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AFC East is entertaining, that’s for sure. Recently, One of the more exciting divisions and there’s been a new sheriff in town. Buffalo Bills have replaced the New England Patriots as new AFC East king.

Last year, Bills won the division marking two years in a row and it came down to the very end of the season between three teams.  Las Vegas lines have a clear favorite for the division followed by the Patriots and Dolphins fighting for a wild card spot.

Anything can happen throughout a season but the Buffalo Bills are are on a different level than the other three teams in the division. Maybe the Jets win more games than they should, maybe the Dolphins don’t win as many as they should and maybe the Patriots make it interesting until the end.

Either way, looks like we have another exciting race ahead. We will be discussing the Las Vegas NFL lines and each teams odds for the season. We will list the average for most Las Vegas future odds and highlight the best moneylines from the most popular football online betting sites.

For example if a player likes the Jets to win the Super Bowl than the player should go to Fan Duel and place the bet at +15,000 where most online sites like Bovada and Draft Kings have +12,000 or +13,000.

A successful handicapper is always going to have multiple lines, odds, and bonuses from a few different Sportsbooks.  It’s smart to take advantage of each sportsbooks’ incentives and odds.

New York Jets +2200          Over/Under 5.5.

The Jets were yet again one of the worst teams in the league last year. They finish 4-13 and were awarded with the fourth overall pick in the draft in which they selected stud cornerback Ahmad Gardner from Cincinnatti.

They showed some potential and had some exciting moments especially at home winning three of thier 4 games. The New York fans are hopeful for Zach Wilson this year who’s actually surrounded by some pretty good talent. The Jets quietly had a very good off-season, they made some very valuable picks in the draft and picked up some quality veterans without making any huge splashes.

Nobody is talking about the Jets, and why should they? The defense will be better this year and they have some play makers that can help Zach Wilson in his sophomore year. There is a possibility that the Jets will be much better than they were last year but the play of Zach Wilson will determine how interesting they can make it.

Las Vegas sportsbooks arn’t buying it. They are tied with the Jaguars ranked to finish second to last  in the AFC. Everybody thinks the same of the Jets and the Las Vegas lines is exactly where it should be. With very little attention from the media, little to no action from the public, and low expectationsthe Jets might be able to make thier fans happy this year.

+15,000 to win the Super Bowl                                      +8000 to win the AFC

Bovada +12,500   DraftKings +13,000   FanDuel +15,000

 Miami Dolphins +475  Over/Uner 8.5

The Dr. Jekylle and Mr. Hyde team of the year was definetly the Miami Dolphins. Miami was a team like the NFL has never seen before. They were the first team in history to lose seven games in a row and then win seven games in a row.

They couldn’t finish the miracle comeback year and ended up missing the playoffs. The Dolphins made  some big splashes in the off-season and created some buzz around them causing some to pick them as a suprise team. 

Despite most people being unsure of Tua at quarterback, there is some action on Miami. The trade for one of the biggest threats in football in Tyreek Hill and additions of some talented veterans has the fans excited for the potential.

What is Vegas telling us here? The media has been hyping up Miami in the off-season a bit with the big moves and the public seems to be buying into them.  Las Vegas odds makers could have played into all the attention and have easily set the odds to reflect that they will be better than last season. That was not the case.

Las Vegas has the win total at 8.5 despite the hype indicating they do not believe the Dolphins will be better this year. There has been some action on Miami and enough people seem to believe they have the talent to upset a team like Buffalo this year.

Dolphins are talented, young, and deep so they could be a playoff team and most casual betters will be taking the over. The right play seems to be to side with Las Vegas odds makers and take the under on this one.

The win total at most Las Vegas sportsbooks and online sites is set at 8.5. Fan Duel is one of the few at 9, so if you think the Dolphins are going to be worse than last year then sign up for Fan Duel and take the under for a slight advantage.

+4000 to win the Super Bowl +2200 to win the AFC. Pretty much the same everywhere.

Win total Over/Under 9 @ Fan Duel.

New England Patriots +475.         Over/Under 8.5

Patriots made the playoffs only to get blown out by Buffalo in the wildcard game. Most of the media and the experts have Dolphins finishing second behind the Bills with little to no mention of the Patriots this year.

The Las Vegas line is is not telling us much on this one because everybody seems to believe the patriots won’t be as good as last year, so if anything the under would be more geared towards the public. The media is actually hyping up one fact that the Patriots didn’t do much in the off-season. Most believe they don’t have enough fire power to be contenders.

Bill Belichick is still the head coach and even though they don’t have an offensive coordinator named, this team is going to be in the mix in January.  Las Vegas odds set the perfect number to get the right amount of money for both sides which should be the case for all games.  We won’t be able to side with Vegas on this one so it’s going to be up to our individual opinions of what the Patriots will be this year. Nobody’s gonna call anybody crazy which ever way they choose. If New England is good this year then the talk mof Bill Bilichick as the GOAT will get louder.

+4000 to win the Super Bowl +2200 to win the

Bovada +5000 to win the Super Bowl +2200 to win the AFC

DraftKings +5000 to win the Super Bowl +2200 to win the AFC

FanDuel +4000 to win the Super Bowl plus 2100 to win the AFC

If you like the Patriots to have a miracle season then place your wager at Bovada.

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Everybody is the same at a win total of 8.5.

Buffalo Bills -230                Over/Under 11.5

The Buffalo Bills were one of the dominant teams last year and finished 11-6. They blew out division rival New England Patriots in the wildcard game at home 47-17. The spread on that game was 4.5 and Las Vegas wrapped up a gift to the public on that one. They went on to face the Kansas City Chiefs in what was one of the best playoff games ever played but lost in overtime. Josh Allen didn’t get his chance in overtime but most people watching the game felt that this qaurterback will be special for a long time in the NFL.

Buffalo Bills managed to keep most of their main guys but they did blose a lot of their back ups and seemed to replace them with just as good or better back ups. They had a pretty good off-season and improved in a few different positions. Also had a good draft and the Bills fans are definetly excited about Buffalo football this season.

Las Vegas odds makers played into that notion and agreed making the bills the favorite to win the division, the favorite to win AFC, and the favorite to win the Super Bowl. The Buffalo Bills are the Super Bowl favorites on every sportsbook and online betting site, so its safe to say the Bills won’t be surprising anybody this year.

The storyline would be ideal for the Bills to be in the divisional and conference games at least, with Las Vegas accomadating that with the odds, it does seem like a high probability of that happening.

+550 or +600 to win Super Bowl        +300 to win AFC

If a player likes the Bills to win the Super Bowl or the AFC Championship game then sign up and play this one for +600 or +350 for the AFC instead of +275 at many now.

AFC East Showdown

It’s pretty safe to say the AFC East won’t disappoint this year. Buffalo Bills will be tough for any team to beat and these division games between these 4 are usually close fought games.. Most people have Buffalo winning the division, and by most people I mean nearly all people.
The players that want to pick the exact finish of the division for a big payout than they would need to check out Bovada. Bovada has big payouts if a player can call the exact finish.  Although, they might be telling us they don’t want anymore action on the Bills to win the division because that wager is no longer available on Bovada. You can place a bet on the top two finishers but won’t be able to place a bet on the Bills winning the division.

The Las Vegas NFL lines don’t give us a big tip on the AFC East unlike some of the other divisions. If anything it feels like Las Vegas oddsmakers want more action on Dolphins and Patriots and a little less on Bills. Let’s see if it rises above -230 as we get to the start.

As players it’s our job to make sure we are ready with different sportsbooks for the season, this division is a great example of that. If you don’t have these online sportsbooks then sign up to get ready for the season.

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Leave a comment, let us know who you got to win the East? Agree with our take? Disagree? Any shockers?

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