The Las Vegas odds are ready to roll and so are we. Game time in a few hours and it’s time for our picks. NFL week 1.

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We we’re 9-0 in college football going into Saturday. 1st level wen 2-1-1. 2nd level= 2-1 3rd level=0-1 and no play in the 4th level. Finished Saturday 4-3-1. Total for the year is 13-3-1. All for college, let’s see how we start the NFL!

Monday we previewed the games and the odds.Read the articles NFL odds for the morning and afternoon games. We discussed where they opened and where the money should be going.

If you are interested in learning Al Covers Gematria style here is the preview from Thursday. Gematria is not used untill some stats get in the books. Gematria Article.  We will start the weekly Gematria lessons on Tuesday.

The first two weeks we are only reading the lines. We are not going to try to guess who wins. Only going to find advantages created by Las Vegas and those  games will consider playing. Here we go!

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Sunday Morning

Monday Line= Cleveland Browns -2.5 (-110)  +120  AT  Carolina Panthers +2.5 (-110) -2.5 (-110)  -140  O/U 41.5 (-110)

Saturday Night- Cleveland +1 at Carolina -1

Baker wants this one, see if his new boys have his back.

The line moved like crazy. This is one of the biggest line movements of the week. Cleveland opened up at -4.5 in May and stayed that way in June. Now, Carolina was 2.5 favorites and now back down to 1. Basically a pick em so pick your winner.

Carolina is tempting but we’re going no play on this one. Gun to my head, Carolina.

Indianapolis Colts -8.0 (-110) -380   AT   Houston Texans +8.0 (-110) +290  O/U 46.0 (-110)

Saturday Night- Colts -7 at Texans +7

Not much line movement on this one. It opened up at 7.5,  moved to 8.5 in August and has settled right at 8. The line should’ve moved a bit higher with more action coming in on the Colts but it got down to 7.

This one is tempting to go the underdog as well.  Colts could very well blow the Texans out so it’s a no play for us.

Jacksonville Jaguars +3.0 (-110) +135   AT  Washington Commanders -3.0 (-110) -160  O/U 44.0 (-110)

Saturday Night= Stayed the same all week.

Most experts and fans think these two teams will be among the bottom of the NFL. Like we discussed in prior articles, Las Vegas odds have tipped to us a few times with the lines they put out that Jaguars will be better than people think.

Slight lean on Washington here but still going to wait for a better advantage.

New England Patriots +3.0 (-105) +135  AT   Miami Dolphins -3.0 (-115) -160 O/U 47.0 (-110)

Saturday Night= Patriots +3.5 at Dolphins-3.5

Dolphins seem like the play. Siiding with the public is not something we want to do often but enough action is on either side make it a good spot for the better team. We’re going Dolphins here.


New Orleans Saints- 5.5 (-110) -230  AT   Atlanta Falcons +5.5 (-110) +190 O/U 42.5 (-110)

Saturday Night= Same

We discussed this on Monday about the fishy line. The line opened at 3.5 and Las Vegas had to realize the Saints would get the majority of the action. The sportsbooks were not in a rush to bump it up but eventually did to 5.5. Stayed the same since. Check out our early line reads from Monday.

Las Vegas NFL Odds article Monday Early Look

Well, does anybody have the guts to play Falcons?  Just Vegas?

Ok let’s take the points and side with Vegas. Falcons need to keep it close.


Philadelphia Eagles -4.0 (-110)  +170   AT   Detroit Lions+4.0 (-110) -200  O/U 48.5 (-110)  

-5 Now. Fly Eagles Fly! People are feeling the Lions, Vegas didn’t have to go thsat high. Eagles look like a good side with Vegas.

Baltimore Ravens -7.0 (-110) -290  AT   New York Jets +7.0 (-110) +240 O44.5 (-110)

Balt -7 (-105). at NYJ =7 (-115) 44

Saturday Night Line= Same line. Point total slid down to even 44. Juice got higher for Jets so don’t be suprised if it breaks the magical key number.

On Monday we discussed how Vegas chose to open this game at 4.5 in the summer. The line steadied its way up to 7 and settled there since.

Odds makers had to know everybody would be pounding the Lamar Jackson led Ravens. The Jets have been a joke for awhile now. Some people are expecting Zach Wilson to get better in year 2 but nobody thinks they will be better than the Ravens by week 1.

Every casual bettor called his friends and told them to hammer the Ravens.

Who would bet the Jets?

Might as well light your money on fire right? ummm, don’t be so sure.

Obviously, even at 7 instead of 4.5 which was ridiculous, has collected tons of action on Ravens still. Not only that, the juice is heavily on the Jets which means it might get to 6.5 or 6 by game time.

Joe Flacco is the starter officially as of Wednesday and the line has stayed the same.

Are we in 2018? Flacco’s getting some respect huh?

Ok we realize somethings up right?

Las Vegas sportsbooks didn’t even try to get even action in the beginning. As we get closer the bettors are rushing to place wagers on Ravens but Vegas is happy where they’re at.

We will not win every game like this but we will win most. Vegas clearly set up an advantage here and definetely come up huge if Jets cover. If we lose we will take it on the chin but we have to side with Vegas and take the Jets+7.

Free Pick= Jets +6  6% Nice and easy, crazy pick so if we lose just take it and keep going.

Crazy pick but yes we have to feel like we’re on Vegas’s side if we go with the Jets. Looks like we’re going both New York

So far, Eagles and Jets.

Pittsburgh Steelers +6.5 (-110)  +220  AT  Cincinnati Bengals -6.5 (-110) -270  O/U 44.0 (-110)

Absolutely no line movement here until Saturday it moved to 7. Lean on Pittsburgh but no thank you.

San Francisco 49ers-7.0 (-110) -300  AT   Chicago Bears +7.0 (-110)  +250  O/U 41.5 (-110)

This is a perfect line by Vegas. No play.

Morning games= 4 plays.Dolphins -3.5  Eagles-4   Jets+7  and Falcons+5.5

Sunday Afternoon

Green Bay Packers -1.5 (-110)  -125  AT  Minnesota Vikings +1.5 (-110)  +105  O/U 48.0 (-110) 

Packers are many people’s Super Bowl favorite. This seems like a easy bet for the cheeseheads. Vegas definetely set up an advantage here. Let’s ride with them. Go Vikings!

Kansas City Chiefs.-4.5 (-110) -200  AT   Arizona Cardinals +4.5 (-110) +170  O/U 53.5 (-110)

Line jumped up to 6. Enough people believe in the Cardinals that Vegas couldn’t go much higher. Smelling a chiefs blowout here. BetOnline currently has -5, most sportsbooks have 6 now. Heres another reason why its important to have multiple sportsbooks.

This will be a game time decision. If you want to sign up with BetOnline here are the Best Online Sports Book Promotion Options.

Las Vegas Raiders +3.0 (EVEN) +150   AT  Los Angeles Chargers -3.0 (-120) -175  O/U 52.0 (-110)

Chargers are a big play for Vegas with a 3 line and heavy Raider action. Let’s go Bolts!!!!

New York Giants+5.5 (-110) +200.  AT  Tennessee Titans+5.5 (-110) -240  O/U 43.5 (-110)

Giants are the play, enough said. We have a lot of underdogs but we should do great siding with Vegas.

Afternoon Picks= Vikings+2. Chiefs-5.    Chargers-3.    Giants+6

Parlay a bit with each pick coupled with Tampa Bay money line.

Morning =Dolphins -3.5  Eagles-4   Jets+7  and Falcons+5.5

Sunday Night

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1.5 (-110) +105    AT   Dallas Cowboys-1.5 (-110) -125  O/U 50.0 (-110)

Put a partial play from your early games on for a free roll on the Sunday night game for yourself. We will throw Buccaneers on thier but actual pick will be game time decision.

Going Money line on Tampa Bay

Monday Night

Denver Broncos -6.5 (-110)-250    AT   Seattle Seahawks +6.5 (-110) +210  O/U 42.0 (-110)

We should be able to read this one, lets see how Sunday goes. Game time decision. Denver should win but the lack of line movement tells us Vegas is expecting a close game. Let’s see if we can get 7. If it doesn’t go to 7 you can always buy the half point at Bovada or BetOnline.

Great lineup, Any questions, comments, or game observations please let us know.

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