Las Vegas money lines for the AFC South winner have a clear cut favorite in the Indianapolis Colts. The media hype has been quite on this division and not a lot of attention has been given to these four teams.

The sportsbooks don’t have much to worry about with the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Houston Texans. Can we be so sure with so many changes in the leadership roles with both teams? Doug Pederson and Lovie Smith have thier chance to turn a franchise around.

The Las Vegas moneyline from a handicappers perspective indicates the Las Vegas sports books are perfectly fine with action coming in on the Titans. It will be a fun battle to watch this year and Las Vegas future odds have it as a two team battle.

Current Odds and Sportsbook Bonus Options

Houston Texans +2500         Over/Under 4.5

Most people are picking the Texans to finish dead last in the NFL, yet alone the division. They were 4-13 last year and should improve with a coach the team will respect in Lovie Smith. It’s safe to say Lovie Smith will not be playing out this year to get the number one draft pick next season like the Texans have done in the past.. 

We will get to see if Davis Mills can be a starting quarterback in the league. Most people seem to already know the answer. Mills did finish strong last year showing he can read defenses and does have a very dangerous weapon in Brandin Cooks.  Cooks will undoubtably be the number one target but they do have some young talent that will be trying to make a name for themselves.

The Texans don’t have enough to contend for the division but do have a chance at being competetitive and suprising the world here and there throughout the season. Las Vegas money line has Texans and the Falcons with the lowest win total and it appears most people would take the under in this case.

Houston will love thier new coach and compete a little harder than they did for the last one.

+3,000 to win the Super Bowl.                      +15,000 to win the AFC

Jacksonville Jagaurs +750   Over/Under 6.5

The public perception seems to be the same on Jacksonville, they arn’t very good.The Jags were 3-14 last year and it was obvious that most of the team did not like the head coach.

Many people are hoping they do better after the unpopular Urban Meyer one year disaster. The win total shows the odds makers are expecting them to be better this season.  New head coach Doug Pederson is known for developing young qaurterbacks and will have his shot with the talented Trevor Lawrence.

Jacksonville will be a completely new team this year after getting rid of most of Urban Meyers’ guys. The truth is we don’t quite know exactly what to expect from Jacksonville this year, we can expect them to play with more intensity than they did last year and Vegas agrees without any hype around them.

Not too many people are going to be jumping on the over 6.5 for Jacksonville, but it doesn’t seem like a bad play.

+15,000 to win the Super Bowl                          +8000 to win the AFC

Tennessee Titans +170         Over/Under 9.5

The Las Vegas money line has only one team in the AFC South regressing from last season. The Titans were the number one seed last year and earned home field advantage with a first round bye. They lost a very close 19–16 game in the divisional round to the eventual AFC champions. Tennessee hey had plenty of chances to win but couldnt close out the Cincinnatti Bengals.

As the returning number one seed the Las Vegas odds of Titans win total at 9.5 this year does make it very appealing for casual betters to pound on the over. It appears the fair share of action for the division has been on Tennessee and Las Vegas has not adjusted. The Las Vegas sports books seem very happy at where the line is at.

Tennessee dominated the division and it seems like the odds makers had an opportunity to lower the money line for the division. They chose not to react to early public action and the line has stayed still.

The money line at +170 should be a warning sign to the pro handicappers. The Titans do have big downgrade at the wide receiver position with AJ Brown and Julio Jones both gone. The addition of Robert Woods softens the blow a bit, but not much.

The public likes the Titans and the media talks well about them but Las Vegas odds only have them at +170 behind the Colts.  Pro handicapper or not, you should be able to smell something is up here.

+4000 to win Super Bowl.                                +1600 to win AFC

Indianapolis Colts -125.        Over/Under 9.5

The Las Vegas money line gives us another big tip here. Who’s talking about the Colts? Ummm anybody?  Besides Pat McAfee.

Matt Ryan and the Colts haven’t garnered much attention despite thier productive offseason and big time addition of Stephon Gilmore. The media seems to be downplaying the additions and progress of the Colts.

The Las Vegas money line lets us know the oddsmakers believe we will have a new division king this year. They could’ve gotten away with a closer line but the Colts are the clear cut favorite to win the division.

As the favorite Indianapolis has the same win total projection as the Titans which will be interesting to see if Vegas adjusts the number to 10.

+2000 to win the super Bowl                                +1200 to win AFC

AFC South Las Vegas Money Lines

The AFC will look completely different this year. Let’s epect the unexpected this year with the AFC South but the Colts do seem to check all the boxes for new division leader.

The two bottom teams have potential to suprise people with a few more wins than last year but don’t have the firepower to be serious contenders.  The Titans have some talent to contend but Vegas doesn’t seem to believe this year as they passed on an oppurtunity to inflate or deflate rather the line.

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Indianapolis Colts -135  Tennessee Titans +185.  Jacksonville Jaguars +750  Houston Texans +280

Suprises might be brewing but the Indianapolis Colts are the play here.

Let us know who you have down below. Any surprise calls this year? Disagree or Agree with our take?

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