If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” Nikola Tesla

The world is not what it seems. A small group of people know the magnificence of this number and do have the master key.

It’s beyond coincidence that words and dates are translated to numbers as if it were law. We have found evidence that these numbers tell a story and have pre determined outcomes.

Hard to believe? Check it out for yourself.

Gematria is the practice of coding numbers into words and words into numbers. It has been adopted by many cultures throughout history and widely spread through Jewish communities.

There are elite groups known to still practice. It seems they communicate through everything but have found how they translate in sports. Especially the NFL.

We are not perfect but we are extremely good at translating sports into numbers and relating those numbers to the outcomes.

We are 8-1 so far with Gematria this year and are about to show you the translation of the Thursday Night Football game between the Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals.

This will not make sense at first but keep reading and you’ll start to pick it up. Ask your questions at the bottom. At first you might say this is all coincidence. Just keep reading and you will pass that very soon.

Here is a quick preview of Thursday Night Football.

Date Numbers 

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Thursday September 29, 2022.  272nd day of the year. 93 days left in the year.

Miami Dolphins 3-0 (1-0 Away) +4 @ Cincinnati Bengals 1-2 (0-1 Home) -4 Over/Under 47

9-29-2022 = 9+2+9+2+0+2+2 = 26

9-29-2022 = 9+29+2+0+2+2 =  44

9-29-2022 =  9+29+20+22 = 80

9-29-22=   9+29+22= 60


Longitude and Latitude 39.0955° N, 84.5161° W

English ReductionFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full reduction
Paycor Stadium1655718678
Cincinnati Ohio1438023582
Cincinnati OH1196520570
Prime Video1166215455

Team Names

English ReductionFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full reduction
Miami Dolphins1427020974
Cincinnati Bengals15675303105

Dolphins are 17-7 in regular season vs Bengals. Including Playoffs they are 18-7. Dolphins can get 8th loss on a 80 day.

Dolphins are 9-5 in Cincinnati. Cincinnati= 96 but that could happen anytime, or Cincinnati Bengals 105 so that doesnt help.

Dolphins have a record of 20-28-1 in week 4.

Bengals have a record of 21-30 in week 4. Can get win # 22 vs MIA= 22.

Dolphins next opponent= @ New York Jets on Sunday Morning.

Bengals next opponent= @ Ravens on Sunday Night Football.


Tua Tagovailoa is 16-8.   Can get 17th win vs CIN= 17. Prime numbers usually work together in qaurterback records but within the same stat, this is slightly different so not much merrit.

He is 6-5 on the road. Tua can get #17 win and # 7 away win. 17 is the 7th prime number. He would do this in week 4. 7 is the 4th Prime number. Same thing, it’s 2 different stats so that hasn’t worked as well when the numbers are in the same stat with wins and losses.

Is it Prime day on Prime Video Thursday night?

No other primes show up to match a riddle so we’re thinking this is not the key. Moving on.

Joe Burrow is 13-15-1 in the regular season. Can get 14th win vs MIA= 14. These are the main stats we like. MIA will be shown all day on the score display.

So a big 14 is on TV all game, something else would have to match that. When it’s the regular season wins or losses, those are our favorites.

Including playoffs he is 16-16-1 which won’t help us. 8-8 at home which also won’t help us.

These two qaurterbacks are the future faces of the NFL. They already show they’re elite so early in thier career.

Tua has been a question mark his first two years and is now seemingly ready to take his game to the next level. As for his injury it looks like he will play but is having back and ankle issues so he might not be at 100%.

As for Joe, we already know he can take his team there but now can he win it?

Head Coach

Mike McDaniels is undefeated as a head coach. 3-0 overall and 1-0 on the road.

Zac Taylor is 17-34-1 in the regular season.

He is 20-35-1 including the playoffs. Miami= 36.

The Dolphins seem to love their new coach and the chemistry looks to be elite in Miami.

The Bengals chemistry was apparent last year and even though they are having a slow start it is obvious Zac Taylor has control of the Bengals.

We are expecting a fun game from two teams that believe they can go very far this year. The Bengals need this game more than the Dolphins do. We’ll see if they can get to .500 or if theyre’ going to get themselves in a big hole a 1-3.

Gematria Decode

This is a mixed game so it won’t be a huge play but we will be playing. We will update a little more info of the basics before game time. As of right now we are leaning Cincinnati to give the Dolphins thier first loss.

The spread moved up a tad because of the injury concerns on Tua but we will keep an eye out and see what happens in the next day.

This game is not as obvious as some of the others but the numbers support Joe Burrow to give the Dolphins the first loss of the season.

A regular line read is most likely going to be the Bengals as well which makes this pick a pretty good pick to start the week. We’re going to keep it a regular play as opposed to a small or big play.

The odds makers might know what they’re doing because they are getting even money on what should be a heavy action game.

Here are the some of our other Gematria Picks so far this year. Gematria is 8-1 so far this year and the one game we missed we feel like it was our human error. We are trying for perfection.

Gematria Pick for Tonight= Bengals -3.5

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