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The NFC East has been the worst division in the NFL for a few years now and have an opportunity to be much better this year. Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles both have enough talent to keep up with the heavy weights of the NFL this year. The question will be if they can put it all together for an entire season. Let’s see.

The Las Vegas NFL money line for the NFC division confirms Vegas oddsmakers believe it’s coming down to two teams and a long shot chance to Washington and New York.  This will be fun one to watch because you can alomst expect the unexpected.

The future odds are right in line with evrybody’s perception and the media hype, so not as much of a tip from the Las Vegas odds on this Division future.  This is a whoever you feel, go for it division, so here are the Las Vegas NFL odds.

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New York Giants +750             Over/Under 7.5

New York Giants were 4-13 last year, finishing 3-5 at home and a terrible 1–8 on the road. They lost the last six games of the year, some might suggest on purpose to get a higher draft pick and ended up picking Kayvon Thibodeaux the very talented defensive end from Oregon.

Everybody is expecting the Giants to have another bad year just nobody really knows how bad. Las Vegas isn’t counting them completely out and +750 isn’t ven lower as it could’ve been. Some last place predicted teams like the Texans and the Falcons are +2000 or +3000. We’ll take that as tip from the sportsbooks that this division will once again be a close one.

The sports books and the online betting sites are giving the Giants a decent shot here. The money line probably could’ve been around +1000 and they would have the same amount of action.  With the consensus being the Giants will be one of the worst teams in the league, Las Vegas setting it only at +750 and a little high at 7.5, this might be a tip for the over.

Most casual betters seem to be jumping on the under not quite believing in Daniel Jones just yet. The media and the experts are telling us seven might be a little high. The sports books seem fine at this number as they have not adjusted but also it’s not like they’re getting much action on the Giants.

Many books have moved it since August 26 have kept it the same but some like Bovada have moved it to +800. So for the die hard Giants fans that have a dream this year, they should go to Bovada for a little better odds. For the non Giants fans as well, if you don’t have a Bovada account as at least a back up then check out this sign in promo.

 Washington Commanders +500 Over/Under 7.5

Washington Commanders played tough last year as most would expect playing under head coach Ron Rivera. They were definitely no pushover as they noticeably played hard and kept themselves competitive. They still seem to be a few pieces away from being a contender and didn’t make much progress towards that in the off-season.

Some would argue they had a decent draft but they didn’t do much else. They did sign Carson Wentz to be the quarterback this year and that ate up most of the money to pick up any other big impact players. Rivera will have to do it again with a mediocre team based on toughness and heart.

Las Vegas believes there going to be just about the same as they were last year posting the over the winning total at 7.5. This one feels more of a perfect match for the team and more in line from what the media has been telling the publlic. Just about any book has this one at +500 and 7.5 so if you like Washington have at it anywhere.

Philadelphia Eagles +160             Over/Under 9.5

Here is another line that Las Vegas set right at the number of wins compared to last year. The Eagles finished 9–8 and squeeze into the playoffs as the #7 seed.  They went to Tampa and we’re outmatched by the Buccaneers losing 31–15.

It was obvious Philadelphia was a very young team that has some growing to do but it was also obvious that they are very talented at many positions and deep in many others. This might be a team to watch. Besides Eagle diehard fans like this guy pictured, nobody is going all in with this team. The uncertainty of the quarterback play is the huge question mark.

Jalen hurts has definitely shown flashes of being a good quarterback but consistently producing all year and staying healthy is another issue. The Eagles picked up AJ Brown to help the offenses big play ability and some key veteran free agents for the defense. The additions of James Bradberry, Kyzir White, Hassan Reddick, Jetki Tart and Jordan Davis are going to improve the defense immediately.

Nick Sirianni will be in a second year as a head coach and he has a lot of pieces at its disposal this year so this might be a team to watch. We won’t be able to call the Eagles a suprise team but let’s keep our eye on them.

Most lines have just been adjusted Friday August 27 to +155. Looks like an honest reaction to a little action coming in on the Eagles to win the division.

Dallas Cowboys +145           Over/Under 10.5

Dallas won the division rather easily last year going 12–5 in the regular season and almost pulled out a victory in the wildcard round against the 49ers at AT&T Stadium.  It was a typical Cowboy season with flashes of a great team leading to disappointment at the very end. 

It’s been since 1995 since the Cowboys have won a Super Bowl and every year the fans are screaming “this is the year.” Vegas lines have them as the favorite to win but still have +140 in most books just recently moved to +145.  Seems like the sharp money is on Eagles to win the division and the public money is on the Cowboys with no one really touching the Giants or the Commanders.

All the books have been on the same page for the most part with this one at +140 then adjusted to +145, Fanduel has been 5 back the whole time and still is at +140.l

Sportsbooks Could Win Big

Well we know who the action is on. Don’t we? Anyone betting on Giants or Redskins? If so, not many and not very big. People are sure loving either the Cowboys and Eagles who both have positive odds. The Las Vegas NFL moneyline makes us look at two teams and want to forget about the other two.

The Cowboys look good to take the division, but let’s think for a moment. How much does Vegas win if Cowboys or Eagles don’t win the division? If a player is feeling the underdogs then a small wager before the season would not be a bad idea to setup leverage and some free rolls later on in the season.

One thing is for sure, we can expect drama form this division and they always seem to make it interesting. NFC East, here we go. If your not signed up for Bovada yet then take advantage of this promo.

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