Friday Night Football brings us two games to start off week 2. With 80 games on Saturday we are going to do a small preview of Friday Night.

8-0 College Football Start

What a start to College Football! 8-0 start is amazing and we are ready for week 2.  We’re going to discuss the action we have for college football today.

With the full lineup tomorrow and four levels throughout the day we don’t have to force anything tonight. We are looking to see if Vegas manipulated an advantage to which we can join if they did.

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Game 1

4:30 PM – ESPN2
Louisville Cardinals 0–1+6 at UCF Knights1–0-6 over/under 61.5

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The line opened up on Monday at -6.5. We saw most of the action coming in on UCF and the line moved up to 7. Then some sharp money came in on Louisville and the line went backn o 6.5. An hour before gametime and its now at -6 at most sports books.

Louisville lst in the first week in a bad way to Syracuse 31–7. They came in with a high regarded defense and did not look good on either side of the ball.

UCF on the other hand looked extremely good against South Carolina State demolishing them 56–10. The knights run the ball very well and don’t turn the ball over.

Las Vegas odds did adjust a little bit because some people might argue the line should be closer.  Public perception appears to be UCF could hang with the big boys of the nation this year and should get through a team like Louisville.

The Cardinals are better than people think. It didn’t look like it in week 1 but they have one of the best defenses in the nation.

Siding With Vegas

As a handicapper If you can get one of the best defensive teams in the nation along with six or maybe seven points and to top oit off a fade by the public on a televised night game.  

Sounds like siding with the Vegas to me. On one hand what was Vega supposed to do? Make it -10.?

That might’ve still received even action. On the other hand make it under the key number and flood one side of action. They might have gotten big bets on Louisville if it was -9. Even if that’s the case it would still be closer action than what it is right now.

What does this mean?

It means Vegas tilted the action in one direction, now why would they do that? You with us so far?

They seem to be inviting people to bet UCF.  They’re welcoming as much action as they could get on UCF -6.

Let’s side with Vegas on this one and take Louisville. They built a small advantage so we’re joining them on this one. We are going a little smaller on this one so check your money management chart.

Louisville Cardinals +6.5 Lets go for 9-0.

Game 2

Boise State Broncos 0–1 at New Mexico Lobos 1–0+17 over under 44 6 PM Dash CBSSN

This line has pretty much stayed the same at 17 all week. Most people are obviously taking Boise State to cover but Vegas still kept the line the same.

There’s something missing. -17 seems about right but no adjustment is a little strange. How high can they make this one and still get even action?

They might’ve been able to get to 20 before gametime.  17 is a fair number to start the game but a justifiable move up would make sense with the action coming in on Boise State throughout the week.

t’s tempting to go against the public here as well but Las Vegas just didn’t have much of a choice here. No real advantage so we’re going to sit this one out.

Friday Night

There would usually be a bigger advantage for Las Vegas on a night game with 3 or less games but not this time. Similar games where both teams could’ve been favored by more.

Saturday has a 4 level day for us so if we do play today it will be small. We will be getting ready for tomorrow. For tonight, let’s go Louisville!!

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