Las Vegas NFL betting lines offer a few tips if anybody is observing carefully. First, it’s important to gauge the media hype and public perception when attempting to read a line. An understanding of what the consensus is necessary and some are stronger than others.

We chose the picture for NFC South because this might be a chance for a suprise pick to wager a little to win alot. Well, NFC North here we go.

This division has one of the stronger consensus out of all the divisions. Green Bay dominated the division last year with a undefeated 8–0 record at Lambeau Field to finish 13–4.  Vikings missed the playoffs again at 8–9 and Bears, Lions were at the bottom again.

This year no one’s debating the Packers will win the division again. Las Vegas NFL betting line is only at -155 to win the division. HMMM?

As observers we can probably notice Las Vegas and online sportsbooks will win some extra money if Packers do not win the division this year at only -155. Right? 

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Chicago Bears +1100      Over/Under 6.5

Chicago finished 6-11 and started off decent with a 3-2 record. From there, five weeks in a row they ran into big heavyweights playing Packers, Buccaneers, 49ers, Steelers, and Ravens. All of a sudden they were 3–7.

Chicago was competitive all year and played most of those matchups very tough.  Media hype and public attention have been low as usual but Las Vegas doesn’t appear to budge off that 6.5 win total. Not many are believing in the Bears this year and most casual fans are taking the under. If your a Bears fan , heres your chance.

Justin Fields has a shot at being really good and the Bears defense is not bad so Bears fans do love that over. Seems like not too many Bears fans like to wager, heres the big chance, 6.5.

Da Bears where are you at? Can they get 7 wins? We say yes, let’s see.

Detroit Lions +850              Over/Under 6.5

The consensus from the public and the media is Detroit will be better this year. Coach Campbell has brought his intensity to the Lions and his squad seems to be backing him up. Who has faith in the Lions?

The Lions are another team that won’t have people rushing to the windows with any number the sportsbooks put up.  Vegas did have a little cushion and chose to use it at 6.5 for the win total.

It appears more action has come in on the under also and it’s safe to assume more bets will continue to come in on the under.  Interesting to note there has been no adjustment from Las Vegas sportsbooks. They seem very happy with the action of this division.

This is another line where it feels like Las Vegas is welcoming under bets. Two in a row, lets check out Minnesota.

Minnesota Vikings +250      Over/Under 9.5

The Las Vegas NFL betting line for the NFC North let’s us know right away what the oddsmakers think of Minnesota this year. Minnesota finished 8-9 last year missing the playoffs and little to no hype from the media or public.

Most fans won’t trust Kirk Cousins to win 10 games enough to wager on it. The sportsbooks had an oppurtunity to get evenish money at 8.5 buBut chose to make it more interesting at 9.5. There has been some action on Minnesota with the under Las Vegas is chilling hat.

Quiet offseason with and not much on Minnesota as well it shouldn’t it shouldn’t have been a huge concern for Las Vegas to make the number of wins higher than last year. That nobody is going to rush to the ticket windows to back their quarterback Kirk cousins, betting on cousins to win 10 games is very dangerous and it seems like Vegas had no problem with it.

Green Bay Packers -155     Over/Under 10.5

Here’s the fishy line we mentioned in the intro. Most players at first glance are going to jump on the over on this one. Packers won 13 games last year and earned the number one seed. The media has been hyping them up all off-season making them a favorite for the Super Bowl. Most fans seem to agree.

The Las Vegas NFL betting line says they’re the second favorite in front of the Super Bowl champions. Either way, most fans look it as comforting to know their wager will be on a top 3 Qb if not the best along with a very good defense in what is supposed to be a weak division.

The way the lines came out, Vegas is tipping us we might be in for a suprise. The total of 11.5 or 12 would still have received even action and setting it at 10.5 makes it a little more enticing for Packer fans. What else does it do? It gives us that like to side with Vegas an opportunity.

Green Bay is one of those teams that is always going to receive some action, Vegas usually accommodates that with the line. Not this time.

The line is finally adjusting and up to -190 now which is what it should be.

NFC South Suprise?

Deciding between Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins to win the division would have most people in agreement.  it would be a lot easier to place the wager on Green Bay in this case, easy money right? Hmmm

If fans are looking for a surprise like we get every year, the NFC south might be the one to give it to us. Let’s see.

Leave us a comment and let us know your opinion. First who’s going to win it? Second, if not Packers then who? A smart move would be to go small on an upset and possibly create leverage for the middle of the season. If so who you got?

You agree with our line read and our take or strongly disagree?

Green Bay Packers-190

Minnesota Vikings+260

Detroit Lions+1000

Chicago Bears+1500

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