We will be updating all of our College Footbal picks against the spread on this page. Check out the matchups, spread, point totals, moneyline, approximate betting % and final picks from Las Vegas NFL Odds.

We won’t list out every game for Saturday but only the NCAAF games that we already have an advantage or if we feel we can gain one in the next few days then we look it over. Here we go, let’s get ready for some College Football!

Wednesday College Football Week 8

4:30PM ESPN2RecSun
Georgia St2-41-160+28049%GAST +9.53.3
Appalachian St3-31-2-9.5-34551%

The spread opened up at 10.5 and gradually moved down to 9.5 and even 9 in some books. Even action and appropriate line movement give us the green light for a matchup pick.

Appalachian st is not that much better than Georgia st, as a matter of fact we think will be able to run on Appalachian state and might be able to control the tempo of the game. The Panthers have a chance of winning but we will gladly take the 10 points.

Final Pick = Georgia St +9.5 for 3.3 Units

Thursday Night College Football

4:30PM ESPNRecACCLineMLActionPickUnits
Georgia Tech3-32-1-3-16066%-33.3

No write up on these, we think Georgia Tech wins by a big margin.

4:30PM ESPNURecSun BeltLineMLActionPickUnits
South Alabama5-12-0-3-16065%-33.3

We think South Alabama beats Troy rather easily as well.

Friday Night Football

4:30PM ESPNURecAmerican
Athletic Conf

Vegas had a big window on this game starting as low as probably 8 points and chose to go on the high side at 13. They were absolutely correct because Tulsa would get the majority of the action regardless of the line.

The heavy juice suggests it will either go to 14 or Vegas is taking some off the top, either way lets roll with Vegas and counting on the fact that they wer’nt just being fair with the line.

Final Pick = Tulsa -13 for 4.6 Units

5PM ESPNURecSun BeltLineMLActionPickUnits
Western Kentucky4-32-0-2.5-12565%

We think UAB is the better football team and nobody realizes it yet. Lets cash in on that with most of the money on Western Kentucky we can feel good about this pick. Make sure we go a little more on this game than the Temple game.

Final Pick = UAB +2.5 for 6.6 Units

Saturday Morning Football Week 8

Wednesday College Football Night Week 7

4:30PM ESPN2RecSun

We locked in our bet at -9.5 but we still think 10.5 is good. We believe Marshall is the better team and Louisiana won’t be able to slow down Marshalls offense. We also believe it will be a high scoring game with Louisiana trying to keep up.

Final Pick = Marshall Thundering Herd 3.3 Units to win 3 on Marshall giving up the points. 1.1 Unit on Over 47.

Outcome= Loss -3.3 Units. Loss 1.1 on the over. Louisiana won 23-13. Total Loss= 0-2 -$4.4 Units

Thursday Night College Football

4PM FS1RecBig 12LineMLActionPickUnits
West Virginia2-30-254.5+14531%WV

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to wait on this pick to try to get to 4 points. We think the Mountaineers will upset Baylor and won’t need the points but the Baylor Bears can play and if they’re offering points lets take as many as we can get.

There is heavy action on Baylor and it should continue to grow,If the line moves down to 3 we know somethings up, and should feel even more confident. If it goes to 4, they will be adjusting for show because it should already be at 4 or even 5.

Final Pick= West Virginia +3.5

Outcome = WVU 43-40. WIN +3 Units

4PM ESPNRecAmerLineMLActionPickUnits
UCF4-11-0-23-350069%UCF -232.2

PICK CHANGE!! Early Monday morning we posted that our pick was UCF -23 for Thursday Night. The line opened at 24.5 which is a key number, a high key number but a key one nonetheless.

The majority of the action was coming in on UCF and the line dropped a tad. A little sharp money came in on Temple and we understand why. We watched some Temple games and they are not as bad as people think which is perfect for a game that will only be watched by the die hard fans over the NFL game.

Nothing crazy or anything but lets take the points. Only 1.1 Units instead of 3.3. Lets not put it in yet, we have till Thursday if we want to invest in this one at all.

Final Pick= UCF-23 for 2.2 Units.

Outcome = UCF 70- 13. WIN +2 Units

Today’s College Football= 2-0 +5 Units

Friday Night Football Baby

4:30PM ESPNRecAmerLineMLActionPickUnits

We think this is a perfect spot for Vegas to attack the sharps and give some to the public. Had more bets on SMU but some big bets on Navy that drove the line down to 12.5. Navy almost upset SMU last year when SMU was ranked #24 in the nation.

Not many trust in SMU to cover the big spreads and Navy is known to hang in there with thier rushing attack and rushing defense. If it was a normal read then Navy might bbe the play with Vegas seemingly making it more enticing to bet SMU with even action.

We’re going to continue to watch the line for a couple more days and see what happens. It does seem like Vegas is manipulating a bit here so we should be able to catch the right side. Should be SMU but lets wait a day.

Final Pick= SMU -12.5 for 3.3 Units


5PM CBSSNRecC-USALineActionPickUnits

Two different levels of football here. We’re going to keep this simple, should be a blowout and most people don’t think these two teams are 30 points apart but they are.

Final Pick = UTSA -32

Outcome =

Saturday Morning Level 1

9AM FOXRecBig 10LineMLActionPickUnits
10 Penn St5-02-0+6.543%Penn St
5 Michigan6-03-0-6.557%

Lets start with the Big 10 and some strange spreads. If the odds makers wanted even money on this game then they would’ve put this line at -9 or -9.5 and they still would’ve had more action on the #5 Wolverines.

Instead they purposefully leave it under the key number of 7. Obviously heavy action is and was on Michigan. What does Vegas do?

Nothing. Hmmmm…

Lets not think too hard ,Vegas obviously wants some more action on MIchigan. We are not going to gaurantee this game especially versus the #5 team in the nation but just understand if we bet 100 of these type of games, we’re going to win above 60 of them. Not a quotable stat of course but if we bet with Vegas we’re going to win more than we lose. Keep it small.

Final Pick= Penn State +7 for 3.3 Units

9AM BTNRecBig 10LineMLActionPickUnits
Minnesota4-11-1-6.5-27042%MIN -6.52.2
24 Illinois5-12-139.5+22058%Over 392.2

Another Big 10 9AM matchup that seems a little manipulated by Vegas to gain an advantage. We might not play this game but we will watch the line and feel like we should be able to pick an advantage on a game like this. We’ll see.

The over 40 looks really good to us as both these offenses havnt been able to get it going yet but seem on the verge to. Most people think this will be a hard fought defensive game and it might be, but we see some big plays happening on both sides and with heavy action on the under we like the over and Minnesota to cover.

Minnesota -6.5 for 2.2 Units. Over 39 for 2.2 Units.


9AM ESPN2RecBig 12EarlyLineMLActionPickUnits
19 Kansas5-12-164.564+25568%
Oklahoma3-30-3-7.5-8.5-31032%OU -8.52.2

Really Las Vegas? For real? -7.5 against the #19 team in the nation huh.

Was that necessary? Probably not.

So football fans answer honestly, ready? Do you think #19 Kansas has a chance to lose by less than a touchdown or even win the game outright.

We might lose this one because most of the money is on Oklahoma but we have to follow them on this. You won’t be able to convince us Vegas knowingly left money on the table because they wanted to be fair. No way, somethings up on this but lets wait.

This might be a mistake but everybody and their momma is betting on #19 Kansas to hang in there and either win or lose by 9 given by some books. We’re going to side with Vegas and even if we lose we have to play these games. Lets go Sooners!

Final Pick Oklahoma +8 (Bovada) 2.2 Units

9AM ABCRecBig 12EarlyLineMLActionPickUnits
Iowa St3-30-34948.5+50058%
22 Texas4-22-1-16.5-15.5-75042%TEX -15.52.2

Iowa State has lost 3 in a row to 3 very good teams and now play the 4th tough team in a your as 15+ point underdogs against the #22 team in the nation. As soon as this line came out we knew Vegas was baiting for Iowa State picks. It worked as most of the bets are coming in on Iowa State keeping it close.

The sharps are on Texas which drove the line down a tad but as heavy favorites Vegas is ok with anything in between those two key numbers of 14 & 17. This one is another Saturday morning sketchy game and we have to side with Vegas.

Final Pick = Texas -15.5 for 2.2 Units

9AM ESPNRecSECLineMLActionPickUnits
Auburn3-31-254.5+47538%AUB +153.3
9 Ole Miss6-02-0-15-70062%

Ole Miss has won the first 6 games and looked pretty good doing it. They beat the #7 Kentucky team two weeks ago and beat down Vanderbilt 52-28 last week. This game will be the most physical team they have played all year and we believe that will give them some trouble. The big fronts for Auburn will keep this game close and we are calling for an upset alert.

Lets take the points just in case.

Final Pick = Auburn +15 for 3.3 Units

Sunday Afternoon Level 2

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12:30 CBSRecSECLineMLActionPickUnits
3 Alabama6-03-0-7.5-290
6 Tennessee5-02-065.5+235

Ok, this game sticks out to us right away. Lets keep our eye on this. First lean is watch out for Tennessee in this spot. To cover that is, settle down.

Early Lean= Tennessee +7.5

12:30 SECNRecSECLineMLActionPickUnits
1 Georgia6-03-0-38

12:30 ABCRecBig12LineMLActionPickUnits
8 Oklahoma State5-02-0+3.5
13 TCU5-02-0-3.5

12:30 ACCNRecSECLineMLActionPickUnits
15 NC State5-11-144.5
18 Syracuse5-02-0-3.5

Saturday Football Level 3

It’s Tuesday morning as of this writing and we will be updating throughout the week. We have the games untill Saturday locked in. Wednesday and Thursday has one game picked each and Friday’s two games are locked in as well.

Saturday’s 4 levels of football always gives us a great oppurtunity to make some nice investments with great return. Stay Tuned.

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