the regular-season and playoffs on the road in his career. 27 same thing, can get 41 vs KC= 14.

Derek Carr is 1-7 vs the Chiefs. #8 Day, can pick up his 8th loss against the chiefs.

Carr is 6-3 on Monday Night Football. Kansas City Chiefs = 64

Patrick Mahomes has a record of 53-14 in his career. Can get 54th career win in regular season on ESPN= 54

61-17 in the regular-season and playoffs in his career. hasnt’ been the playoffs including for the playoffs but lets just note that he could get his 18th loss against the Las Vegas Raiders=61(18th Prime). Can get 62nd win on a 62 Day.

He has a 25-6 record at home in his career. 26 career win at home= 26 DAY and 62 DAY!

33-8 at home including playoffs. Will get his 34th win vs LV= 34. Can get 9th loss playing Las Vegas=23(9th) but we have seen the city name not work for road teams by itself.

Can stay on 8 losses on an 8 DAY.

Head Coach

Josh McDaniels

12-20 as a head coach. Can get 13 in MO= 13.

1-3 with the Raiders. Could get to 1-4 vs KC=14.

Andy Reid

236-136-1 in regular season. Could get his 137th(33rd Prime) on MNF= 33.

255-152-1 including playoffs.

106-43 with the chiefs in the regular season.

115-50 including playoffs. Raiders=115, Doesn’t mean he stays on 115, but its there.

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Gematria Decode

There are riddles on both sides, but we think we’re on to something for this year and we’re going to see how Sunday plays. We will update this Monday morning. If you do a parlay this wouldn’t be a bad last leg, if you do make sure you bet the favorite that way you can hedge the underdog if you get there.

That’s what we do almost every week, and we hedge parlays just in case. It pays off almost every week. The only time it doesn’t pay off is when your right on everything. Believe me those days you won’t care you left a little money on the table. Read some of the other Gematria Picks to get more familiar or check out our Daily Free Picks Page.

Update= The numbers are too close for both sides. When the numbers have been close the underdog is 4-2 in covering so far this year so it does miss. We are not very confident in tonights pick because the Chiefs have some strong numbers as well and could very well blow the Raiders out.

On the other hand, the Raiders have some great ridlles and do definetly have the value tonight. We’re going to go a half play on the Raiders for 3.3 Units.

Gematria Pick = Raiders keep it close, have a shot at winning. Raiders +7. Going Small Half Play for 3.3 Units. Gematria is 10-2 this year and this really should be a no play so stay small.

To check out number translations and find your life numbers go to the Gematrinator Calculator.

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