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Great Start 8-0. We will take a look at the college football game toady and see if we have a pick. So far doing good…

3-0 on Thursday – Tenn-36 =W.  CMU/OKST over 57=W  Pitt-7= Push  Wake-31.5=W

2-0 Friday – Old Dominion +6=W.  TCU-14 =W.  5-0 Total

3-0 Saturday UTSA+4= W. Arizona+6= W  USM +3= W Total after 3 days= 8-0.  Up 7.3%.

We are up 7.3ish% from 1% plays. (Smaller than $1.000 bankroll for the year is doubled or tripled) NFL plays are tripled

8-0 start doesnt get better than that. We are proud of our start but it’s important to do a quick review and then forget about it. This is the best way to learn, learn as you make money. Your welcome everybody, leave a comment please.

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 College Football Results Yesterday

We had three picks yesterday, we will do a quick review and then move on. It’s important not to get to high or to low ever, just nice and easy.  It helps when your playing such a low percentage.

We realize not everyone is going to be able to play with a healthy bankroll so if the bankroll is less than $1,000, the play should be doubled or tripled.

For the morning games yesterday nothing stood out when reading the lines so we sat the first level out yesterday. The second level had two games we liked right away.  When we saw one of the worst teams in college football last year (1-11 overall) Arizona Wildcats only at +6.5 against a very good San Diego Aztec team we knew something was fishy.

Arizona Wildcats +6.5

Less than a touchdown? Really? Umm who’s not going to jump on that?

Aztecs by a touchdown! San Diego State all day. Right?

Not Vegas. With piles of money coming in on San Diego State, you think they want to give that back? 

They didn’t even adjust the line, they just kept it at 6, 6.5 and even 6 by closing time. Crazy stuff.  Great pick. Expected result.

So as we discussed Friday and Saturday this line jumped up at us right away.  The Las Vegas odds makers could’ve definitely got away with 9 or even 10 here at the key number. Did they?

Nope. They decided to keep it under both key numbers and place it at 6.5. When the line came out the action poured in on San Diego State from both casual better’s and the sharps that took it early.

Like we discussed before game time the pick was confirmed to be a great pick by the sportsbooks being so still on this one. The line did not budge untill the end. When it did finally break it did so in the opposite direction at 6. Hello!

If it wasn’t week 1, and if we already earned house money, than this would be the type of game we allow ourselves to double up. This is the game we count as 2 games. Good call team.

Las Vegas sportsbooks and online sportsbooks just seemed too happy with all the action they were getting on the Aztecs. They killed it on this game, good job Vegas.

In the beginning weeks this will be our main method which is specifically reading lines. This was a well executed line read and Arizona dominated San Diego 38-20.

Later on in the year will be different methods led by Gematatria but for now it’s only reading lines.


The second game of level two was UTSA at #24 team in the nation Houston Cougars. Houston is usually gambler favorite as they usually tend to get a little more action than they should. Las Vegas knows this and still opened up the line at -4.

This game was similar to the San Diego State and Arizona game due to the fact that the money poured in on the favorite and the odds stayed the same. This is another line the Houston could’ve been set at the key number of seven and all the sports books would have gotten even action.

This level 2 game was fishy from the start and it turned out to be true because the road runners almost sneaked out of victory against Houston. Just enough to cover +4. Houston needed three over times to win 37–35.

Games like this are common when reading lines because we will be siding with Las Vegas. If Las Vegas has an edge created by media or public perception versus the set line then it will be a game worth taking a look at. In most cases it is a game that is not a sexy pick at all.

Both these games in the second level were scary picks betting on a horrible team last year in the Wildcats and the other against what many believe could be a dominant team In the road runner versus Houston game. Both games turned out well and we started off the day 2-0 and the 7-0 with 1 game remaining..

Southern Miss +3.5

Another one. Almost identical to the other two games. in A very ugly and pick but turned out to be one heck of a game. This one went to four overtimes and Liberty finally pulled out a 29-27 victory.

Let’s learn from this victory. This game went back-and-forth and most gamblers would be riding a roller coaster watching. Not us. We are not going to get emotionally involved in these games getting too high or too low or being desperate for a victory.

We keep each bet at a low percentage of our bankroll and we’re confident in our overall picks that a loss here or there is not going to bother us. Yes we want to win every game, but you won’t catch us yelling at the TV like most. We’re focused on the next one. Going forward, it’s important to rememer we don’t ever get mad about a loss. It happens sometimes.

It doesn’t seem like it now because we’re 8-0 and we might wonder if we’re ever going to lose. it will probably happen at some point this year. When it does, we stay positive, happy and moving forward.

We’re starting the year playing conservative to start off and level 4 didn’t have any great ones like the other three so it was time to call it a night. Took the night off and ended the day 3–0. Putting our college football season at 8-0.

Let’s keep it going but it might not be tonight as the one game doesn’t seem to be a big advantage for us. Check it out real quick just to make sure.

Sunday Night College Football

4:30 PM PT Florida State Seminoles (1-0) -4 at LSU Tigers(0-0) -4 Over/Under 50.5

This game could be a good opportunity because it’s the only game of the day and nationally televised towards the end of a losing week for most players. Las Vegas did good yesterday which means most sports betters had a bad day yesterday. Many of them might be trying to get their money back tonight.

This one does seem like LSU could have been favored a little more than -4 but with a little hype on Florida State this offseason it is hard to judge. The first two weeks we’re not trying to get too deep into these games or even look at the matchups because we’re strictly reading lines.

If we’re just reading lines this one’s not one to jump at. Best thing to do on this one would be to sit this one out. It does appear that most of the money is coming in on LSU Tigers at -4 and the line does seem to be moving on some books to -4.5 so let’s see if it keeps on going up. If anything you can see how many points you can get and take the points but maybe best to sit this one out. Game time decision. The over under also seems spot on so let’s relax on this one and take a look at Monday nights game.

Monday Night Football

5 PM PT Clemson Tigers -21 at Georgia Tech Bulldogs +21 Over/Under 51

OK we’ve seen some line movement on this one. Georgia Tech is now +23.5 at home and getting some action to keep it close against the Tigers. Vegas might be doing the proper thing on this one because it’s the only game of the night. Clemson to cover wouldn’t be a bad play but I guess we’re just not sure what Georgia Techs  value really is.

This is another one we’re going to sit out and get ready for the NFL week one and college football week too. Take a couple days off and will see you guys on Thursday. Will talk you on Thursday.

Let us know if you notice anything for this game and we will check it out one more time right before game time. Thank you.

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