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Monday Night Football doubleheader! Yes! Two chances for Gematria numbers!

We won an easy one last night with the Packers. We only hope all games are that easy to decode. Let’s see how easy tonights games are.

It’s Monday Night Football on ESPN/ESPN2 for the first game and ABC/ESPN+ for the second and official Monday Night game.

The first game will be the 0-1 Titans playing at Buffalo who are 1-0.

The other game is the battle between Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles


Gematria Time

You may, or may not know that this world is not what it appears to be and there are a few percentage of people who control everything.

There is a direct correlation between the Universe and numbers which is undeniable. The belief is that certain people know this knowledge and seem to communicate through numbers.

Gematria is a practice from the early civilizations that translate words into numbers and numbers into words. Early civilizations realized the world we live in has a mathmatical code.

Many cultures adopted this practice and some inluding certain elite groups still practice today. We found evidence of communication through numbers happening in sports. 

These next games will be the 6th and 7th examples I show you, using gematria. We had two picks in one so our total is 5-

Thursday Night Football Gematria- Bills will win Bills win = W

Sunday Night Football- Gematria- Buccaneers Will Win Bucs win = W

Monday Night Football Wk1- Seahawks cover Broncos Win. Seahwks win an Cover. 1-1

Thursday Night Football Wk 2- Close game Chargers will cover 4. Chiefs win by 3= W

Sunday Night Football Wk 2- Packers will blow them out, Cover 10. Packers win by 17= W

Gematria NFL Footbal is 5-1 so far and 2 games tonight! Yeah! Go Gematria!

Date Numbers

Monday September 19th, 2022.  262nd day of the year. 103 days left in the year.

9-19-2022 = 9+1+9+2+0+2+2 = 25

9-19-2022 = 9+19+2+0+2+2 =  34

9-19-2022 =  9+19+20+22 = 70

9-19-22=   9+19+22= 50

Tennessee Titans (0-1) +10 At Buffalo Bills (1-0) -10 O/U 51


Longitude and Latitude = 42.7738° N, 78.7870° W

English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
Orchard Park New York22498262100
Orchard Park NY1527119973
Orchard Park1135918467
New York111397833
Highmark Stadium1627224390

Team Names

English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
Tennessee Titans1895421690
Tennessee1063413747 (15th Prime)
Titans83 (23rd Prime)
23=9th Prime
2079 (22nd Prime)43 (14th Prime)
Ten(Shown on TV)39124215
Buffalo Bills1174520772
Buf(Shown On TV)29115216


Ryan Tannehill is 72-60 in the regular season. Stays on 72 wins at Highmark Stadium= 72. He gets his 61st regular season loss against Buf = 61. 61(Buf) will be shown on TV all night. Could get his 73rd win in Orchard Park= 73.

He is 30-34 on the road in the regular season. He could stay on 34 losses on 34 day.

74-63 all time. Could stay on 63 losses in Buffalo=63.

32-35 on the road all time. Could get his 33rd win in NY = 33. MNF=33. Could get his 36th loss in Buffalo=36. Or against the Bills=36.

Ryan Tannehill is coded real close, closest we’ve seen this year so far. He does have numbers to win though, watch out baby! Let’s see what Josh Allen has.

Josh Allen is 39-21 in the regular season. He could stay on 39 wins in New York=39.

20-10 at home. He could stay on 20 wins vs Titans= 20.

He is 42-24 all time. Could get 43rd win vs Titans=43 Could get his 25th loss on 25 day.

23-10 at home. Can get his 24th win vs Ten=42.

Ok this is the closest game by far this season. With ten points on the board we have to take the points I think, lets check out the coaches real quick.

Head Coach

Mike Vrabel is 41-25 in the regular season. Can get 42nd win on 42 Longitude.

He is 43-28 all time.

Sean McDermott is 50-32 in regular season. MNF=33 Can get his 33rd loss on MNF.

He is 53-36 all time. Tennessee Titans= 54. 54th win tonight? or 33rd regular season loss?

Gematria Decode

Wow this is a close one! Ive been doing Gematria decoding for awhile now and games arn’t usually quite like this. This is a rare one.

I say just watch this game and see if we have something for the other game. If you must play lets take the points. We wont count this game as a win or loss because its a no play.

With such a close puzzle like this we have to expect a close game and with 10 points available everywhere right now I say if we must lets take the 10.

2nd game

Minnesota Vikings (1-0) +2.5 At Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) -2.5 O/U 49.5

25. 34. 70. 50


Longitude and Latitude = 39.9014° N, 75.1675° W

English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
Philadelphia Pennsylvania253118395125
Philadelphia, PA1187326071
Lincoln Financial Field184103383122

Team Names

English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
Minnesota Vikings2017523196
Min (TV)36184518
Philadelphia Eagles1508733693
Philadelphia 1016522361
Phi (TV) 33244812


Kirk Cousins is 60-59-2 in the regular season. He can get 61st win in Philadelphia, but he can stay on 61 all time as well so this one is a scratch.

He is 24-35-2 on the road. He can stay on 24 wins vs PHI= 24. He can get 36th loss and 36(Min) will be shown all night with the score.

All time he is 61-61-2. That won’t help us. 61-61. Philadelphia= 61

25-36-2 on the road all time. Philadelphia=101= 26th prime Cousins can pick up a 26 in the 101 town.

Jalen Hurts is 10-10 in the regular season. That won’t help us either 10-10.

He is 4-5 at home in the regular season.

He is 10-11 all time.

4-5 at home all time. Can get his 5th win on a 50 day. Can also go 4-6 in Pennsylvania= 64.


Kevin O’Connell is 1-0 as a head coach. He can go 1-1 vs Philadelphia and in Philadelphia= 101.

Nick Sirianni is 10-8 in the regular season. Nick can get his 11th win against Minnesota= 110. He can go 11-8 in regular season in Philadelphia, PA= 118. He can stay on 8 losses in PA= 8.

10-9 all time.

Coaches both look good for an Eagles win!!!

Gematria Decode

Ok darn it, two close games. This one is not as tough. We’re going to have to go with a Las Vegas line read on this one and the slight edge on the numbers.. We’re going to lean with the coaches, but a very close call.

No free money today for you, sorry, but maybe for Thursday night when the Pittsburgh Steelers travel to the Cleveland Browns.

No free money but good enough to go Eagles. Eagles are a solid play tonight, so we have one game tonight.

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Leave a comment and tell us who you got or if your rolling with us.

2 thoughts on “Monday Night Football Gematria Week 2”
  1. I have to be honest, I have never heard of this approach to calling games before reading your post. I was familiar with Vegas odds of course and my grandfather used to take me to the horse races but Gematria? Doesn’t that originate out of Kabbalism?

    I’d love to ask a couple questions if you don’t mind. Firstly, I’m curious to see your track record thus far using your system. Secondly, based on what you laid out in the post you added up very specific data points such as longitude latitude, dates, team names etc. Ok, so my second question why stop at just those data points? What rules are you following to know what data points to include and what to exclude? It seems to me you could use a multitude of other data points, as far as you can imagine. How do know you have chosen the right ones and not left out something else Gematrically important?

    Hope that last questions makes sense, I would love to hear your take.

    1. Hi Mojovd, it’s ok there is most likely only a few thousand people in the world that have heard about translating Gematria in sports games. I’ve only heard of one other person talk about it and he has a few thousand followers.

      Zachary Hubbard is who I learned from 10 years ago and he is awesome at translating Gematria. He focuses on current events and daily news but makes money on sports with this knowledge of course.. 

      The first documented use of gematria is from an Assyrian inscription dating to the 8th century BCE, commissioned by Sargon II. But yes it was adopted by many cultures and still practiced today by some elite groups and It is largely used in Jewish texts, notably in those associated with the KabbalahKabbalah Gematria.

      1) Unbelievable! Check for yourself, I challenge you to check the picks posted before the games and see for yourself. So far the games picked are 5-1 posted and 15-3 played for Gematria alone.

      2) That was the simple version believe it or not, it is only using the methods that have been most successful the last couple years.

      3) Just following what comes up most and been most successful to know which ones to exclude but We are watching many not mentioned. 

      4) There are sooooo many data points you could drown yourself in numbers. Four years ago after the Red Sox won the World Series we won 27 NFL games in a row going off the amount of days from QB’s birthday to the day of the game and matched that number with a Kabbalah cipher of the team name to match his regular season win record. It was Awesome!!!!

      Yes, I know that sounds crazy but its true we won 27 games in a row from week 12 to week 17 then the pattern changed in the playoffs and never been the same since. So yes is the answer, but we are hoping we can get some help from the community and improve our 70%+ on Gematria Picks. Check it out for yourself.

      Do you want to help? If you do check out our Gematria picks posted before every prime time game. Once we get more of a following we will post more of the games or certain ones. Check out the Gematrinator Calculator.

      I hope I answered your questions. Any more?

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