The NFC West has three teams that are ready to take over. The Super Bowl Rams are the favorite to win the division again this year, and not many are debating that. Very few fans are picking one of the other three teams to win the division but most admit it could be very close.

The Las Vegas NFL betting lines dismissed an opportunity to put the Rams at negative odds. It’s interesting most sportsbooks still have positive odds at +125. Las Vegas appears to be happy with the action coming in on the Rams and welcoming more. The lines have not adjusted much despite bthe action, hmmm.

For many fans it’s not a far-fetched idea that the NFC West can represent the NFL as champions again this year. According to the NFL betting lines the West won’t be as good as last. The west is the only division that has each teams’ win total less than last years’ wins.

San Francisco is not too far behind and Arizona, not too far behind that comes Seattle picked to finish near the bottom of the NFL. Every team is positive money so pick a team and go for it. Heres the basics.

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Seattle Seahawks +1600         Over/Under 5.5

Seattle was 7-10 last year and everyone’s expecting them to be worse this year without their star quarterback Russell Wilson. Russel gets a fresh start in Denver with a much more talented team and has a shot at the title. Seahawks don’t have a shot at any title this year, of any kind.

Everybody is on the same page with this one, believing Seattle doesn’t have a chance this season. Vegas set the win total at 5.5 which seems about right for even action.

Not much else to say.  Pete Carroll is going to try to run the football and play tough defense so you can never count his teams quite out before the season starts. Although this is as close as you can get to doing that.

We are picking them to win the first game against Russel Wilson but losing 8 out of the next 10 after that. They should be competing for the #1 draft pick next year. What do you think? Worst team?

Arizona Cardinals +350           Over/Under 8.5

Arizona started off as the hottest team in the league last year winning the first seven games until they ran into Green Bay. They finished 11-6 and showed a lot of promise with all the young talent on the roster.

They got in the playoffs as the #5 seed to play the 4 seed division rival and eventual champion Los Anegeles Rams. The Cardinals got blown out from there. They simply were outmatched by the Rams from start to finish winning 34-11. The season somewhat felt like a success because they are very young and have much room for improvement still.

Las Vegas does not believe Arizona will be as good as they were last year posting a win total of 8.5. The Cardinals will have to start the first six games without their star receiver DeAndre Hopkins. They did add Kyler Murray’s former college teammate Marquice Brown to give them a serious deep breath so we’ll see how they can start out. 

San Francisco 49ers +175       Over/Under 9.5

The 49ers finished third in the west at 10-7 to earn the #6 seed in the playoffs.  They headed to Dallas for the wildcard round and completed a big upset of the #3 seed to win 23–17. The game was a great one and it came down to the very end until time ran out on Dallas.

It didn’t get any easier for San Francisco. They were then tasked to face the #1 seed Green Bay Packers in the divisional round and played an amazing game. It was a little suspicious when the line opened up at -6 when even action would’ve easily been attained at -8. Vegas wanted Packer action and they got it, cleaned up that weekend.

49ers squeaked by Green Bay 13-10 and they did it with defense for the second playoff game in a row. The niner defense kept Aaron Rodgers without a touchdown pass and ended it with a field goal by Robbie Gold as time expired to get the incredible upset of most peoples Super Bowl pick.

The 49ers were one game away from the Super Bowl when they had to go to Los Angeles to play the high powered offense. The Niners defense played tough once again but Matthew Stafford had too many weapons as he threw for 337 yards and two touchdowns. Odell Beckham was the difference with 9 catches 113 yards.

San Francisco was quite this offseason for the most part and not too much attention going thier way, good thing for them.

Los Angeles Rams +125            Over/Under 10.5

The Super Bowl champion Rams finished 12-5 in the regular season and got into the playoffs as the #4 seed. They won a blowout vs division rival Cardinals and shocked the NFL with an upset over the Bucs. That set up another division matchup between the 49ers squeking by to end up in the Super Bowl beating the Cincinnati Bengals.

The media has been hyping up the Rams in the off-season expecting them to be a Super Bowl repeat contender and the public seems to be following.  With them winning the Super Bowl and everybody agreeing they can do it again Las Vegas sports books had an opportunity to put them high on the list. That did not happen.

The Rams are getting their share of action for this upcoming season and betters are loving the price at+1200. The Rams don’t seem like a bad play for the casual bettor and an easy nbet to make.  It seems like Las Vegas is perfectly fine with the extra action. The over under at 10.5 make it an enticing play for most casual players and there has been no adjustment from the sports books. Let’s listen to what Las Vegas is telling us here.

NFC West Future Odds

The Las Vegas NFL betting lines tell us a story in the NFC West. With media and public hype on the Rams Las Vegas has been around +130 and has not adjusted much. Action is coming in on the Rams yet Las Vegas clearly wasn’t trying to scare betters away from the Rams. The odds makers didn’t take the opportunity and almost seem to be inviting players to Wager on the Rams this year.

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