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THE HUB For any level handicapper and sports player.   Las Vegas Odds has a team of handicappers named Picks Team specializing in the NFL and dedicated to this site having everything you need to win games. We follow many different styles and other handicappers to have all the information needed to be successful. We have a team named the Odd Team that follow the hottest trends and handicappers to give players the best opportunities to be successful.

I want to give you a bit of background on who I am, and what my story is.

I’m Raul, the founder of Las Vegas NFL Odds and NFL Picks, and have been a professional handicapper for over thirty years. I wanted to create a place for people that love sports and most likely have action on the game. We have a team of very successful and elite handicappers that have worked together for over a decade now.

I have seen many people become successful from consistently picking winners and watching the sports they love.  It’s pretty amazing to see all the different styles, methods and personalities that can be successful as long as the money management is elite. From value picks to value fades plenty  of systems have been hot and it’s important to be aware of all of them and be willing to ride the train carefully. will be discussed plenty here on this site as well as it should be due to the fact that your success rate will depend on your money system.  Here at Las Vegas NFL Odds we are dedicated to providing all the information you need for picking a game.

In order to be consistent, the research that should go into a game requires many hours and different sources following a proven system. A serious player must find a system that works for them and follow it but also pay attention to the Kenny Rodgers song “The Gambler” because systems do get hot and cold.

As a player wanting to be profitable it is important to be aware of styles and trends at the time without ego so you’re able to ride the winning train. Almost thirty years ago I learned the most consistent strategy in the business. Fading the public or the media hype and siding with Vegas has always been the most consistent strategy..  For the most part if a player does that on certain highly bet games, then that player will at the very least be a decent player(Well, depending on money management).

More recently within the almost decade of tracking, the hottest and most consistent strategy has been with date numbers and Gematria numbers. This method is exciting and has unpredictable picks with predictably consistent results. In this area there have been two extremely hot handicappers in Zachary Hubbard who is the originator of the Gematria method and Al Covers who picks the entire board and has dominated using his numbers and date system.  Although my warning is that those two systems won’t be agreeable to the people that whole-heartedly believe that sports are completely on the up and up. Both systems are premised on the belief that most, if not all games are pre-determined.

We are excited to bring you our extremely unique views and perspectives on sports. We will have daily spreads and odds so you know what games are on the board and what Vegas has the odds at.


We feel like this might be our Robin Hood Moment. This is a billion dollar industry and we see it as a great opportunity to help some people that have action on sports and want to consistently win.  As you know there are many successful methods to picking games but for consistently good players there is always one constant.

The constant is every single successful player we have met in our combined experience has been diligent and discplined in thier money management system, nobody just gets lucky doing this, you have to understand the importance of sticking to your money management plan. The ultimate decision will be yours of course, but with each game you will be fully informed of what is going on and aware of the opportunities and dangers every day in sports.


The purpose of this site is to have a safe location where sports lovers can go and learn about different styles and methods of picking games. Everything someone needs to know before picking a game can be found here.

For the regular season you will see opening lines to game day spreads, public action, matchup reviews, injury reports, trends, media influence if any, records, head to head stats, date numbers, gematria numbers, value picks and line reads. There will be a spot focused on fantasy football and interesting takes.  Reviews of picks and observations will be mentioned. Please comment any important observations for the games. We are excited to be your new go to spot before you get in on the action.

All the best,


raul@lasvegasnflodds.com  nflpicksteam@lasvegasnflodds.com

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