If you realize this world is nothing like it appears to be, and there are a few groups of people that control everything, then learning this knowledge is absolutely for you.

If you think everything is what it seems, like the politicians are here to serve the people, police are here to protect the people, elections are real, sports are not rigged or pre determined, media tells us the truth, the weather is Mother Nature etc then this article probably won’t interest you much.

If you believe that the world is manipulated by these few groups then you’re going to want to read my future articles. Welcome in.

The Language – Numbers into Words and Words into Numbers

Gematria is a practice from the early centuries that many cultures adopted. It is widely used in Jewish culture and “elite culture”. The language basically translates numbers into words and words into numbers.

The term is not used in the Hebrew Bible, but it is largely written in Jewish texts, especially those associated with the Kabbalah. There are many ciphers and different styles which we will be discussing in future articles. We will be covering the history and uses throughout history.

We will also be covering the codes that are written throughout sports. The relationships that headline news, current events, or sports have with these numbers are undeniable. I will show you there is only a certain point where you might be able to suggest coincidence.

Hang in there though, I’m not a teacher, I’m just good at decoding and I can show you how. I learned from Zachary Hubbard starting almost 10 years ago and he is a real teacher that decodes current events including Sports. Check him out on You Tube and Patreon.

The stats say I’m better at picking games, but he is the original and the best at decoding numbers. Not only decoding, but finding relationships between current events, history and other numbers. I don’t want any credit from any of this because it would first have to go to him.

He is currently working on his 4th book and here is a copy of his 3rd book.

Soon I will post an introduction of what I do and the basics that we need to know for the season. In this article I’m going to do a quick number and Gematria check for the Bills and Rams game.

Every year is different and sometimes they go in 3 to 4 week intervals. Which is why for week one and two we stick to just reading the lines.

Reading lines is something you should do on every game regardless of the week and that alone will keep you in the green consistently. Read the last four posts describing the four steps to reading lines and notice our 8-0 start to college football.

Gematria takes us to another level. Let’s get into the very first game of the season. Yes!! Football is here, ok here we go.

Before we get started, you’re not going to know what most of this means, but we will learn as we go. Try to pick up as much as you can and have an open mind. We usually don’t use any Gematria until week three.

I want you to get a quick live preview of what decoding a game looks like. Leave any questions you might have and I’ll be sure to answer them.

Date Numbers

Thursday September 8, 2022 (251st day of the year = 54th prime. 114 days left in the year)

Thursday= 35/ 46 These number hit on Thursday almost every week in every single sport, especially 35. Credit to Zachary Hubbard and his community to finding this gem over two years ago. Be careful though, I’ve only been tracking this one for two years.

9/8/2022 = 9+8+20+22 = 59 (17th prime) Rams are 5–8 versus Bills all time. A loss would make them 5–9 on a 59 day.

9/8/22 = 9+8+22 = 39 (39, 93)

9/8 2022 = 9+8+2+0+2+2 = 23 (9th Prime) Rams can get their 9th loss to bills all time.

If you’re skeptical, I understand, but I challenge you to hang in there and see the results.

If you want even more extensive numbers on this game then check out Zachary Hubbard. His preview of the game is much more elaborate than mine.

Over the years I do it a little different and don’t usually start picking games off of gematria until the third week. I will be reading the lines until then, but for now I wanted to give you an example of what a gematria pregame looks like.

First is the date numbers followed by Gematria names, before we get into QB and head coach stats.

For any name or word calculation go to – www.gematrinator.com.

Type in your name to check out your life numbers. We will have some interesting articles on this so stay tuned.


English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
SoFi Stadium1364616171
Los Angeles CA113 30th prime41 13th prime211 47th prime67 19th prime
Los Angeles109 29th37 12th16153 16th
LA13 6th441 13th14

Longitude= 33.9535° N

Latitude= 118.3390° W


English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full Reduction
Buffalo Bills1174520772
Bills5418 81 36
Buf (Shown on TV)29 10th prime11
5th prime
52 16
Los Angeles Rams1605221883
23rd prime
Los Angeles 109
29th prime
12th prime
16th prime
Rams 51 155730
LAR (Shown on TV) 31


Buffalo Josh Allen regular season record= 38-21. Away record 18-11. Overall record 41-24, 18-14 Away.

Rams= 15. LA= 41

12-4 vs NFC 3-1 vs NFC West

LA=13 TNF=13 LA= 41

Next Opponent= Tennessee Titans. Titans= 43

Josh Allen is 41-24 overall. If he wins this week and next week then he will get his 43rd win against the Titans=43.

Rams Matthew Stafford regular season record = 86-95-1. At home he is 46-45. Overall Record 90-98-1. 48-45 at home.

4-5 vs AFC East

Buffalo Bills= 45 Thursday= 35/46

Next opponent= Atlanta Falcons= 86

If Matthew Stafford loses this game then he will play Atlanta Falcons= 86 going in with 86 regular season wins.

Head Coaches

Sean Mcdermott 49-32 in regular season. Overall= 52-36

Los Angeles= 53/ 37. Side note: The last 4 years it has not been the overall record for the head coaches, it has been the regular season. Every year is different, we will get a feel for it and notice patterns. It really hasn’t been coaches at all, it’s been more about the quarterbacks but we’ll see.

Sean McVay 55-26 in regular season. 62-29 overall

Buffalo= 63

We are just documenting the coaches to see, but this has not been the consistent one.

Gematria Pick

If we were picking this game through Gematria it would be the Bills. There are some things for the Rams but Bills are lined up more. My favorite stat for a Bills win is… If Bills win this week and next week against the Titans then he will get his 43rd win vs Titans=43.

The QB regular season win total paired with the opposing away team name only (Titans=43) has been almost automatic for the last 3 years. Only 3 years but still worth taking advantage of. I understand that there are tons of successful systems, but nothing like this.

For week 1 I’m just reading the lines which means I most likely have to sit out tonight, but Gematria should be in full swing by week 3. We will watch the first two weeks, and let’s see if Bills win tonight. This was just so you can get a small feel for it before I start explaining. Stay tuned

I don’t expect many people to understand these numbers yet, but I will be teaching as we go. The next few articles will be a reference sheet for all the teams, so you don’t have to look up each game. After the reference sheets I will be teaching sports gematria as we make money through the season.

If you want to learn and understand Gematria from a real teacher then check out Zachary Hubbard. You can find him on YouTube and Patreon. I am better at picking the games because my stats are better but he is by far better at Gematria. He is amazing at explaining and relating them to current events. Here’s a copy of his most recent book Number Games

Leave any questions or comments down below.

If you don’t have a sports book yet or need a backup then take advantage of the bonuses available to join. Check out the Best Online Sports Betting September Bonuses.

Feel free to leave any questions you might have, we are here to help.

11 thoughts on “Gematria – Buffalo Bills At Los Angeles Rams- Bills Win”
  1. Wahoo, this is the first time I am reading about Gematria. Although I have heard of people using numbers to interpret day to day events but it has always been abstract. For the games, how you used the days of the week to determine the game score especially that of 9/08/2022 still amazes me. I will make purchase of Number games but I will appreciate if I can get introductory books from you 

    1. Thank you Parameter, good thing you said that! I will be working on my Sports Numbers book this year throughout this season. I am having fun with it so far. I will be posting almost daily, talking sports and Gematria.

  2. It’s the first time I hear about Gematria, it’s Chinese for me.
    Sport gematria, for me a total surprise.
    I knew about Numerology, I had heard something from Pythagoras in Antiquity.
    A certain symbolism is attributed to numbers and things are interpreted, but I was not passionate about such things.
    That there are books in this field, but that is in any field.
    Yes, an introduction to the field is good..

    1. That’s great you learned something new. Hope you keep reading because I’m about to share some very interesting information that is very rarely talked about. Did you notice Bills won?

  3. Wow, this is mind boggling and very interesting. I just found out something I had never heard of, Gematria before but I am very curious as how I can learn this Numbers into Words and Words into Numbers presented in this post. I would definitely love to learn more about this.

    1. Thanks Vai, I’m very happy to hear that. I am here to help. Just keep reading, I’ll be putting out content daily and teaching as we go. The next two articles coming up will be the numbers and reference sheet for the teams so we can get ready for the season. 

      After that will be the intro to words into numbers and the different ciphers used. The basic cipher we will start with is called English Ordinal. A=1 B=2 c=3 etc. That’s the easiest cipher.

      Many people believe the universe is made up of numbers and math is coded through our reality as one consciousness. I would have to agree. 

  4. I must admit you did lose me on the numbers, and I will need to spend a little time working out how you got to where you got. However, the system of Gematria itself is really interesting and I will be watching this website closely to learn more. Maybe you could give us a simpler example next time to get your new readers hooked on the basics.

    1. Thank you Michel. Just keep reading, We will be explaining in detail how you come up with the numbers and how to translate words into numbers. We are using it to decode sports but you can use it for anything. 

      Looking up your name and finding your numbers is always fun. We will start discussing the Intro of Gematria next week.

  5. Wow ,this is amazing and interesting,finally i found someone who is curious,I am very interested in the Gematria,can you teach us,how to be able to change words to numbers

  6. Wow ,this is amazing and interesting,finally i found someone who is curious,I am very interested in the Gematria,can you teach us,how to be able to change words to numbers,i have had about Jewish language being able to be turned to numbers 

    But I have never had a chance to learn this my self ,it will be help full if you elaborate on this , I will check out the you tube channel you suggested.

    1. Great Sabelo, I’m glad you found it interesting. Yes I will be teaching little by little starting with the different ways (ciphers) to change words into numbers and vice-versa.

      The next two articles today will be reference sheets for NFL so we will start early next week.

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