We know numbers and we know football!

We will preview the Thursday Night Football game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos in a way you have probably never seen before.

We decided to share our knowledge of numbers and how they are used to communicate and translate outcomes.

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe” 

― Nikola Tesla


The world is not what it seems. A small group of people know the magnificence of numbers and do have the master key.

It’s truly amazing how words and dates are translated to numbers as if it were law. We have found evidence that these numbers tell a story and have pre determined results.

Hard to believe? Check it out for yourself.

Everybody is different so we are always curious how long it will take you to stop calling what your about to see a coincidence. Let us know in the comments, we feel like we’ve heard it all, but you might surprise us.

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Date Numbers 

“God may not play dice with the universe, but something strange is going on with the prime numbers.”

Paul Erdos

Indianapolis Colts 1-2-1 (0-1-1 Away) +3.5 @ Denver Broncos 2-2 (2-0 Home) -3.5 O/U 47

Thursday October 6th, 2022.  279th day of the year. 86 days left in the year.

10/6/20221+0+6+2+0+2+2136th Prime

10-6-2022 = 1+0+6+2+0+2+2 = 13 (6th Prime)

10-6-2022 = 10+6+2+0+2+2 = 22 

10-6-2022=  10+6+20+22 = 58

10-6-2022=   10+6+22= 38


Longitude and Latitude 39.7439° N, 105.0201° W

English ReductionFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full reduction
Empower Field
at Mile High
223 (48th prime)124371110
Denver Colorado151 (36th Prime)70227(49th Prime)74
Denver, CO8641 (13th Prime)13040
Colorado83 (23rd Prime)3813343(14th Prime)
Prime Video1166215455
13 / 22 / 58 / 38

Team Names

English ReductionFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full reduction
Indianapolis Colts19275267105
Denver Broncos15464197(45th Prime)71(20th Prime)
Denver68329431 (11th Prime)
Broncos8632103(27th Prime)40
13 / 22 / 58 / 38

The Indianapolis Colts have an 11-14 record against the Denver Broncos all-time. 14-14 record including playoffs. = We’re thinking Colts end up getting the 12th win vs Denver in Indianapolis=201 =(12).They stay on 11 wins in Empower Field at Mile High= 110 (11).

The Colts have a 42-23-1 record in Week 5 all-time. Colts can pick up 43rd win in Colorado= 43.

18-13 record on the road in Week 5 all-time. Get 14th loss against DEN=14 or stay on 13= DEN. Those numbers are a wash but its been the home teams and the week # records that have been hitting so lets check out the Broncos in week 5s.

The Broncos have a record of 37-20 in Week 5 all-time. 38th win will probably come in Colorado=38 on a 38 Day.

25-9 at home in Week 5 all-time. A win would put them at 26-9. 269= 57th Prime. Indianapolis=75 (57). Indianapolis Colts= 75(57). They become 26-9 at home in week 5s all time against a team that translates to 269/57. That’s just a Coincidence. Just a fluke right?


Matt Ryan is 121-104 in regular season. Can pick up 105th loss at 105 W Latitude.

56-58-1 on the road in his career. It is 58 day but that doesn’t mean he stays on it just that he plays on it.

He is 125-110-1 Including Playoffs. Just because he shows up with 110 losses in Empower Field doesn’t mean he stays on those losses.

57-61-1 on the road including postseason. Matt Ryan gets his 62nd loss on Prime Video= 62. Oh thats just a coincidence.

Russell Wilson is 106-55-1 in the regular season.

Russell Wilson has a 59-21 record at home in his career. Could get 22nd loss on 22 day but day numbers havnt been working in NFL, MLB definetly but not NFL. I’ll take the televised channel in the NFL over a day number any day of the week unless its the #35 on a Thursday.

I don’t see any 35s so we’re good.

Including playoffs he is 115-62-1. Can get 116th win on Prime Video=116. He can stay on 62 wins on Prime Video.= 62. Prime Video=116/62. Russell Wilson will have the perfect record for a game on Prime Video with a win.

We don’t have enough history to tell if Prime Video will work like the NFL Network or ESPN does, so we’ll see. Russel Wilsons record including playoffs will be 116-62 with a win. Prime Video=116 & 62!!!

Russell Wilson has a record of 64-23 in the regular-season and playoffs at home in his career. His team abbreviation will be on TV all night. DEN=23. Stays on 23 losses. It doesn’t mean he has to stay on 23 but it is a good sign that 23 will be listed all game and the star qaurterback can stay on that number.

So far this looks like the dge goes to Broncos but the game seems a little strange. Prime Video is the key so far, so we’ll see if thats going to be good for us moving forward. Tonight will tell us a lot so either way lets keep this one light. Feeling really good about it, lets see what the coaches translate to.

Head Coaches

Nathaniel Hackett is 2-2 as head coach. That won’t help us at all.

He’s 2-0 at home. Indianapolis =21 but they are on the road and experience tells us road teams city name does not play on the road, but the team name certainly does! Colts=30!!! Nathaniel Hackett will become 3-0 at home for his career and he’ll do it against the Colts=30!!!!

If you can’t tell we’re starting to love the Broncos here!!!!! Gematria is 9-1 this year so we’re not going to gaurantee it but it’s looking good for the Broncos.

Gematria Decode

This is a decent read. There are a few numbers for the Colts and we’re not exactly sure how key the Prime Video riddles play yet because of the short sample size.

No gaurantee or anything so don’t get too crazy but the Broncos have some numbers to beat the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night football shown on Prime Video.

Let’s also parlay them with combos of other games we like. If you want to hedge with a couple parlays with some other favorites of the week. UCLA and LSU are a couple that we love this Saturday. Two underdogs to win outright.

Just a quick recap of my favorite translations in this game…

Russel Wilsons all-time record including playoffs will be 116-62 with a win. Prime Video=116 & 62!!!

Nathaniel Hackett will become 3-0 at home for his career and he’ll do it against the Colts=30!!!!

Matt Ryan gets his 62nd all-time road loss of his career including playoffs on Prime Video= 62.

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