We review every sport and read the line to every game. If we see something fishy or something to look into we will let you know. These are all College Football games today and the channels you can watch them on. The average line is posted and an alert if there’s something to look into.

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NCAA Football

The first full day of the season has us with one game that you should check out and decide if you want to go for it.

For first week we recommend a 1% play and straight bets to start only. For straight bets we recommend Bovada because of thier juice average which is low compared to most and they offer great bonuses and rewards right now.

If you don’t have a Bovada account it will come in handy throughout the year.

If you have to start off with a low bankroll then maybe 3-5% college and 9-12% for NFL.

Thursday September 1

All teams are 0-0 unless otherwise listed. (New Mexico State is the only one at 0-1) Times are listed as Pacific Time.
St. Francis (PA) +17  AT   Akron -17. Over/Under 53  ESPN3 3PM

Central Michigan  +21.5  AT  Oklahoma State -21.5  O/U 57.5   FS1 4PM

Whatever you put the line at your going to get heavy action on Oklahoma state. Toss up.  Over is looking good with reverse line movement and reverse action. Get ready for lots and lots of points. Let’s try the over.

West Virginia +7   AT   Pittsburgh -7    O/U 51.5    ESPN 4PM

Ok Lets talk about this one for a little bit. What was this line doing opening at 6? Really? The Backyard Brawl fans will be expecting a close game. There is no way Las Vegas would set the line at 6 now 7 and expect to get even money. Casual fans jumped on West Virginia and some sharps too. The sharp money is now coming in on Pittsburgh a tad so be careful if the line moves. If you like siding with Vegas, how do you not like Pittsburgh -6 here?  Not sure how. Pro tip: If you hit above 57% then always buy the half point on key numbers. Key numbers in NFL are 3, 6, 7.

Gematria numbers suggest West Virginia has the shot at the upset so be careful, 1%.

Ball State +36 At Tennessee  -36  O/U 66.5  SECN 4PM

This line seems on the money. 36 will get even action and so will the point total of 66. Tennessee should cover 40. This game would be a great one to do the classic matchup strategy and pick who you like. Tennessee is worth a 1% shot.

Long Island University +47 AT  Toledo -47  O/U  55.5  ESPN3. 4PM

Anyone want to give up 47? I don’t blame you. All though Toledo seems high at 47 best to lay off.

Bryant  +13. AT  Florida International  -13   O/U 57.5  ESPN3 4PM

South Carolina State +43.5  AT  UCF -43.5   O/U 58   ESPN+ 4PM

VMI +31.5  AT Wake Forest  -31.5.  O/U 66.5    ACCN. 7:30p

This should be another big blowout. Worth a 1% shot. Go for it.

Penn State  -3.5  AT Purdue +3.5.  O/U 52.5.  FOX 8:00p

Perfect Line. This will be interesting to watch. Evenish action happening.

Louisiana Tech +20  AT  Missouri -20.5.   O/U 61.5  ESPNU 5PM

Eastern Illinois  +35. At.  Northern Illinois -35  O/U 55.5 ESPN+ 5PM

Alabama A&M +40  AT  UAB -40  O/U 59.5  CBSSN  5PM

New Mexico State +36  AT  Minnesota -36  O/U 36  BTN  6PM

Another 36 that seems right on the nose. Las Vegas Oddsmakers: This is how you make lines if you want even action.

Night Games – 2nd Level

Northern Arizona  +24.5  AT  Arizona State -24.5  O/U 51.5  PAC-12  7PM

Your call if you want to take a shot on Arizona St to cover. They should win by a lot but the timing leads us to lay off. Your call. If your feeling Arizona State give it a go at 1%.

Cal Poly +41. AT. Fresno State. -41  O/U 57.5  FS1  7:30PM

Portland State +21.5  AT. San Jose State -21.5  O/U 49.5  NBC Sports Bay Area 7:30PM

2 Levels

There are two levels tonight so take advantage of juice money if the opportunity presents itself. If you happen to have one of the 8 games before 4:30 and also one of the 7:00 games then make sure you use the wait and see parlay strategy.

If your going to play both games then it is one of the few times it is smart to place a parlay wager. We will give you an example.

If your bankroll is $10,000 for the year then a 1% play is $100. 1% should be the wagers on opening week for college football. Low bankrolls are great too but you might want to double up or triple up in that case but remember its week 1. For example if you must start with $100 then maybe start off with some $5 bets to start until we get on a roll.

Instead of placing $100 on both teams you have an opportunity to minimize your loss if you happen to lose. The winnings in most cases will supercede the total from the normal play. Its a win win. If your not using this method when you have the chance then listen up.

The first thing is to place approximately $90 (10-20%less) on the first team. Then a two team parlay of $10 on the first and second team to go along with another 80 (10-20% less than the first wager) on the night game straight up.It doesn’t sound like much but your taking away the juice advantage from the house, it adds up.

If you had a favorite that you loved for the next day or even Saturday then you would put $5 on a 3 team parlay. On the 3rd game you would have option to leave it or hedge to make a tad on the underdog. These are two small tips on how to beat the house.

8 Games Friday 57 Games Saturday

Wow! We have a full lineup ladies and gentlemen. 65 games after today. If the football doesn’t get you excited then the making extra money part will. No need to go heavy this opening week. Starting off at 1%-3 college and 3-6% on NFL is a great way to start.

Nice and easy and straight up bets.When we decide to open up and play some parlays will be when we have house money. Parlays are sucker bets but can come in handy. You have to earn your privelage to play parlays. House money only.

The opening weekend we’re not looking to get rich, just start in the green. Playing with house money is the key and always great for momentum so take it slow and lets see how hot we start. Have Fun!

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