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Today we will we will be looking at the Las Vegas futures odds for the AFC West and see if there’s a hot bet to place. Picking a team now could also set up leverage for later in the season and set up a hedge opportunity. The idea of buying low and selling high will be the focus according to the Las Vegas odds. The sports books agree that the AFC west is the toughest division.

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AFC West- The Wild Wild West

Hands down the toughest division in the NFL, there are no easy games in the wild wild west. The only other division where all four teams can be very dangerous could possibly be the AFC North. If the Browns and Steelers can manage to be competitive than they would be a close second. Even if that happens the fire power won’t match the AFC west.

The west has had some explosions this off-season highlighted by three blockbuster trades involving Davante Adams to the Raiders, Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos and stud pass rusher Khalil Mack to Los Angeles. All three players can completely change a franchise and all three players are talented enough to do just that.

The Chiefs and the Raiders both made the playoffs last year with the Chargers being a tie away from getting Justin Herberts’ first start in a playoff game. The Denver Broncos finished in last place at 7-10 and showed flashes of a dominating defense. With Russell Wilson at the helm the Broncos have a leader they can believe in and follow. All four teams have a top 15 quarterback with a very good supporting cast.

This will be the showdown to watch in the NFL. The long time favorite of the west are at +160 to win the division and a close second and third place are the Los Angeles Chargers and the Denver Broncos with the betting odds set at +250 and +260.

Las Vegas Raiders +650  Over/Under 8.5

The Raiders went 10-7 last year, 4-5 at home, and 5-3 away winning the last four games of the season to get into the playoffs. Las Vegas earned a playoff game in Cincinatti and entered the game as 6 point dogs losing the game 26-17. The season was filled with drama surrounding thier former coach Jon Gruden and seemed to come together at the end of the season.Raiders stadium scoreboard

Las Vegas made some of the biggest noise in the offseason with the key additions of receivers Davante Adams from the  Packers and Demarcus Robinson from the Chiefs along with running back Brandon Bolden from New England. On the defensive side they added a crucial piece in  pass rusher Chandler Jones from Cardinals giving Maxx Crosby a big impact partner to attack opposing qaurterbacks. They didn’ have too many significant departures besides defensive end Yannick Nagaki replaced by Chandler, and backup quarterback Marcus Mariota.

The Raiders decided to make a huge splash this off-season acquiring the best receiver in the NFL Davante Adams pairing him with Derek Carr. The media was all over this story and started hyping up the pairing of longtime friends from Fresno State and the impact this would have on thier Super Bowl aspirations. The Las Vegas sportsbooks kept calm only dropping the odds to +4000 from +5000 indicating the odds makers wern’t expecting as much of an impact as the media.

Once they solidified thier power duo on offense they decided to give Maxx Crosby a QB attacking partner by bringing in Chandler Jones from the Cardinals. Now they should be able to put pressure on the quarterback on one side of the ball and put points on the board on the other side.

One of the bigger weaknesses for the Raiders last year was their ability to protect Derek Carr. With no significant upgrades to the offensive line in the off-season it remains the biggest concern going into this regular season.

Las Vegas odds has the Raiders finishing last in the AFC west  at +650 and most casual betters find that as a decent play. The odds makers are telling us that the Raiders might not be as good as some talking heads are making the public think. Unless you’re a die-hard Raider fan, betting on the Las Vegas Raiders to win the AFC west might not be the smartest decision. Nearly all the sports books have the Raiders at +650 with a couple books like FanDuel putting them at +700.

It will be interesting to see if Josh Mc Daniels can turn this team into a winner but it looks like the Las Vegas odds makers think they are at least one year away.

+2200 to win AFC            +4000 to win the Super Bowl.

Las Vegas NFL odds believes they are a year away.

Denver Broncos +260  Over/Under 10

One of the suprise teams last year was the 7-10 Denver Broncos. They were 4-5 at home and 3-5 away to end the season, but they were 7-6 with a chance to make the playoffs before they lost the last four games of the regular season.

The Denver Broncos proved  to be a a very tough minded team last year with a stingy defense and serious potential to be a playoff team. The rushing attack showed sequences of dominance throughout the season with the great running back combo of Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams.

They decided to go after the biggest name quarterback on the market and they believe Russell Wilson is the man to take Denver to the next level. Built on defense, a pretty good offensive line and a great running game it makes sense to think a veteran winner like Wilson can be the leader they need to shock the football world.

The Broncos didn’t stop there as they gave a couple big contracts to defensive lineman Randy Gregory and DJ Jones. These two pieces are underrated and will help out the defense immediately. The other immediate upgrade on defense will be having a healthy Bradley Chubb this year.

Broncos kept most of the core intact only losing a few players like Teddy Bridgewater, Drew Locke at qaurterback and  tight and Noah Fant. Showing a great foundation last year Russell Wilson immediately makes them better and a viable contender to win the AFC west division. Las Vegas sportsbooks definetly  agree with a +260 chance to win the division and decreasing the odds number to win the super bowl from +3500 to +2000 after the Russel Wilson trade.

Broncos won’t be getting as much action for the AFC west title as the Chiefs or even the Chargers, yet they are only slightly behind them on the odds. Are the Vegas Sportsbooks trying to tell us something?

+850 to win AFC.             +1600-1800 to win the Super Bowl

It seems like Las Vegas believes in Denver this year, so maybe we should too. The odds tell us Las Vegas expects the Denver Broncos to win over 10 games this year. Wow.

Kansas City Chiefs +155   Over/Under 10.5

The very talented Chiefs finished 12-5 last year going 7-2 at home and 5-3 on the road. They beat Pittsburgh in the wild card round 42-21 and then squeaked by a very good Buffalo team at Arrowhead Stadium in an epic divisional round playoff game 42-36.The Chiefs missed out on going to the Super Bowl for the third straight year by losing a nailbiter to the Cincinnati Bengals 27-24 in the AFC championship game. Chiefs run it back flag

The Chiefs are one of the most dominant teams in the NFL led by the best head coach-quarterback combo in the league. Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes will put their team in a position to win almost every game. Nobody will call a play for the Chiefs to win the division a bad call but the odds are telling us to be careful.

Right after the Super Bowl the Chiefs were the favorite to win Super Bowl 57 until Tyreek Hill got traded to Miami and since the odds have been placed at +1000 for them to win the Super Bowl. They are currently the third favorite to win it all and definetly the most popular pick to win the tough AFC west.

The over/under on the win total is placed at 10.5 and most betters seem to think they will get at least 11 wins. The sports books probably would’ve been able to get even action at 11.5 or even 11 but decided to make it 10.5 which makes it a little more enticing for the casual better. It might be crazy to pick the Chiefs to get less than 10 wins but that seems to be the play after this line read.

+500 to win the AFC                     +1000 to win the Super Bowl

We might have a new king of the west, it will be interesting. If you do like the Chiefs Bovada is currently offering +550.

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Los Angeles Chargers +240   Over/Under 10

The Los Angeles Chargers lost a heartbreaking loss last year to miss thier chance at a playoff game. They finished the year 9-8 with a 5-4 record at home and a 4-4 record on the road. Chargers flag blowing in the wind at the stadium.

The Chargers were very busy this off-season making a few big splashes highlighted by Khalil Mack, JC Jackson and the underrated defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph Day. They re-signed emerging star wide receiver Mike Williams and have one more year experience  with the combo of Brandon Staley and Justin Herbert. NFL fans really got to see how good Justin is last season and many people believe he can be a top three quarterback.

The Chargers had a decent defense last year that looked good at times and horrible in others. Derwin James being healthy seems to be the determining factor on how good this defense can be.

They had a few holes last year and definetly addressed them this off-season. The big decision to trade for one of the best pass rushers in the league Khalil Mack and  pairing him with one of the other best in Joey Bosa gives them the best past rushing duo in the league.

They didn’t stop there , went ahead and got one of the best cornerbacks in the league in JC Jackson which should give them one of the best duos in the secondary pairing him with the monster Derwin James. If the defense can stay healthy which they haven’t been able to do the last few years, they can be a dominating force in the league.

With a dominating defense and various amounts of talent on offense led by Justin Herbert, theres no wonder why Las Vegas is expecting some noise from the Chargers this year. Los Angeles Chargers at +240 makes them a very interesting pick to win the AFC west.

Most betters will be hesitant because of the Chargers reputation of choking late in games and late in the season. Brandon Staley has done his best to change the mindset and culture with his gutsy style coaching and it looks like the players believe in him. This wouldn’t be a bad pick to gain some leverage later on in the year because the Chargers have so much talent on both sides of the ball that it’s hard to imagine they won’t be in the picture in January.

+750 to win the AFC.                  +1400 to win the Super Bowl

The Chargers or Broncos would be a great leverage pick for later on in the season.

AfC West Best Bets

The AFC West might be the hardest division to call this year and definitely will be the most exciting to watch. With four very good quarterbacks and talent around each of them, it really is anybody’s division. Las Vegas sports books tells us this will be the closest race in the NFL. The lines they sent also tell us to watch out for the Broncos and the Chargers.

The Chiefs at+155 would have to start off extremely hot for the odds to get worse so there is a high chance that the odds will get better for the Chiefs later in the season. The Chargers and Broncos opened up not too far behind letting us know what Las Vegas thinks of them. If either team starts off hot, the odds will severely diminish and create some leverage to hedge the bet and guarantee profits.

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Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Do you agree this is the toughest division? Who’s your pick for the AFC West? Who does everyone have for the week 1 showdown between Chargers and Raiders? Any questions or feedback let us know.

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