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Today we will review the college football lines today and give a few tips on how you should start your process of picking winners. Just the first couple steps today.Before You Start- Free cash to Join Sportsbook- Best Offers

First Step When Picking Games

First things first when picking games for the day, this first one is more of an opinion because there have been very few that don’t practice this at all and still are very successful. So FYI there are very few exceptions to that rule.  Although, we find it absolutely crucial. 

The first crucial step you should never miss is to be in a good mood, or to have a good attitude, have love in your heart and all that good stuff when you get started picking games for the day.

If you’re in a bad mood or stressed out, on tilt, baby mama drama whatever it might be then don’t pick the games yet. Take a walk, meditate, exercise or do something to get yourself in a good mood. It should be a happy energy, not a rushed or panicked energy.

One more recommendation for step one would to not be drunk while picking games. Again just an opinion because there have been a few that have been known to do it but that’s one in a million. We say wait till you sober up.


Every day is a new day, a fresh start no matter what happened yesterday. For example we had a good day yesterday, from the article we posted you are up 2.8% off of 1% plays. Now we have house money after the first day! Great, tomorrow we will discuss the importance of playing with house money and how to stay in the green. For now here is the second step.

Before you review yesterday’s games good or bad, it’s important to get a feel for the lines today. Todays lines, yesterdays lines then tomorrows lineup is always the best order. You will catch things that relate and it will come in handy.

So we will do the second task right now which will be to take a quick look at the lineup for the day. Today we have 8 college football games with only one team ranked and the rest unranked. The only ranked team playing today is Michigan State hosting Western Michigan as 21 point favorites.

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  1. College Football Lineup Tonight

4PM Games

Eastern Kentucky +10.5 (-110) +325  AT  Eastern Michigan  -10.5 (-110) -435. O57.5 (-110)  ESPN3

Seems about right, nothing stands out.

Virginia Tech -6.0 (-115) -240  AT  Old Dominion+6.0 (-105) +200  O47.5 (-115) U47.5 (-105)  ESPNU

Ok this stands out right away. We can only assume right now but it’s fair to assume that most casual fans are going to love Virginia Tech to win by a touchdown or more. Seems like Vegas could’ve gotten away with a little more here. Let’s definitely take a look at this one later.

Western Michigan +21.5 (-110) +850  At  Michigan State (#15) -21.5 (-110) -1800  O/U 54.5 (-110)  ESPN2

Seems about right, most people probably taking the ranked favorite here so we can check how it opened and how it’s moving to see if we can get a read.

William & Mary +4 (-110) +160 AT Charlotte -4.0 (-110) -185  O/U 52.0 (-110) ESPN3

Temple+9.5 (-110) +275  AT   Duke  -9.5 (-110)  -350   O50.5 (-115)  U50.5 (-105)   ACCN

Illinois +1.0 (-110) -105  At  Indiana -1.0 (-110)   -115   O/U 46.5 (-110)  FS1

Tennessee Tech.+30.5 (-110)  At. Kansas  -30.5 (-110).  O/U 59.5 (-110)   BIG12/ESPN+

TCU -14.0 (-105) -525  At. Colorado +14.0 (-115)  +375   O/U 59.0 (-110)   ESPN

TCU-14 looks like it’s worth a look.

These odds are from Bovada if you would like to make a wager here you go.

Quick Look

There are two levels tonight with only one game on the second level which is TCU at Colorado.  The game will be shown on ESPN and should get the most action of the night as the only late night game.

TCU is 13.5 favorite on the road against a good Colorado team. Most casual fans are going to want to take the home dog there and that stands out right off the bat.This might be a play where most gamblers will try to get thier money back on this one. Let’s just remember to take a good look at that later.

The main task here is you want to get a feel for what type of day it is. Which ones will be televised and which ones will have the most action. An idea of what the point spreads are and totals noticing highs and lows of the day.

This step is just to get a feel for the overall day and possible strategies. Today we have 4 o’clock games two 5 o’clock games and a 7 o’clock game. That’s only two levels.

After you get a feel for the days games, notice if anything pops out as odd or interesting. For example the night game pops out tonight so we must take a look at that later.

The main game that seems fishy is the Virginia Tech game at -6. Just seems like -6 is kind of low right off the bat. It’s right below the key number so we can guess most casual fans will take Virginia Tech winning by a touchdown or more.  We’re gonna want to take a look at that game big time.Besides that everything else looks pretty normal and the closest line is Illinois versus Indiana . This will be Illinois second game after they beat Wyoming 38 to 6 last week.

Main Focus

Since it’s only week one we don’t know what kind of year it will be yet. The main startegy is to read the lines and try to side with Vegas if we see an opportunity.

The main focus should be money management. By now you should already know what your percentage of bankroll each bet will be this week. We recommend 1%-10% and we are up 2.8%-28% after day 1.

The other focus is staying in house money. It is imortant to keep the same 1%-10% and not give the winnings back to the house. Let’s protect that 2.8-28% and make it grow.

We skipped all the steps except for the first two for the second day. So fast forward, It looks like tonight we will have two plays. Either way we will still be in the house money for a big day Saturday.

So far it’s looking like we must take our chances and side with Vegas on Old Dominion to keep it close or pull off the upset followed by TCU to cover the night game on ESPN. So two picks tonight.

Late tonight we will go over the next few steps for each day and pick tomorrows games for a 4 level day!!!

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Please comment below for Any questions or comments. If you see any lines look fishy or extra interesting then let us know. Thank You

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