The return of the NFL has action already rising in Las Vegas and online gaming.  21 States have now made online sports betting legal and its obvious many fans love to have action on the games. Online betting has also helped the amount of action in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas welcomes as much action as possible because the house always wins right? Well yes, but there are many good professional handicappers that research full time and consistently beat the house. Like anything else experience and discipline are key to being successful in sports picks.

We will be discussing the best sports picks services.

Why Join a Sports Picks Service?

Most people don’t have hours to research a game or gather the information needed to give the player an advantage against the odds makers. Many can’t consistently pick winners, without a system that works it’s hard to consistently beat the house. Most players, nearly all, have an issue understanding the importance of having amoney management and Las Vegas sportsbooks play against this flaw very well.

Players will do good just to give it back to the house, we see it all the time. The difference is Professional handicappers will have a betting system and a money system that works and stick to it. Having a system that works is key to consistency throughout a season.

A player that plays against the spread with the same amount on each game will need to hit approximately 55% to be in the green against the sportsbooks. There are many professional handicappers that can hit over 60% for a long period of time, and experience knows how to play with house money.

The casual bettor is outmatched by the Las Vegas oddsmakers for various reasons. The house always wins, unless you have an edge.

Sports Handicapping Criteria

Money management has to be the main focus in every system and was a qaulifying factor for our list. Their were some big and popular service companies that did not meet the criteria.

The services on this list had to be affordable, safe, reliable,  have a proven winning system, personal strategy plans, and give personal attention. The main focus of the service had to be money management and profit outcomes.

For the players that like to follow a professional team of handicappers or players just starting out, these are the best deals for really good handicappers. In terms of teaching the skills needed and setting in place a system for long term success these are the best sports picks services.

Sports Cash System

Sports Cash System covers all sports including horse racing, and they are very good. They have been very consistent and have a great software with highly informative stats. The system has been very profitable and the focus is on money management for the client.

This program will make sure the client understands how to set up a money management strategy based on bankroll. For somebody starting out and with little knowledge of sports betting then this is the one to join. The system is set up to win and not a get rich quick scheme.

Sports Cash System looks at sports betting as investing, not gambling. That’s how you play the game and that’s how you win.The key to being successful is understanding money management and the Sports Cash System will definetly get the player to understand money management.

Any begginning player or player wanting to learn will find great value in this service.  The software and information available are also a big game changer for all thier experts.  Tommy Krieg and his team of handicappers have the complete package for the player playing the long term game.   There won’t be any crazy parlays or extremely lucrative payouts but instead there will be steady climbs in profit and learning how to play with house money.

There’s a 60 day moneyback guarantee but they have a few reviews of not stopping until the client is in the green which is respectable.   For the player that likes to play every sport, Sports Cash System is a great team to join. Get started with Sport Cash System here!

Vegas Insider has been around over 25 years and for the most part have always had a good reputation of being profitable. They have many different handicappers and always showcase the winning ones in each sport. There are usually a few that win at a high rate.

There offer different programs for many different types of players and have an easy start up with low risk to try out.  Vegas Insiders is a great place for information and have many different programs proven to be successful throughout the years. They have a reputation of having real handicappers that take their craft seriously. Not a bad team to join.

Vegas insiders is the hot spot right now for baseball picks. Their professional baseball is very well covered and they have a few handicappers that are hitting great numbers.

The three day packages are fun, affordable and a good start to try out the service. Bruce Marshall and Alex Smart are having the best season so far and worth following the baseball picks.

Docs Sports

Docs Sports has many options as well that will accomadate any level player. This service almost didn’t make the list because they maybe arn’t as personable as the others on the list but they have many returning decade long clients for a reason. This sports service sports has been around forever and clients can feel comfortable joining the team.

They that but they do put up consistent numbers and are very informative. Docs sports does a great job of keeping the hottest handicappers and making sure they all produce and similar to Vegas Insider they have many different handicappers in their respective sports.

Docs Sports service always seems to have some of the top handicappers. Recently they have featured the Indian Cowboy Arun Shiva.  He does all the sports right now and is consistent everywhere with many hot streaks. The team of handicappers they have for college football also make them a good recommendation for NCAA football.

This team probably won’t have the best percentages but they have many different handicappers and ride the hot streaks. With the profit guarantee system and various plans that make it affordable to try, Docs Sports is a good service to check out.

Horse Racing- Betting Gods and Tipster Street

There are two horse racing service companies that are worth recommending. Betting Gods and Tipster Street are both very fun opportunities to make money on horse racing. Being a part of some of these tips has made many new fans of horse racing.

These two services are similar and both make it fun and profitable. if you wanna win a little extra parlay money for the football season, horse racing action wouldn’t be a bad time for these two sports services.

Betting Gods has been hot even with the free picks they post for members. The player racking up the profits is Quentin Franks with Horse Racing. He has put up consistent stats for years and is currently riding a hot streak. He is an experienced handicapper that plays to win and he does quite often with the horses.

Very affordable and fun and easy for the new horseracing player. Most new horse racing players can get intimidated by the horse betting odds and stats but these services give you real knowledge and walk you through the process.

For the players looking for the horse racing betting edge than its time to check out Betting Gods Join Betting Gods here! 

and Tipster Street Join Tipster Street here!

Las Vegas NFL Odds

Here at Las Vegas NFL odds we follow many different handicappers and keep track of many different styles and trends. There are many services and handicappers that have been very consistent throughout the years and certain trends get hot and cold and it’s important to know when to jump on and jump off. Know when to hold them know when to fold them.

The focus at this site will always be to give the fan the information needed to be good at picking games. We give tips and recommendations as much as possible but dont sell any picks ourselves.

We encourage anybody that is not a pro and has consistent action to learn from the pros. This list of the best sports picks services is designed for the players wanting to take thier games to the next level, not just getting daily picks. Have fun.Click here to get the best deal in online gaming.

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