Las Vegas future odds gives us insight on what the oddsmakers are expecting. How they react to the public can give us a tip on the correct play before the start of the season. The odds for the AFC North tell quite a story. Based on the numbers, this division is poised to be one of the most comepetitive division races in the league.

The media hype has been heavily invested in the young and talented AFC champion Cincinnatti Bengals. The Las Vegas future odds indicate that the sports books don’t mind the extra action.  The AFC North football teams are expected to battle it out with only one team as a big underdog and alot of attention drawn thier way.

The AFC Champions are the second favorite to win the division behind the very tough Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore tops the list to win the division at +155. The Browns will be without starting quarterback for most likely the first six weeks and the sports books still have Cleveland at +300.

In this article we are going to review the  Las Vegas future odds in the perspective of the odds makers or the sports books.  We will examine what action Vegas is happy with and what teams the sports books are trying to steer the public away from.

Here are the AFC North football teams odds to win the division and the win total lines.

Pittsburgh Steelers +900   Over/Under 7.5

Pittsburgh Steeler memorabilia

The Las Vegas NFL odds have picked the Pittsburgh Steelers dead last to win the division for the first time in over 20 years. +900 to win the division does seem a little excessive due to the fact that head coach Mike Tomlin has never missed the playoffs. Las Vegas seems to think this year will be his first. 

Pittsburgh Steelers with a long history of winning and tradition, enter this season with a new qaurterback in
Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky will be the determining factor if the Steelers can make some noise in the division. He turns 28 this year and still a young qaurterback with a few years experience as a starter. He will have an oppurtunity to surprise people this year. There is one constant we can count on, Steelers will have a good defense.

7.5 as the win total does give us a tip on what Las Vegas thinks of Pittsburgh. Maybe the line is precisely where it should be but Pittsburgh has one of the most loyal followings in the league and they always seem to get action just on the premise of them being the Pittsburgh Steelers. Setting a line that would put Pittsburgh under 500 for the first time in the  Mike Tomlin era will garner some attention from futures’ bettors.

Most will expect a mike Tomlin coached team to be very tough, extremely disciplined and have many dogs on the team. This type of football with a good defense has the ability to be very competetive and nobody is going to call anybody crazy for believing that the Steelers can get eight wins this year. Las Vegas odds makers made it a little more enticing to take the over at 7.5 instead of 8 which they could’ve easily gotten away with.

Las Vegas is welcoming some Pittsburgh action for some reason and seems happy with the line. We know that Pittsburgh will have a good defense this year and we know they will try to focus on running the football, but the key will come down to the play of Mitchell Trubisky. The additions of Myles Jack and Levi Wallace will make a good defense even better right away.

Pittsburgh will not be in the Super Bowl conversation but it is hard to imagine them as an easy victory for other teams. Over 7.5 seems to be a decent play for the casual bettor and the loyal Steeler fan. Under 7.5 seems to be siding with Las Vegas and that is never a bad idea.

Pittsburgh +4000 to win AFC                +8000 to win Super Bowl

Cleveland Browns +300      Over/Under 8.5

Last year the Browns had high expectations and dissapointed again. They finished the season 8-9 overall with a 6-3 record at home and 2-6 on the road. Browns definetly showed flashes of having a great rushing attack and a great defense but could never put it all together for a few games in a row.

Many groups of people still believe believe that Cleveland is very talented and a great quarterback away from the Super Bowl. The Browns did what they had to do in order to get an elite talent qaurterback, even if it was a guy with a serious sexual harrassment problem. The things teams do to win. The starting qaurterback will most likely miss the first six games.  The first qaurter of the season looks like the easier part of the schedule as they start off with the Panthers, Jets,Steelers and Falcons.

The drama that will go on throughout the season for this franchise will be enough content for a soap opera or a spanish novela.  Jacoby  Brissett is a very good back up in the NFL who has played in 60 games and only has 17 interceptions.  He will take care of the football for the first six games and is surrounded with enough talent to do well against the teams on the schedule.  Jacoby will have an oppurtunity to showcase himself to the league as a 29 year old qaurterback that takes care of the football. The addition of Amari Cooper will help him on his mission to becoming a starting qaurterback in this league.

The action on Cleveland will be minimal but there are many people that believe Cleveland has the talent to go far but are missing a leader to take them there.The defense has potential to be elite and the running game can also be one of the best in the league. The Browns are built for success The drama surrounding them seems to be a natural fit for media  discussions at the end of the season. The NFL wins if Cleveland is in the mix in January.

Getting 9 wins without a star qaurterback doesnt have the future bettors running to the ticket windows. This line could have been lower but definetly not higher with the uncertainty at qaurterback. With all the attention on Baltimore and Cincinnati, lets watch out for the Browns getting off to a hot start. If they do start off hot it will set up a great leverage play for the Baltimore Ravens later on in the season.

Unpopular pick but lets watch out for the Browns to be better than people think this year. Maybe a hot start? Let’s wait for the ruling by the NFL on the amount of games the starting Qaurterback  will be suspended coming soon.

+1400 to win AFC                                +3000 to win Super Bowl

Cincinnati Bengals +180        Over/Under 9.5

If you win the division, win the conference and go to the Super Bowl, does that mean you are the favorite to win the division next season? Apparantly not, Cincinnati has been getting a lot of hype this off-season and Joe Burrow being an elite quarterback has been one of the main topics. He’s been getting some comparisons to another Qaurterback named Joe and now that he’s paired with another very young superstar in Ja’Marr Chase the media and public are expecting great things to come.

For the casual bettosr that love this exciting offense and menacing defense this play seems like a very hot pick. It does appear to be a sexy pick until you think about it. The Bengals were 10-7 last year and had a lot of things go their way. As a young team all we keep hearing from the media is how they can only get better from here.

Cincinnati addressed some of their holes especially on the offensive line and kept all the key players maintaining the consensus that the Bengals will be even better this year. .The experience of a greuling playoff schedule and playing in the big game can only help a young team like this.

After beating the Chiefs in the AFC championship game and losing a nailbiter to the Rams in the Super Bowl, the world knows what Cincinnati is capable of. Las Vegas had a real oppurtunity to set the odds closer to even and have just as much hype and action on the Bengals. They didn’t take it.

The Las Vegas future odds for the Bengals gives us a tip to stay away from a Bengals play, at least early on.

+1100 to win AFC                                     +2000 to win Super Bowl

Baltimore Ravens +155            Over/Under 9.5

With a well respected coach, an elite MVP caliber quarterback and a promising defense the Baltimore Ravens would be getting action no matter what Las Vegas set the lines at. The Ravens will be a top pick for many people in the near foreseeable future. 

Las Vegas is giving us a another tip here so let’s pay attention. The positioning  of the Ravens and the Bengles at +155 and +180 could’ve easily been switched. Both teams have the win totals set at 9.5 and the Ravens have the slight edge to be awarded a home playoff game.

A solid core that has been together for awhile now led by an MVP capable player makes it very possible for th Ravens to win it all this year. The hype and excitement around Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase and their other weapons easily gave the Las Vegas odds makers a chance to deflate the line for the Ravens. Las Vegas sports books decided not to, instead making this an enticing bet. Baltimore has a chance of running away with this division but with the idea in mind of buying low and selling high, waiting to see what unfolds a bit might be the best play.

Vegas might be telling us that the AFC champions will regress this year giving Baltimore a clear path to the division crown.

+1100 to win AFC.                                     +2000 to win Super Bowl

AFC North Football Teams Best Bets

This will be a tough division and exciting to watch. It will definetly be competitive and none of these teams will be competing for an early draft pick next year. All four teams are are out to prove something this year. Cincinnati has been the media darling in the off-season and the hype machine around Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase is real. Joe Burrow does seem to be the real deal but comparisons to the other Joe might be a little too early.

Baltimore is the favorite for a reason but let’s not forget about Cleveland which seems like the right small play at +300.  With the starting qaurterback coming back in the middle of the season and a chance to start off hot with an easier schedule the odds probably won’t be at +300 when he gets back. With groups of people believing Cincinnati can be one of the next dynasties, right now might not be the best time to punch your ticket for the Bengals.

Las Vegas odds is warning us to not forget about the Cleveland Browns. Here are the odds from Bovada. Make sure you take advantage of the $750 welcome bonus before the season if you haven’t already. Here is the $750 Bonus video and application. Click here for different BONUS options.

Bovada as of Monday August 29

Baltimore Ravens + 140.  Cincinnati Bengals. +170.  Cleveland Browns +375.   Pittsburgh Steelers +1000

Leave a comment and let us know who you got to win the division. Any of these teams for the Super Bowl?

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