Gematria is the early civilization practice of coding numbers into words and words into numbers. It has been adopted by many cultures throughout history and widely spread through Jewish communities. There are elite groups known to still practice.

We are going to show you an example of decoding numbers and words from the upcoming Sunday Night Football game tonight.

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Strange, So Many Coincidences

If you’ve been watching professional football for awhile you probably get the feeling not all the games are honestly played out. With so much money on the line every week you probably feel that the games might be pre determined.

You would be right and I can prove it. There is only a certain amount of evidence you can take while maintaining the idea of coincidence. Every week these numbers are coded into the teams, quarterbacks and coaches of the games.

After doing this so long I realize these are rituals preformed every week on display for the world who has no clue.

The communication through these numbers and words are clear once you understand them. We will show an example of how this communication is done through Sunday Nights game.

This will be an example for this weeks introduction to Gematria. We will be showing you how to translate numbers into words and how to read messages. After just weeks of learning this knowledge you will realize most propaganda and big corporations are littered with codes and some of them are quite terrifying and disgusting once you know.

Here is a quick preview of tonights game.

This will not make sense yet but here we go. Just go through it knowing you will not understand it yet until we show you certain things but just notice all the “coincidences”.

Here is our example from the Thursday Night game.

Date Numbers

Sunday September 11th, 2022.  254th day of the year. 111 days left in the year.

2i year anniversary of 9-11

9-11-2022 = 9+1+1+2+0+2+2 = 17 (7th Prime)

9-11-2022 = 9+11+2+0+2+2 =  26

9-11-2022 =  9+11+20+22 = 62

9-11-22=   9+11+22= 42


English ReductionFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full reduction
AT&T Stadium1282914270
Arlington Texas1796219982
Arlington TX1545514362

Team Names

English ReductionFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full reduction
Tampa Bay Buccaneers17062316109
Tampa Bay792513747
Dallas Cowboys1514320074

Buccaneers are 18–27 in week one. 10–13 on the road in week 1. Dallas = 13. 103rd season = 27th prime

Tampa Bay come in with 27th loss in week one and stay on 13 away losses in week one. This year might be matching numbers going into the game. It will be important moving forward to always look at the following opponent to check for matching numbers.

Cowboys are 38–22-1 in week one 18 –9–1 at home. Brady = 23. Cowboys will get their 23rd loss in week 1 against Brady=23.


Tom Brady when he was with the Patriots. Same number, same codes in team name. New team same codes.

Tom Brady is 243–73 in the regular season. 110–49 regular season away record .

278–85 overall record. 121–53 overall away record.

Brady is 72–24 versus NFC in regular season. 35–13 on the road versus NFC in regular season.

6–0 versus Cowboys 2–0 on the road versus Cowboys. Cowboys = 30.

Dak Prescott all-time record 54–35. 30–16 at home. Day number= 17. If Dak gets the loss, he will get his 17th loss at home on a 17 day.

Regular season record 53–32. 29–14 at home. Tampa = 15 SNF = 15. Dak will get his 15th regular season loss at home against Tampa=15 on Sunday Night Football. SNF= 15

Dak is 43–20 versus NFC 24–8 vs NFC at home. Tampa Bay = 25

Prescott is 8–4 versus NFC South. 6–0 at home.

Dak is 2–1 versus Bucs, 2–0 at home.

Head Coach

Todd Bowles is the new head coach for Tampa Bay. He is 26–41 in the NFL as a head coach. Dallas = 41 . Here is another one that matches going into the game.

Mike McCarthy is 143–90 2–2 in the regular season.. 151–1 101–2 all time.

This is his 3rd season with the Cowboys. He is 18–15 in the regular season. 18–16 all time. Sunday day number = 17.

Mike McCarthy will get his 17th loss all time on a 17 day.

That’s already enough for me, Tampa Bay wins this game. We can go big on this and feel confident.

This book is more advanced than the next two.  It is a great intro book though because it explains how to use numeric methods to reveal hidden perspectives in the Torah. Very good read.

Zachary Hubbard is a great teacher of Gematria. He can find the relationships between numbers and current events like nobody else sharing in the world. His first book Letters and Numbers you can’t even find right now. This is his second book. Amazing read!

This is a very interesting book and even a little more controversial. This uses Gematria to interperet the Bible detailing the mathmetical system. This one is more expensive but a very good read after you read Number Games by Zachary Hubbard.

Gematria Decode

This game is Tampa Bay all the way! Tom Brady and new coach Todd Bowles are both coded for the win. In addition, Dak and Mike McCarthy are both coded for the loss. Feel confident in going Tampa Bay tonight. Come back this week for a Gematria Intro lesson.

I understand you probably might be a little lost, just hang in there. It’s better to show you a decode before I start giving you information to I how I get there. If your interested already, believe me it gets crazy from here.

Please leave any comments or questions. If you have anything you want us to cover on Wednesday, let us know. Any comments about the game.

Anybody going to bet Tampa. Let’s go Tampa!!

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Gematria Week 1 Thursday Night Football= Bills at Rams. Bills 31-10. Win

Gematria Sunday Night Football= Buccaneers at Cowboys. Bucs 19-3. Win

Gematria Monday Night Football= Broncos at Seahawks. Seahwaks 17-16. Cover=Win Moneyline= Loss

Gematria Week 2 Thursday Night Football=Chargers at Chiefs. Chiefs 27-24. Win

Numbers Week 2 Sunday Night Football= Bears at Packers. Packers 27-10. Win

Numbers Week 2 Monday Night Football= Vikings at Eagles. Eagles 24-7. Win

Numbers Week 3 Thursday Night Football = Browns at Steelers. Browns 29-17. Win

Gematria Week 4 Thursday Night Football= Dolphins at Bengals 27-15. Win

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2 thoughts on “Gematria – Sunday Night Football – Bucs Win”
  1. Wow this is extremely interesting. I always knew there were numbers that were significant in world around us and how we perceive things. Particularly, the numbers 3, 6 and 9 jump to mind,  Which seem important in the field of numerology studies Does that have anything to do with this?  

    I think the most common number that most people can identify with having bad luck is the number 13.. I have also read that different cultures associate different numbers with different things. I wonder if looking at your calculations through the lens of a different culture would affect your calculations or is it just simply a mathematics question? 

    Does this allow you to calculate who’s gonna win every game? How often have you been correct with these calculations? Curious to see what happens after watching this and further games and reading your articles.

    1. Nikola Tesla said if we can understand the meaning of 3 6 9 then we would have the key to the universe. The numbers of creation, and many people use it for manifestation which is awesome. 

      Your question reminded me the  translateion of 3, 6, 9 is OHM (Aum). That sound is suspected of having powerful manifestation qualities. It’s been awhile since Ive done a meditation like that, thanks for the reminder.

      Yes13 gets a bad rap doesn’t it? Some countries like Italy and France believed 13 was very lucky. It is the 6th prime and master twin of 11 so it is a very unique number. 

      Yes, we can only understand so much but there are over 40 different ciphers for different cultures and languages, When I first learned I would have to do the numbers manually, now we have out your numbers. Go to calculator, type in your full name and find your life numbers.

      No we’re not good enough yet where we can hit every single game but we get pretty close and consistently stay around 70%. We’re 3-1 so far in Gematria this year so already missed 1 but its very consistent at 70-80%. 

      Keep reading we are just getting warmed up.

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