Excited for more football and to continue our great start of picking games. The teaching as we go will continue today while we will go over the basics of reading the lines.

 Our live example will be the College Football TV Schedule Saturaday. We will preview the Saturday games and see if we have any possible plays.

Its Fun to Read the lines

We have been posting our picks before the games since last Thursday and are 8-0 so far siding with Vegas. Just got to 9-0 after tonights pick of Louisville Cardinals +6.5. They just beat UCF 20-14.

All we’re doing is reading the lines the first twio weeks.  No matchups or Gematria or any other system yet. We probably won’t have a lot of games Saturday but there are 80 games today so I’m sure we’re going to have a few. 

Remember, we are just picking the ones that we can side with Vegas.

 If there’s any lines that they seem to have manipulated for action on one side then we look at that game. If the line movement indicates Vegas is seetting up a little more money towards one side.

 This is how the house always wins. We are trying to join those spots, we’re not gonna be able to jump on all of them because some are really tricky. 

We should be able to catch a few and take advantage of them like we did last week going 8–0. We want to keep the streak going so let’s see if we can do just that here we go.

College Football Today – Friday Night Football  Yesterdays Games and Louisville Cardinal +6.5 Pick.

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Morning Games Level One

We want to get the picks out before gametime, so we will do Level 1, (9AM-12:00PM) and post level2-4 shortly after.

Ranked Games

#1Alabama Crimson Tide (1–0) -20  At  Texas Longhorns (1-0)  +20 Over/Under 65   Fox

This line hasn’t moved all week and has stayed solid at 20.5.  Bovada NCAAF has it at -20 and sports betting has it at -21. Depending on who you got is where you bet for an extra point advantage. 

 Side note: That comes into play about 6% of the time, with key numbers it’s a bit higher. 

Take advantage of that and be prepared with multiple sportsbooks.

Understandable that it hasn’t gone to the key number of 21 against a tough Texas team at home. Alabama is going to get most of the action regardless of what the spread would’ve been. Hasn’t moved much lately though so that has us tempted, but not enough.

Nobody could say either pick is a horrible pick. Your call.

Gun to my head Texas+20 but so many games we’ll wait for the right ones. No pick for us, moving on. 

Arkansas State Red Wolves (1–0) +44.5  At  #3 Ohio State (1–0) +44.5  Over/Under 68.5 BTN

44.5 really? 

35 would’ve probably sufficed. 

This is another line you’re still going to get action on Ohio State no matter what so it’s tempting to take Ohio State but we got to sit out. If you’re feeling a blowout go ahead, we are too.

Southern Miss Golden Eagles (0–1) +26.5  At  #15Miami Hurricanes (1–0) -26.5  Over/Under 51  ACCN

This game will move up to 27 or maybe 28  If you like Miami, take it now and buy the half point for Miami to get it at 26. Right now Bovada has it at 26.

South Carolina Gamecocks (1–0) +9 At #16Arkansas Razorbacks 1–0-9  Over/Under 55   ESPN

This should be a good game. It’s tempting to just take South Carolina so that’s a good sign for the Razorbacks but let’s take a look. The line moved from 7.5 to 8.5, Some sports books have it at nine. 

They’re trying to tell us that Arkansas is getting 70% of the money but we know South Carolina is going to get some bets and that number is kind of hard to believe. You can go with your gut on this one but we’re going to keep waiting for the right one.

#23 Wake Forest Demon Deacons (1–0) -13  At   Vanderbilt Commodores (2–0) +13  Over/Under 65  SECN 

Right below the key number seems perfect to get even action. A little more money has come in on Wake Forest but not much.

 The line opened up at 9.5 and has shut up to 12.5 to 13. This is one of the big bigger line movements of the week and it doesn’t seem like they really had to.

 Sharp money has been on Wake Forest and the play might be to follow them on this one. 

We lost some value here and are going to skip this one but close call for Wake Forest.

No ranked games we love with Vegas. Let’s check the unranked games.

UnRanked Games

Missouri Tigers (1–0)+7.5 at Kansas State (1–0) -7.5 Over/Under 56.5  ESPN2. 

Most of the juice is on the way up so this line might go down the 7. It opened up at 8.5 and is on the way down to the key number. 

This is classic reverse line movement as most of the money is going on Kansas State and rightfully so. If most of the money is going on Kansas state, why is the line heading down closer to seven? 

Missouri was 6-7 last year and Kansas State was 8–5 and they have been getting a little hype this off-season. it was -9 at one point and that seemed really high, now it seems more like it 

 This one is tempting but have to sit out.

Western Illinois Leathernecks (0–1)  At Minnesota Golden Gophers 1–0 no current line BTN    

Minnesota was 9–4 last year and supposed to be a little better this year. Western Illinois was 2–9 last year and should be a big underdog here. I’ll see what they open up at. Moving on 

Duke Blue Devils 1–0+10 at Northwestern Wildcats -10 1–0-10 Over/Under 57. FS1

This game is jumping back-and-forth from 9.5 to 10 so not much change. 

The line hasn’t moved with action coming in on Northwestern. The stillness of the line speaks volumes. 

We are going to take the points and hope Duke can pull off an upset or make it close.

Duke +10!!!

Ohio bobcats 1–0+27.5 at Penn State Nittany Lions 1–0-27.5 over/under 54.5 ABC

Seems about right. Who do you have?

North Carolina Tar Heels 2–0-7 at Georgia State Panthers 0–1+7 Over/Under 64.5 ESPN2

Does this game seem fishing time anybody else? Maybe not. Just seems like they could’ve got away with something closer to 10. Evident by most of the action coming in on Tar Heels. Not too sure on this one best to sit out.

Vegas also seem to tip the scales on this one, let’s join them here too.Keep it close Panthers!

UTSA roadrunners (0–1) -2.5 At Army Black Knights (0–1) +2.5 Over/Under 54 CBSSN

The roadrunners last a heartbreaker in triple overtime against #20 Houston last week. They did cover though! 

Army lost to a pretty good Coastal Carolina  team by 10. The line opened up at one and Vegas had to know that most of the action would go towards the roadrunners. They did end up adjusting but still not to the key number in every book. I get a sense Las Vegas wants a little more action to come on the road runners. Army might be in for an upset.

Lets go Army Black Nights. Buy the half from Bovada and get 3 point.Lets double up on this one so 10%  BOVADA

 Duke +10   

Georgia State Panthers +7 

Army Black Knights =2.5  

9:30 AM

Charleston Southern Buccanneers (0-1) +45.5   AT  North Carolina WolfPack (1-0) -45.5  ESPN3

No pick. Gun to my head, got to go -45.

We want to post these games with enough time for the morning games so 10Am games and level 2 games will be posted shortly. 

Level 2-4 Coming up shortly. Check back before 12:30PM

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