We will be decoding Thursday Night Football through the language of Gematria. The Thusday night game is a division match up led by two of the best young qaurterbacks the league has to offer. It should be a great one. Get your popcorn ready.


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Gematria Time

If you believe there are mysteries in numbers and everything is not what it seems then this article will interest you.

Gematria is a numeroligal system practice from early civilizations that decipher words into numbers and numbers into words. Early civilizations realized the world we live in has a mathmatical code and we have evidence dating back as far as the 8th century.

Many cultures adopted this practice and some inluding certain elite groups and practitioners of Kabalah still practice today.

We have found evidence that proves there is communication through numbers happening in sports. These games appear to be pre determined and the results are coded through numbers and the charecters’ numbers.

We can’t get it 100% yet but we are getting pretty close. Help us if you observe or notice anything with the numbers we are about to discuss.

These games have turned into rituals for the elite to be performed in front of energy from 60,000 adrenaline fueled fans and the millions watching through a magnetic field TV.

We will not be going too much in depth in this article, we will do that soon. First I wanted to show you a few examples of what this looks like before you start to learn. This will be the 3rd example i show you. The first 2 are 2-0 in the NFL.Check them out here.

Thursday Night Football Gematria- Bills will win

Sunday Night Football- Gematria- Buccaneers Will Win

Monday Night Football Gematria- Broncos win Seattle Covers +7. We were wrong on The Broncos winning. Seattle won 17-16, we were right on Seahawks covering.

We feel like we messed up on this one and should’ve known. Hopefully with the help of you folks reading we can get better and notice more. Right now gematria is 3-1 for the year so far.

This will be another example for the introduction to Gematria. 

This will not make sense yet but hang in there with us. Keep reading as we will be teaching you Gematria and how to decode in upcoming articles.. After learning this knowledge you will notice messages coded throughout the world and our society.

Here we go!

Date Numbers

Thursday September 15h, 2022.  258th day of the year. 107 days left in the year. (28th Prime) (17 =7th Prime)

9-15-2022 = 9+1+1+5+0+2+2 = 21

9-15-2022 = 9+15+2+0+2+2 =  31 (11th Prime)

9-15-2022 =  9+15+20+22 = 66

9-15-22=   9+15+22= 46


Latitude and Longitude Coordinates: 39.048 , -94.484

English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium258123471156
GEHA Field574818642
Kansas City, MO1504217475
Kansas City1223214867 (19th Prime)
Prime Video1166215455
Prime61 (18th Prime)347429 (10th Prime)
Prime TV103 (27th Prime)408641 (13th Prime)

The stadium is now referred to as GEHA Stadium at Arrowhead Stadium, GEHA Field is there just in case.

Team Names

English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
Los Angeles Chargers18880298100
Los Angeles109 (29th Prime) (29=10thP)
19= 8th Prime
Chargers79 (22nd Prime)43 (14th Prime)137 (33rd Prime)47 (15th Prime)
LAC (Shown on TV)167 (4th Prime)6520
Kansas City Chiefs1726426098
Kansas City1223214867 (19th Prime)(19=8th P)
Chiefs503211231 (11th Prime)(11=5thP)
KC (shown on TV)145 (3rd Prime)4013 (6th Prime)


Patrick Mahomes is 51-13 in the regular season. Can pick up 14th loss vs Chargers=14 Prime (shown on TV) KC=14

He is 25-6 at home in regular season. Should Pick up his 7th loss at home vs LAC= 7.

All time he is 59-16 and 33-8 on the road all time.

5-2 vs Chargers. 1-2 at home vs Chargers

21-3 vs AFC West. 8-3 vs AFC West at home.

Justin Herbert is 16-17 in his career. He is 6-9 on the road.

2-2 vs Chiefs. 2-0 on the road vs Chiefs.

7-6 vs AFC West. 3-3 vs AFC West on the road.

Head Coach

Andy Reid is 234-135-1 in the regular season. 104-42 with the Chiefs in the regular season.

He is 253-151-1 all time. 113-49 with the chiefs all time.

Brandon Staley 10-8

Gematria Decode

Looks like another close game. The numbers are close and when theyve been close they have been really close games so far this year. There are a little more in favor of the Chargers so we’re going to take the points. Chargers+4.

Let’s go Chargers+4!

Any questions or observations please feel free to comment.

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