Football season is here. Are you ready for some football!?

If you’re ready, then you have a way to record your picks, your bankroll, and multiple sportsbooks. There are multiple reasons why it’s a must to have multiple sources. 

In this article we will recommend a couple sports books that online bettors can count on with the best active promotions. These specials are some of the best bonuses available and will be updated weekly.

If you’re going to wager on sports anyway, then take advantage of the free money available for signing up. We picked companies that you can trust and are easy to reach. Below we put the best bonuses to begin with a head start.

Most sports lovers these days like a little action on the game. Each player has different goals and different motivations for the year. Some players are hoping to get rich, while some just want to have a little action and have fun.  

Others love to watch the games and have some skin in the game, some just like to compete at something, or some are just good at it so they make money. Everybody has their reasons and nearly all who play, play to win.

The house always wins in the majority, but there are very good handicappers that make a great living picking games. Obviously everybody is different, but there are few habits and tendencies every professional has. If your serious at making money on the NFL this year than here are the few constants.

The following are what successful handicappers have in common.

Record All Games

Every pro has their tools they go to work with. For every proffessional it might be a little different, but a few are always the same.  Professional Handicappers must have an efficient and accurate way to record their games, All consistent players keep track of every pick with the line, juice and amount and/or percentage of the wager. Most likely a little note of the strategy used or some other kind of observations for that game. 

There is something special about writing things down, whether it be goals, ideas, dreams or progress.  Picking sport games is the very same. A small recommendation that many do would be to write down detailed goals for each week and the season. It’s very important to have your personal stats to notice any tendancies, advantages or mistakes.

All Professionals have some record of the games they pick and most, also review the games. Some professionals just move on all together but most take the time to review each pick and make observations. There is a lot someone can learn from reviewing the strategy for the game and if it was successful, or not.

Handicappers come in all shapes and sizes and have different methods and strategies. All the good ones somehow record thier own games. Some put it on the spreadsheet, or go old school and use a logbook, or even a notepad, and many newcomers have the new amazing softwares available which we will cover in another article.

Ok we got it, keep track of the games, lines and wagers. If your old school like me just get a simple log like this for now.

Log Book if your old school.

Now what?

Money Management Plan

The details vary from each style, but every successful handicapper has a good money management plan that is followed. Many of the good professionals like to go 2-5% of the bankroll. Some break up the bank roll and play more agressive at 10-20%, if they don’t have more than 5 games at one time. Either way, the good ones have a system.

Most casual players play whatever they feel at the moment. Notice at the sportsbook lines when people are ready to place a wager. Some people will be changing thier minds in line, or even worse at the window. Many wagers are determined how the player just did which is why most people end up giving the winnings right back to the house.

Proffessionals don’t do any of this. A pro has a system for his wagers and only a small amount of options are available. Some successful handicappers play almost every game like Al Covers but most play the favorite ones that have a proven advantage. There are various successful strategies and concepts , some even do parlays and props, but have a system to stick to.

It’s the most crucial concept for someone looking to make money at betting sports. Play consistent, safe and smart. No need to bet the house on any game, there are plenty of games.

Multiple Sportsbooks

Whats another thing that every professional handicapper has or does? 

Multiple resources.

A true professional will have a handful of  sports books or multiple lines to choose from for each game. Some sportsbooks copy each other, but for the most part each will have a slightly different line, or juice number, then the next. Sometimes on the key numbers they’re exactly the same, but rarely.

Vegas has enough odds in thier direction as it is. Why not pick the best line, spread and/or juice for your favor?

It’s not smart just to have one sportsbook and eliminitating the benefit of having options. We are no longer in the days where pro’s need runners to get the best lines. These days all your sportsbooks can be right in your hand. Take advantage, it helps.

Some books will offer different specials, packages, or bonuses and it helps to take advantage of each one. During the major sporting events, or holidays most sportsbooks will offer incenteives and deals. Sometimes the free plays, bonuses, or player rewards really help out and create some momentum.

With preseason games and futures bets, we have already seen the advantage of having multiple books, lines and juice. 

For the legal online sports bettors in the United States we will highlight these best online sites to join. Here are our current top 3 list of the most trust worthy online sites with the best active bonus or promotions.


Bovada is an all in one spot for any U.S.player that wants any type of sportsbook or Casino action. This company is one of the original gangsters in the online sports betting and Casino world.

There’s not many bad things to say about Bovada. If a player has action on sports than Bovada should at the very least be a backup.  Anyone without Bovada going into the season should sign up right now for the Welcome In Bonus. Deposits and payouts are made very easy and fast.

The customer service team at Bovada are very helpful 7 days a week. The entire team in Las Vegas NFL Odds has been with Bovada for many years and nobody on the team has ever had a bad experience with Bovada. We would recommend this online service to anybody that is playing online sports. Here are the bonus options for October, sign up today.


This is the biggest bonus. Deposit with Bitcoin and get a 125% Match up to $1,250! You can do this up to 3 times! Click the banner directly above to get the current code and claim this amazing bonus. This bonus is only for players that also like to play Casino, Poker, Blackjack and other table games as you have to play these games first.

The banner above says $250 bonus but if you click above it will take you to the page with a promo code of up to $750. You can play any sport not just college football. A great way to start with house money. This book has many rewards for their players and definetly a must have online sportsbook.

Sports Betting. AG

We like to recommend sports books that we have had great experiences with. All of us have played here for years and we all feel very comfortable recommending this company to anybody.

Our main requirement to recommending an online betting site is the consistent and constant availablity of the service team. Just like Bovada, you won’t have a problem getting a hold of anybody at Sports Betting.AG.

If you love parlays this is the spot for you. There are no limits for parlays so have at it, go for the gusto! Take over the house!

The Payouts! The payouts are very fast and easy. When its time to cash out some of the other sportsbooks seem to make any excuse to prolong the payout. Over 25 years of betting I feel like I’ve heard it all.

Sports betting. Ag is very fast, especially with Bitcoin, its immediate. Click these to receive the Bonus today.

This is a great bonus of up to $1,000 with any style deposit. This place is the place if you like options. Check it out for yourself, you can bet anything here.

Bet Online

This site also has a great welcome bonus and is very generous with bonuses to thier players throughout the season. This is a good sportsbook to have even as a backup line. The bonuses make it worth it. Pick from these two great options here.

Another 50% bonus of up to $1,000. Great house money to start with again. If you have the bankroll for it then picking up all three makes sense. If the bankroll isn’t there then you have to pick your favorite of the three. If you wanted to play in some tournaments and contests then this would probably be the one.

Crypto deposit only, but another way to double up your money real quick. These bonuses are no brainers. A tip would be to start with your free money first and stick to a money management plan. Play with house money. Then keep following this site and we’re going to make some money this year.

There you have it! The most trustworthy online sports betting companies that we would recommend to anybody. Recommended because of personal experience, plus, these have the best bonuses.

A big bonus like these can really benefit your bankroll and give you a headstart to a great season. This is free money we can take advantage of.

Leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help.

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2 thoughts on “Sports Handicappers To Do List- Best Bonuses”
  1. Betting on a sports game can be a challenge for any newcomer, so these tips will be very helpful for those that want advise on sports betting. As someone that hasn’t done any sports betting, is it important to do “paper” betting for a few months to learn about sports betting before committing any real money?

    Does one need to live in the USA to use the sports betting platforms, like Sports Betting Ag, that you mention? Thank you. 

    1. Yes a big challenge. We are here to help the newcomers or the people beaten up by the sportsbooks in the past.

      We have been giving free picks to the football games and have been doing great. We teach as we go and give free picks. 

      Money management is most important especially when starting out. Yes start with paper money untill you get comfortable for sure. 

      Read a few of our articles and we feel confident you will feel a little more comfortable. Heres last weeks article NFL Odds and Picks – Week 2 we finished 7-3 in the NFL for week 2.

      Yes you can bet from anywhere except Australia, Afghanistan, France, Iran, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, and Guinea-Bissau. Besides those, your good to go.

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