The rest of the NFC South was extremely excited at the end of last year when Tom Brady announced his retirement.  Three of four teams immediately celebrated as it was anybody’s division to win. The Las Vegas NFL line had all four teams bunched up much closer together.

A few short months later Tom Brady decided to not retire and play at least one more year. Then, it was the  Buccaneers division again, just like that. The Las Vegas NFL Line jumped right back to the Bucs being a big favorite to win the division again.

Las Vegas odds makers didn’t really have a choice in this one. The Saints are the closest one to the Bucs and actually good enough to give us pause for thought here. New Orleans has a great defense, but not enough consistency on offense, Winston will determine most of that.

Tthe Panthers have a chance to surprise people but most likely a few pieces away to be able to keep up with the big boys of the league even if they do have a good season. Then you have the Falcons who are too far away to even consider.

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 Atlanta Falcons +3000           Over/Under 4.5

The Atlanta Falcons will enter the season without qaurterback Matt Ryan for the first time in 14 years. Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder will be the quarterbacks for the Falcons this year.

The Falcons need help on the offensive line, they lack serious weapons and their defense is not very good at all. Las Vegas NFL line tells us the odds makers believe they will be much worse than last years 7–10 record. The win total is set at 4.5 and it actually looks like its even action, which Vegas wants us to believe is what they want.

They probably could still get even money at five and some casual butters think they have a chance of being better than last year. Las Vegas seems to be enticing players to go over and daring most to go under. One thing is for sure, minus the die hard fan nobody is going to feel good about placing a wager on the Atlanta Falcons this year.

Carolina Panthers +900  Over/Under 6.5

The Panthers were the worst team in the division last year at 5–12. Too many injuries including McCaffrey being out most of the year was the main culprit of the dissapointing season. Las Vegas accommodated that opinion with a win total of 6.5. 

The hot news from Carolina is Baker Mayfield is the new sherriff in town. Baker Mayfield has a new stadium to call his home. He’s going to come in with a chip on his shoulder and will try to prove to the NFL that he is an elite quarterback. Mayfield will be an upgrade from last year’s quarterback combination of Sam Darnold, Cam Newton, and PJ Walker.

The offensive line is not what Baker is used to in Cleveland but he does have weapons around him starting with one of the best running backs in the league in Christian McCaffrey. The Panthers have a shot of being better this year and if the team can get behind Baker they will be able to surprise some people this year.

This is another example of why it’s so great to have multiple sportsbooks. Most places have Carolina at +900 but BetOnline has it currently  at +1500. Obviously that won’t affect most of us but it comes in handy every action day.

New Orleans Saints +325        Over/Under 8.5

Most fans think of the Saints and they still think high explosive offense, but those are the people that haven’t watch the Saints the last two years. New Orleans Saints has one of the best defenses in the league and they could be even better than they were last year with additions of Tyrann Mathieu, Marcus Maye, CJ Gardner Johnson and Marshon Lattimore giving them one of the best secondaries in the league to go along with a very good pass rush. Watch out!

Let’s not forget Winston is a pro bowl qaurterback and if he can minimize his turnovers he does have a chance to be a great qaurterback.  The team was able to go 9–8 last year with Taysom Hill, Trevor Siemian, and Ian book so a healthy Jameis Winston will be an upgrade especially if he can limit his turnovers.

The offense will definetly be more explosive this year and Saints will not be an easy win for anybody. Let’s not forget Jameis Winston can put up some crazy numbers so if he can limit his turnovers, this is a playoff team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -275    Over/Under 11.5

Hey Las Vegas, tell us Tampa Bay is going to win the division without telling us they’re going to win the division. Las Vegas says OK if you want to win $100 then you must pay almost $300 for the Bucs or almost $30 on the Saints and about $12 on the Panthers.

The Buccaneers should win the division but maybe not by a huge margin. The media has been promoting the Bucs to be a Super Bowl contender of course but not as much as a couple other teams.  Tom Brady will be going for his eighth ring and nobody is going to be able to count them out. If Tom Brady is playing he’s going to win the division and he’s going to be in the mix for the Super Bowl.

Out of all the divisions in the league, this would be the most safest pick by far for but you will have to pay for it. Las Vegas -275 line tells us they agree. The next closest favorite to win the division are the Buffalo Bills at -225. Buffalo is favorite to win the Super Bowl by most and Tampa Bay is right after them. Tom Brady is the play here and anything else will be a gamble. Here at Las Vegas odds we don’t really like to gamble.

We do have a small newsflash if you didn’t know… The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win the NFC South. Although the sportsbooks didn’t have much of a choice with the closest team being the Saints. It’s all set up nicely for the Bucs, let’s see how it turns out. We have them winning it all this year.

NFC South

A couple surprises are possible here. The Saints and the Panthers could both be much better than people think especially the Saints. If New Orleans can keep on playing top-five defense and have Jameis Winston play at a high-level at the same time then they will be a force in the NFL.

Yes there might be some suprises but the Falcons will most likely be at the bottom and Tampa Bay at the top. Anything can happen throughout a 17 game season so lets not go all in and count the Panthers and Saints out just yet.

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Leave a comment below if you have any questions, feedback, observations, or to give your thoughts. Does anyone strongly agree with us? Does anyone smell an upset brewing? Any Cinderella team alerts? Let us know and lets see your predictions.

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